Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First Gang To Die

[ FrontRowShop Maroon grunge dress - CLOTH Inc plaid shirt - SWATCH transparent watch - LOOK I'M NOT A FLUKE Tattoo bracelets - GREEDYSASSY Starwars Yoda & Darth Vader rings - Forever21 Metallic boots ]

Son of my mom!! It's been an effing long while. :"(

Hmm, now where to start.... This feels like when you're not seeing a good friend after a while, and when you finally meet, you actually don't know what to say...even if there's actually LOTS to tell.

So I'm gonna be on my first buying trip next week to China, and I'm going to do a photoshoot as well in Shanghai for two brands I'm handling in the company. This opportunity is just.... WAHOOOO! God is reallll good, all the time. :)

I'm going to share a lot of this journey of my life -being a bit dramatic, on my Instagram and, of course I'll blog about it!

Anyway, I MUST share this store where I got this maroon dress I'm wearing on this post to you. If you happen to dig girly-grunge style like I do, you just gotta drop by to > FRONT ROW SHOP . I mean, I'm literally drooling over their whole collection! *lift my palm up and being so serious*

Anyway, I was featured on GoGirl Magazine November edition as one of the 5 Fabulous Instagers! Better yet, they note my style as 'Uniquely Grunge'! Uuu I love that. I'm beyooooooood thankful and honoured, really. Guess this describes my feeling and the way I smiled the whole day reading the magz -> :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) , and that's not even close to how big   
    my ear-to-ear smile of happiness. ;p

I thank you guys so dang MUCH for (still) reading my blog, even if you knew I'm a lousy blogger for the rare updated post. Oh and, there you've seen a corner of my office, as I took the photos on this post -and more post to come, during my lunch time, when everybody's gone. ;p

Until next post, toodles-doodles!