Tuesday, February 25, 2014


[ TOPSHOP hoops earrings - NIKICIO turtle neck crop cover - ZALORA denim dress -
ASOS.COM tartan socks - NEW LOOK gold bangles - unbranded cut out maroon boots (bought in China) ]

Hey you guys!

Hm. So I've been caught up with this hatred toward people who steals one's idea. Now that I know those hatred won't do me any good, so here I am trying to release it out by sharing this with you.

It's r-e-a-l-l-y sucks if someone 'steals' your opportunity. It sucks because you realised you're so stupid that you let other people own that opportunity which initially, supposedly to be yours at the first place. You either act so slow, so lazy, or just having lack of eagerness to earn that opportunity. I'm talking about idea, creation, and any such that comes from your brain here- not the situation/condition types of opportunity.

Well, we all should know this. WE ARE ALL A THIEF OF OUR OWN. There's no new things going on this earth, and we surely just go on and remaking things that has or already exist before. Then there's no such thing called genuine, you may ask? Oh hell sure there is! The ingenuity comes from how you 'tweak' things when you're trying to replicate things existed before & make it your own, and how it may seems different and new even though, once again, it actually have been existed before. See, the 'how' involving your brain to think of what to re-create, instead of just rawly duplicating other's ideas.

Some people, sadly, are lazy enough to think more about how to tweak and make something seemingly new out of what's actually an existed idea, and that makes them... simply a followers. And to me, those kind of people is just an ankle biter. :)

I've once read, REPLICATE, NOT DUPLICATE. I couldn't agree more on that.

I honestly don't think I've said enough what's on my mind about this, but I should stop it right here before you guys un-following me and stop reading this blog coz I talk (or write) to much. ;p

Oh and I wonder what do you guys think about this (not the outfit this time). Please do comment below if you don't mind. :))

Anyway, gotta tell you this, I have dozens of dress craving in ZALORA.co.id ! You guys should go thru their new arrivals, KEI&KORI and EZRA are my favo!!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Flower Generation

Pffft time files so freakin fast! It's the second month already, and it's almost Spring. Well, you know since I'm living in the 2-seasons country, the season I was referring to is my so-called season in clothing actually.

I've always a huge fan of jumpers and sweaters, and I got this lovely pink floral sweater from HOLLINGBERRY, which happens to be my fave this week! Another fave item I got is this extra cool vintage TV signal dial from BORN PRETTY STORE.COM!!! Ah, def replacing my two all time fave transparent Swatch watches. :p women’s watch,wrist watch,bracelet watch,LED watch.

And you know that I'm a big sucker for online stores that offer free worldwide shipping right? Well guess what? They do, and better yet, you guys my reader-friends get to have 10% OFF by typing ELISABETHPC10 on your check out form! 

PS: this cool watch is only less than $11! And that is before you use the coupon! CLICK HERE TO BUY.

[ FOREVER21 Wide brim hat - HOLLINGBERRY_CLOTH flower sweater - H&M maroon belt & black boots - Thriftted short - GREEDYSASSY recin rings - BORN PRETTY STORE vintage watch - VPANIICS gold skull necklace ]

I'd say, every piece of clothing you're having and wearing is an investment of your lifetime. It's the little thing that most people, most of the time, tend to disregard but has huge role in placing where you are in life. Someone wise said those to me once, and couldn't agree beyond more on that.

Oh aaaannnd, you guys should know that I have this amazing opportunity to do a collar with the HIPPEST (yes, with capitals) local brand ever!! GREEDYSASSY x LOOKIMNOTAFLUKE is available on my L.I.N.F. web and ready for you to buy. Those are my littluns down there, I made them with love for you! Hope you'd drop by and checkity check it out! HERE

Until next post, toddles-doodles!!