Monday, April 25, 2011

In The Jungle, The Ethnic Jungle

Hi beautiful readers!! First thing, I know it's late but, HAPPY EASTER!! :D May God bless us even more..

During this photo uploading, I just can't stop humming the song 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'. And there goes the title of this post. Soo, I just walk around with my dog the other day, and found this beautiful spot behind the Sport Club near my house. So the next day I just took a couples of shoots there. Oh, I should mention you about the bag. I got them on my last family holiday trip, and they're actually a hand-knitted bag made from tuber's root. Unfortunately, I forgot the exact kind of tuber it made of. I haven't wear it a lot since I bought it. But I think it's just a perfect match with such tropical background I had. :)

This time, i wore all thrifted items, since I just went out hunting on one thrift market in my area last week. I got in total 11 pieces of clothing with just a hundred IDR (or same as US$10). Most of them are in great condition, and I just can't wait to style them in outfit photos. :D

Well then, I hope you like it. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fringe and Sheer in Blue Sky Collapse

Black Sheer dress by Retail Therapy - Unbranded cropped fringe top - Orange heels by June+Julia - Big buckle belt by Dorothy Perkins

Olla! I've gone missing from blog sphere for a full two weeks. :( I've done my thesis propsoal, and already submitted them yesterday. Huff, and now I feel a biiit releaved. :)

So how's your early week? Hope it's not stressing.. Oh, and this week we'll have a long weekend huh? Due to the easter day.. Thinking of long weekend, that's kinda become a spirit booster, don't you think? I'm planning a weekend getaway already. :p

Ok, now I need to tell you this. I took this outfit photos many days ago, and I've been editing it here and there during my office hour, and, guess what: today is the fourth time I failed to blog! Every time I want to upload the photos, my office's electricity went off! That's weird.. But finally today, I upload it right away after my lunch time. Just in case it went off again (Coz yesterday, it went  of twice a day!)

Guess, I don't have a lot to say today. The air con in my office room is broken, and it feels like I'm in a sauna right now.. *Sweat dripping on my forehead* :(

Have an amazing weekend lovely!!

Loving those blue skies..
I wonder what it feels like to be up there.

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Outfit is So Yummy

How's weekend everybody? :)

So, just last week I got featured on Strappyboots.com for my previous ethnic-hippie outfit. So much YAY for that! :D Thanks to Erika for the feature on her wonderful site!!

And about the outfit, don't you think it reminds you of choco-strawberry fudge? Yumm... I actually want one as I write this.. :p I wore this yesterday on a date with the boyfriend after we went to church together.  All photos was taken by him. I forgot to bring my tripod so I taught him how to take my outfit photos. It's his first time, so I didn't expect much. But it turned out pretty well and I wish he could do more for my next outfit photos. :))

The sheer pink blouse is my new fave last week, and instead of using clasic tank top as an inner, I play with my old leopard print top. The result, as you can see, it creates faded leopard pattern. I shortened the necklace to highlight my inner leopard prints. And the bottom outfit was actually -I called it- SKORT. It's a skirt and short combo. So it actually a pants. It's my new obbsession lately coz  I bought two last week. :p

Finally, hope you'll like it! ;)

And.... This is my nail art creation last week. :D

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!