Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zebra Legs and Feathers Neck

Thrifted silver cardi - Unbranded colors block top - Forever21 bubble-pink feathers necklace -  zebra leggings - Adorable Project dark brown wedges - rings buy at my accessories shop

Hellow beautiful people.. :)

I just loove this outfit. FYI, this is my first time to ever use a legging! It's because I have this super skinny legs, which I think looks ugly and even more lank on legging. But in this case, the monochromatic colors and the patterns turned out great on my legs. It's super comfortable too! Annd, to hide the small hips I wore this long top that looks like a super mini dress, along with my new fave bubble-pink feather necklace. I love the top. It has lil ivory crochet details on the neck. I actually wore this outfit to my office. It's great to work in a field where you shouldn't have to wear formal suits, shirts or skirts. :D

Anyway, if you take a glance on my photo, my legs kinda looks like a zebra don't you think? :p

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What a Flowery day

Olá there beautiful readers!! I skip a week on blogging.. :( Feels like more than a week tho. Aight, this week I post my outfit I wore several days ago when I was surprisingly showed up in her house in the middle of the week, where I supposed to have an evening class. My class was suddenly got canceled and I just drove back home to surprise her with a cake. She was very happy about it, and that made me happy too. After that surprising attempt, I took a chance to have a lil self photo shoot :p coz I got this beautiful afternoon (which was almost sunset) with a beautiful background near mom's house. Again, both of the floral blouse and the high waist short was thrifted items. Luckily, my lil sister had just bought a bubble thingy, so I sneak it to my bag and thinking to blow them for my outfit photo. It brings out the summer feeling, don't you think? :) Even so, it was kinda hard to have a good photo blowing that bubble! Lol. So, it ends up with my sister help me to create much bubble at first, then I just pose while blowing that thing. :p It was a super fun family day, and this fun photo shoot had just complete my day.

Hope you have a lovely days as well this week ;)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Old Timer

Hi gorgeous!! hows weekend? It's monday already, isn't it? Seems like our earth spinning faster now.. :( Oh age... I just wanna be forever 21, as I always shop there.. ;) Lol.

So, I've been so much inspired by my blogger BFF, Monica from Freesia Blog regarding the old school mom's style in the early 80s. You guys should def def (yes I said it twice) check her signature style of so called 'young grandma' style.

This dress is one of my thrift findings on last hunting and I looove the details so much. It's a one piece dress that looks like two separate pieces with same garment. The bag was actually my mom's, and she just laughed when she saw me wore them that day. She said, "How come kids these days ever want to wear that old style? That makes you look like a grandma you know." And I was like, "Mom, that's the point." And she was just shook her head. Lol. The bag actually broken, you see how it can't be buttoned in. But I love the shape and colors. So as much as my mom want to trash it, I just stole them and lock them in my closet. :p My mom is not a keeper, so I don't have much of her closet. Instead, my grandma is, and she just looove to see me wearing her old clothes rather than giving it so somebody else.

Alrighty then. Hope you like it! ;D Now, I got a looot of blog homework to do.... :))

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!