Sunday, March 30, 2014

Young The Giant

[ H&M Beanie - no brand Boyfriend Tee - PROMOD Chunky chain bracelet - JEFFREY CAMPBELL Freda Boots ]

Two giant boulders with two even bolder heels, well, couldn't think any other than this title, which is actually my current ADDICTION in my playlist since last two months. You guys HAVE TO check em out on sound cloud or youtube, they're all around actually, just type 'em name: YOUNG THE GIANT. Amazing amazing band. Love it to my bone.

Oh, here play one out! (ps: my all time jams, I Got, Strings, My Body)

So someone asked me days earlier if I ever go to a casino. I said no. Then he asked me what would I wear if I ever gonna go there. Well, not quite sure picturing myself in a formal getups in sexy pointy heels, so I said, think I'm gonna dress up like a getho girl with two men escorting me all around in suits. With two briefcases on each of them hands. So yeah, think I'm gonna dress up like a rich getho girl. Lol.

Well they say, going to casinos has always been popular, but nowadays it is much more accessible to younger people of all different walks of life. The great thing about going to casinos is that they are more than just places to gamble. You can often watch theatre or even ballet performances and they tend to have great restaurants within their complexes. As casino's are more accessible, especially on sites like JackpotCity slots games, the dress code in land casinos is more relaxed too, so you can generally wear whatever you want as long as it is smart/casual. Of course this can still be confusing because everyone translates smart/ casual as something different.

There's no need to wear an all-out evening dress, but some kind of stylish black dress id perfect such as a little black dress. Rather than going for something tight and short though, bear in mind that you must look classy or the casino might turn you away. Peplum dresses or shift dresses are both on trend and also classy and you can wear a fantastic pair of heels with a matching clutch to take the outfit up a notch.

Clothes to avoid are jeans unless they are very smart skinny jeans with heels, flip flops, trainers, anything that is ripped (even if it is ripped for fashion purposes) an anything too revealing. What is regarded as 'Too revealing' is left to your own discretion but remember that it would be very embarrassing to be turned away at the door so be safe with your clothing choice. Anything you would wear to a nightclub is probably too revealing-keep hemlines and neck lines modest and you should be fine.

If you are planning on taking part in the table games, it's worth considering dressing a bit more seriously such as a trouser suit or skirt suit, as any edge you can get over your opponents even if it is clothing could be the difference that means you win the game.

Until next post, toodles-doodles!


  1. super kereeennn! in love with your shoes <33


  2. aaa love this look lizz, soo chic ! simple but still cool <3<3

  3. suka banget tee sama sepatunya ciiii! <3333

  4. OMG no no noooo ... you have the swag that could win one full table of blackjack, i can't even deal !!!!
    loveeeeeeee the shoes, particularly. :)


  5. cool as usual!


  6. I'm never have good luck with gambling anyway :P
    You look rebelious nice :P Where did you buy the
    bralet/inner black top? It's nice! Xx

  7. Cool shoes ci lizz !!

    Sneak out my OOTD also : www.couturehaute.blogspot.com

    dea :)

  8. the dress makes such a great statement! Love love love this look from head to toe <3

    Pudding Monster

  9. the dress is such a statement to the whole outfit :D

    cheer, michelle


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