Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Doff Your Hat

[COOL_CAPS semi parka hat - EMIT POISE Transparent eye glasses - unbranded top - DIY vintage denim skirt - JUNE+JULIA Ellery heels - Doc Rings rings]

Goodness!! I'm finally posting again! Bwahh.. What a relieve. :p

So lately I'm at the most productive stage (or time) of my life, ever. Although I'm so glad and thankful for every smallest opportunity in my life recently, I must admit I couldn't juggle it all well. Esp for this blog. :( Then it got me really thinking that I should start on focusing to one project (goal) instead, coz I've been living as literally 'jack of all trades' for half of my life. I sort of envy other girls (bloggers) who already knew their passion at a very young age. But then again, I'd just keep remembering that God has His own plan for me. :)

Movin on to my outfit's story. I bought this reaally cool cap hat from COOL_CAPS on Brightspot Market. I  really love how it adds a unique girly look on my outfit. It's a pretty boyish item, but when I put it on my head, it altered into a cute parka-look cap-hat. I think they ship both nation-wide and world-wide. You know, in case that you guys need a unique-chic cap hat :) They also can be pretty a cool gift for your boyfriend too!

I wore the cap hat that day with my DIY vintage skirt and my new platform pairs from June+Julia. I have the skirt since high school and just saw it again after my mom told me to recycle my closet and to donate my old clothes. I sew the skirt to be tighter to my hips and make it into a high-waist skirt (it's actually a low waist skirt, which was pretty much a trend back then in my high school years). I kept all the detail as originally as its made on the skirt. As another 'add-ons' to this retro look, I wore my transparent xtra-large eye-glasses, which I think, somehow made me looks like I was wearing a goggle. ;p

So what do you guys think of hat for summer? :D

And I'm so blessed to have you guys who always been a great support and spirit to this blog. With that I'm happy to share that I got featured on DressCode Magazine (Indonesia) as Blogger of the Month (July edition) and on Lyst blog as one of the Featured Bloggers of the Week. I really thank God for everything this blog has ever achieved. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!