Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roller Disco

[ JVSTIFY Bomber Jacket - unbranded Diamonds printed sweater (Haji Lane Singapore) - unbranded Peace signs skirt (gifted from my Mom) - Sesame Street  Kids watch - GREEDY SASSY Recin Rings - NEW LOOK metallic sling bag - TOPSHOP frill socks and ankle boots - unbranded Colorful spike bracelet (gifted from a friend) ]


I just can't wait to post this outfit since I first bought this new bomber jacket from Brightspot Market last week. :p All I can say is I'm highly, majorly, widely, and ENTIRELY in LOOOOOOOOVE with this local label called JVSTIFY!!!!!!! I'm like seriously wanting to buy all of their newest collection, 'Los Luchadores'! You would too probably gonna scream on your heart- like me, when you see their pieces (see 'em HERE). Their latest collection def soooo much me, and def worth every penny. Not to mention the super kind and nice designer behind the brand, Yasmina Yustiviani, whom I met on her booth during Brightspot encounter with my girls.

One thing missing from this outfit is, I think, a pair of disco roller skates. ;)

Last week was definitely a super fun week of fashion in town, as there were Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 and Brightspot Market starting and ending on the same days. Managed to meet few local bloggers at the events but most importantly, I really went crazy as planned on buying stuffs. ;)

So beyond happy to share with you guys that I got featured for the second time on GoGirl! Magazine for their Anniversary Edition this February, along with incredible fellow bloggers in town! So grateful and so honored to be featured side-by-side with them, who are actually my muse in blog sphere.

Oh and as I'm writing this post, I just found out that I'm also featured on the Chictopia Front Page! Wow, you can't imagine just how happy and jiggy I am right now!! ;D

I thank God and you, my reader-friends, for the amazing supports to me and this little blog of mine. Makes even more on fire for blogging! ;p

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stay Creepy

Hellllloooooow there!

It's always feel good to be back on blogging. There are few things I gotta share with you lovelies. First up, you guys should definitely BUY a copy of GoGirl! Magazine February 2013 Edition (to be released tomorrow on the 7th!), because....you guys will see few local bloggers got featured to styled denim! ;) *saynomore
I hope this makes you curious enough to buy a copy and read the feature. :)) Oh and it's their anniversary edition too! Bet it's gonna be a total awesomeness as ever.

Then, this month, there're a bunch of fashion events worthy to attend to really. So for you guys who lives near Jakarta area, there is Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 as well as Brightspot Market starting on the 14th (February 13) until the end of the week. Last few nights I attended Lookbook Jakarta x Next Level fashion event with fellow bloggers Mitha Komala, Rosalinda Tjio, and Mei. Def planning to meet them again, and hopefully another local bloggers on the next events. I'm actually really looking forward to attend IFW event next week, and been saving up some money for I WILL go wild on buying things, snaps photos of crazy-stylish people up there, and review the runways. ;) ps: click on banner below to check out the schedules.
 photo blogger_zpsa1c95bf7.jpg

Last but not least, I got featured and Rated Stylish on GoGirl Magazine December 2012 edition (which I will update the scan page tomorrow coz I forgot to bring the magz to my office today :p)! Wahoo! Plusss, another featured post on tartangirlswardrobe.over-blog.com. Def dancing happily as I speak (or write in this case).  :D

About my style, I'm suddenly having writers block and none to say other than I'm currently in love and obsessed with this girly-bohemian-grunge style (if there's such a thing really) I pulled of pretty much often lately. :)

[ ZARA Studded Leather Detail Hat - TOPSHOP Earcuff - O-MIGHTY cropped Stay Creepy tee - Unbranded denim romper - TOPSHOP black socks and boots - Unbranded backback and headband worn as neck accessories - GRAMMAH VINTAGE STORE (Haji Lane, Singapore) thriftted polygonal sunshades ]

I dedicate this post to my lovely sister and amazing self-taught photographer, Priskila. Thank you so so muchhhh for your patience in taking (all of) my outfit photos! ;) Thank you guys for reading and for your major supports to this blog. You guys rads and rocks!!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!