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Hair Secret

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Ola hermosas!

So as I promised you, I'm gonna share some thing or two about my hair.

My hair pretty much ruined due to last massive bleaching process. My hairstylist bleached them like 3 or 4 times, and it starting to falling off. Pretty bad. So, think this post might be useful for you guys who've been through what I've been through lately. Hair-wise.

Since the strong chemical ruined my hair, I decided to soak myself with a full knowledge of how to treat yourself (not only hair, which further on I'm going to write also) with organic treatments. Yes, the keys to highlight here are (by) yourself, and organic.

1. Shampooing Your Hair
First thing, I used to shampoo my hair every-day. I have an oily scalp and it just annoyed me so much if I didn't shampoo every single day. But since my hair get dried, or fried to be exact, due to those bleaching and dyeing process, I shampoo every two days now. But here's the first tips and what I do everyday: shampoo + conditioner on 1 day, and only conditioner on the next day, then repeat.
[I'm using TRESemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner]

Actually, the more your hair get wet, the more colour gone from your hair strands. So, if possible, you can prolong the processes of shampooing your hair. But I just can't stand it, not to wash the hair everyday. So, here's the second tips, put a small amount of your hair dye (mine's Manic Panic) into your shampoo. Best way is to purchase Silver Shampoo, but since it's pretty hard to find , so I use that trick instead.

2. Organic Hair Treatment
Then the treatment, I smear my hair with Extra Virgin Olive Oil every 2 weeks. Olive Oil is one of my fave organic ingredients for hair&body treatment. It's excellent for dandruff, frizzy hair, add shines, and soften your strands. You can read the benefits fully HERE. What I do is, put enough Olive Oil on a metal bowl and heat it on boiling water. Just like melting a chocolate bar when you're making cake. Leave it to get colder for couple of minutes, and just smear that warm oil on your hair with gentle hand strokes until it soaked wet with oil. I usually wrap my head with shower cap and leave them for 1 to 2 hours. The longer actually the better. But I just wash and shampoo my head after 2 hours top.
[I'm using Filippo Berio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil]

Every once a month, I whisk one full egg and smear em on my hair. WARNING: this might leave your hair smells like omelet for 1 or 2 days! SECOND WARNING: if your hair's bleached and just as dry as mine, DO NOT leave the egg for more than 45 minutes. 30mins the best! It's because egg contains a lot of protein, and the more you leave your hair on egg mask, the more protein it will absorbs, and it will make your strands stiff as hell.

Ok, since I'm actually an organic-treatment sucker now, I do feel obliged to share this with you. :)
1. Lemon Face Mask
Buy a fresh lemon, put it on your cooler before using it. Cut it in the middle just like you wish to squish a juice out of it, and cut that half into half. So you have two circle cuts of lemons. Keep the whole half back on your cooler for next usage. Squish a bit with your thumb and index finger until the juice wet the whole surface, and smear your face with that. It might stings a bit, but you'll survive. Leave em on your face for 15 minutes and wash with water (warm of cold, your choice).

2. Egg White Face Mask
Separate the white and the yolk. Each will have different treatment to your skin. For acne and pore tightening treatment, use the white. As the yolk is more to moisturising and adding Vitamin A to your skin. I mostly use the white for pore tightening and anti-aging cleanser effects that smooths my skin (coz you know, I'm pretty old already. Turning 26 this very Saturday, so I need to treat my ageing process and do wrinkle prevention as soon as possible). I do this quite a lot, like 2 to 3 times a week with organic eggs (telur ayam kampung).

Well there're a whole lotta list for your organic hair&body treatments, but these what I do every week and is a GREAT GREAT GREAT investment of your time and (less) money. You do not need those expensive beauty and skin care shiznit. Just make a schedule and a stroll down the organic fruit and ingredients alley on the grocery store, you're all set.

Anyway, this is the outfit from the last day of INFARE III early June. I'm just so in love with the mesh top designed by my blogger fella Amelia Bunjamin for her label ApparelAfterDark.

To closing up this post, try press play on this song and tell me if you like it:

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Until next post, toddles-doodles!


  1. i used olive oil and yoghurt (not mixed together) for my hairmask every now and then (i put on colors so many times - not with manic panic - and this leaves my hair sooo dry, fortunately not (yet) fried) but this organic things seem to made my hair even more stiff :(

    decided to cross over from organic to drugstore hairmask, i use Makarizo Hair Energy (review here!) and somehow it restores the smoothness of my old-amazing-unruined-untouched hair for a couple days, i usually mix (or more exactly 'stir') the hairmask with honey for extra oomph and shine.

    hope this lil' info helps!

    Style and Write

  2. Lovely shoes <3


  3. To know more about hair transplant in gurgaon you may visit my website or clinic.

  4. Wow amazing look! I love it !!

    Saskia! xo

  5. Obsessed with this outfit!

    Madison Martine

  6. loove your shoes !!
    anyway i'v heard about the egg white face mask but don't have the courage to do that but after read your post, think i'm going to give it a try
    thanks for the tips


  7. Im sorry you have to go through that hell. Wish your hair will be as good, or even better as it used to be. Oh, and you look super awesome in that ensemble!


  8. thank you for the tips. i really need it, because my hair got very frizzy since i changed my hair colour



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