Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All I Need Is Love, And A Cat

Cats do rule the world on this half early year. I'm myself more of a dog person, yet I just couldn't resist how cute the cat stuffs available on stores lately and wouldn't mind for some time being a cat person. Like what I wore on this post- this was my office look by the way.

Well I guess what's most intriguing for me is the fact that clowder-packs of cats, in spite their cuteness and all, they have this fierce self-indulgence side which quite the contrary to their fluffy and fuzziness, and I just loove that paradox! Quite like me I suppose. :p Most people don't expect me as a person who loves rock and metal music, but I do actually. That's just one side of me, and I'd tell you, lots people had a wrong (first) impression towards me. Not the bad kinda impression, thank God, but they usually ended up saying, 'I thought you were..." And to be honest with you, I just strangely love to hear what they thought I was before they knew me, and what they actually think of me now that they know me.

Whoa it's been a while since I post something long huh? I've been posting short posts lately, and that's bad I guess. Hm, now I feel like sharing something with you: I got a job promotion! Yay!! Some of you might remember that I've been working as a Digital Fashion Editor in one giant retail company in my country. Now, thank Lord, I've this opportunity to change my line a bit and challenge myself more into the creative concept team at that company. Well, just wish me the greatest God's luck, people! (I don't believe in luck by the way- it's all God, fellas. It's all God.)

Oh! Almost forgot. Just in case you wondered, yes, I cut those big ol' hole on my denim jeans myself. It was my mom's jeans by the way, I just snatched 'em from her 'no longer use' closet rack and went ballistic on ripping it off with my hands. Yup, to get that DIY statement hole in your jeans, just do a slight or small horizontal cut with a scissor, then just ripped it of with your bare hands. It's turns out so perfectly natural, as if you've just attacked by a fashion bear- who only ripped your knee part, or you've just fell hard somewhere.

[ TOPSHOP denim moto jacket - STRADIVARIUS cat face printed tank - THEBALLETCATS canvas cat bag - LOOKIMNOTAFLUKE tattoo choker - ZARA spiked midi heels - DIY mom's cut-off jeans ]

And just last but not least, this post will probably the last (sorry for the awful word-repetition) time you see me in my natural dark brown hair. You guys who following me on Instagram have already knew that I'm now a smoky plum head. Don't worry, you'll see soon enough on my next post! ;D

Up until then, toodles-doodles!


  1. we have a same bag :3 lovin ur printed tank!

  2. cici ini keren bangetttt *lovestruck*

    anyway would you like to follow each other ?


  4. Noticed you liking a few of my instagram pictures lol, Love your blog and style! I think this post should get more heads up since it's incredibly amazing <3



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