Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Midsummer Magic

Summer definitely become my second best time of the year- after Christmas obviously, simply because there are lots of cute sleeveless tops and shorts available on most stores, since where I lives, we have Summer (read: hot days) for the entire year. :')

I have this neon vest since like two summers ago, yet I never wear it coz it's (the color) too bold. Guess I have to go all the way neon to make it works, just practically like I wore on this post. I think nothing could be anymore bright and bold in the green-ish outdoor music festivals- which has been going on all weeks since early June in my town, than a neon salmon vest with a hot pink fringe top and neon green bag. The colors scream out the summer excitement well enough, don't you think?

It is one of my biggest daydream to go to Coachella Music fest. Since it's millions of miles away from where I stay, and the flight fare is super expensive for me to pay, all I do is just wish upon the midsummer stars and hope for one day I can be there- and save some money of course. ;) But hell yeah I do went to local music festivals in town. I don't know how many of you know this, but I enjoy Indie music (particularly Rock and Folks) a lot more rather than the others. Speaking of which, I think you guise should listen to these two that has been on repeat to my ears this month:

Oh and, I have the satchel neon bag as one of the awesome prize for winning the Window Styling Competition for NYLON X TOPSHOP Festival Party several weeks ago. I'll share the details to you on next post. ;)

[ ITC mangga dua fringe top and vest - TOPSHOP Neon satchel & ankle boots - PLATFORM SHOP  denim short - Pull&Bear  lime green neon socks - H&M silver rings - FOREVER21 arm bangle - GREEDY SASSY peace sign recin ring - KEENETHIC silver bones bracelet ]

 I thank God for my beautiful little sister, Priskila, who turns out to be my best outfit photographer ever.

Have yourself a midsummer magic like I do, fellas!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

D for Denim

Hi ho!

I might say I've managed to improve myself as a good blogger pretty dang well lately. Guess it's all because of each giant support and flying love from ya'll to my blog really! You guys inspire me. A lot. So I thank the world to you, and that wouldn't be enough I know.

Today outfit post is a DIY look I pulled off, wearing my current fave OVERSIZED DENIM SACK-DRESS from my new sponsor CHOIES. I'm just super in love with it's eclectic design with the embroidery tiger head, and most eminently, the wide sack-shape cutting that makes it-- what the right words are, one of a kind. I was actually wearing the dress in reversed because I'd like to show off the tiger and stars up front.

I decided to went all the way eclectic and pair the dress up with my DIY lips tights, small sling bag and my comfortable creepers.

Oh and if I can share with you one thing, I'm a BIG sucker for online shops that has FREE SHIPPING offer!   As you guys know- if you happens to live in the same country as mine, the taxation in here is quite sh**ty. The custom guy can give you random amount for the incoming tax as there are no clear rules and regulation about international shipping here. So free shipping offer def reduce the total money I have to spend on the items I want to buy. And CHOIES is def one worthy shop that provides that offer.

[ CHOIES Tiger and stars embroidery denim dress - REVERSE mini sling suede bag - DIY lips tights - NEWLOOK spiked creepers - COOLCAPS wool hat ]

Let me know what you think on the comment below! ;)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Born in Nerd Way

[ Yellow glasses bought at Sonia E. Summer Wipeout - Haji Lane (forgot the store name) Diamond jumper - TOPSHOP bodycon skirt and ankle boots - New Look fox socks - ZORRA SHOP triangle clutch - GREEDY SASSY recin peace ring - SWATCH transparent watch ] 

Another quick post today. I am a socially-awkward nerd, always been and forever will be.

Oh and, I just made a slight improvement for my blog. You could find my new profile and ABOUT ME on the left bar, and also FEATURE PAGE also on the left side bar.

Last thing to say before I get back to my work, I got featured and chosen as one of Top Bloggers of the month in Your Next Skirt fashion site! *jiggy dancing on my desk while my boss look away* Hover and click to see me and other fabulous bloggers around the world, curated for their skirt looks! Thanks to my dear blogger friend from the Philippines, Kathy Noto, for writing the feature. Check out her blog, My Peach Days, for a sweet vintage inspiration.

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Gunslinger

[ ZARA studded olive green hat - BL!NG necklace - PLATFORM SHOP denim bralet & tattoo tights -  unbranded peace sign short - JEFFREY CAMPBELL tardy boots - NEW LOOK metallic sling bag ]

Hey guys,

Just a quick post today. :) I'm pretty much inspired by gunslinger movies. You know, cowboys and guns. And Clint Eastwood. I think beardy man with guns and wide-brim hat is just incredibly hot. ;p

Have a marvelous mid week!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!