Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Vibes

[ swimsuit by WolvenThreads ]

[ yoga/swim suit by WolvenThreads ]

[ Bikis by DressLink ]

Ola hermosas!

Happy that Summer is here. Well I live in place where everyday every year is practically hot sizzling day, but the weather sure is nice around here these months too!

Ok, the greatest thing on being on blog sphere, is that you can find inspiration as well as good (and cheap) products recommendation, plus the real life experience of using the products. That inspiration to inspiring is the only reason I blog since the first place.

So on this post, I'd tell you few bikini set I love- that I wore on previous short beach getaway couples of weeks ago.

First one is from DressLink.com. They have quite a lot of bikini choices with super crazy affordable price! Head out to this link HERE to check out their swimwear collection. And don't worry, shipping to Indonesia start at only US$4 within only 2 weeks to be at your door!

Then the geodessic prints suits are actually my favo yoga set. They're lovechild of my indigenous girl slash designer, Kiran Jade, for her amazing brand WolvenThread. Great news, they offer only US$10 shipping fee to Indonesia!! I tell you it's all worth it! She designs all those amazing pieces by herself, and as fellow mother of hippie lovechild, you def should check their lovely web & collection (especially you boho souls out there!)

Speaking of which, I'll be releasing my new babies on my web tomorrow >> HEYLINF.COM << I've been handmaking the babies all holiday. Hope you'll love em.

Post more soon!

Until then, toodles-doodles!