Monday, March 12, 2012

Doodle It Yourself: Make Your Own Peplum Effect!

Hey hello! :)

Just few days ago, I read on Chictopia Newsletter that Peplum is back on trend. Since I love anything vintage and girly, also since I haven't spend my money on clothes recently :p, it then kinda inspired me to experimented with (or recycled to be exact) my current closet. So I got this idea to create a peplum-effect dress that is actually layers of different pieces of clothing. I played with the patterns and colors to make it fun. I think this outfit looks like a cupcake somehow. :)

Well, the definition of peplum itself is a 'short flared, gathered, or pleated piece of fabric attached on the waist part of clothing to create a hanging frill as a decorative edging'. And according to Mr. Google, this Pep Trend started on the 40s, then 80s, and now in 2012 it back on style as it starting to appeared in Paris and Milan Fashion Week 2012, on pieces from magnifique designers such as Channel and YSL.

Kei, now for the DIY (doodle it yourself) part. But before we're going further, I need to tell in advance that this is not really a tutorial, but more like a tips. ;) Well, the key to create your own peplum-effect to your outfit is to use up different length of your clothing, and wear it on layers. You know, like Superman does. :p Here's the numbered tips to nailed the peplum-effect outfit:

1. Peplum usually attached on blouses, skirts, or dresses, and it has this mathematical formula of vertically slight+wide+slight. So, what you'll need is a pencil skirt/pants/short that to certain extent shape your body. This is necesarry in order to have the 'wide decorative edging' on peplum style.

2. As for the wide part, you'll need a long and rather loose top that covers your waist (or hips like in my outfit). A tailored-layered top like mine would be perfect, coz it creates wider peplum effect on your waist/hips.

3. For the upper layer, you will also need rather figure-hugging cropped top. But, it doesn't necessarily have to be tight-fitting to your body. The point is, it has to be tighter than your loose lengthy inner top. This cropped top should tighten your torso part of the outfit and thus creates a delicate pleats in between your cropped top and your loose inner top.

And there you go. You're wearing your own peplum trend. ;) Hope this inspiring your closet-recycling somehow!

Also, last Friday, me and Mr. boyfriend had our fifth year anniversary. ;p I bought us a cute custom-ordered cake, made by MoCa Precious, who's actually a sweet friend of mine, Gladys, and her talented Mommy. Since I love monkeys, I ordered them to make me a cute monkey couple cake. This is how cute it turned out!

And to top it off, it's so yummy!! Thanks MoCa Precious! ;)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!