Hi and Hello!

Meet me, Elisabeth Paramita, a carefree odd blood-breed mixture of Sumatran-Javanese, Dutch, and Chinese, born & raised in a Christian family, and forever fall in love with Jesus.

My right side of the brain developed bigger than the other side since I was a kid, so I'm practically sucks with numbers and essentially lives with art. I'm quite obsessed with schools, straight-As, and obviously, clothes.

Voguish Doodles is actually my weekly personal fashion doodles in photographs. And my style is a hodgepodge between girly, hippie, and grungy in 70s-80s retro vibes, which sometime creates eclectic look as a turns out.

I'm currently kind of busy- now you probably say, who doesn't?, but that's my real lousiest excuse for not updating my blog super frequently like everybody else. Yet I promised myself to take real efforts for my every single look.

Hope you like what I post here! :)

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