Friday, July 11, 2014

Like Barney Says, Challenge Accepted!

[ Army Green Parka BERRYBENKA - Crop top O-MIGHTY - Camo skirt STREETMARKET BANGKOK - Metallic boots FOREVER21 - Camo beanie H&M ]

[ Plaid Longcoat BERRYBENKA - White backpack BERRYBENKA - Denim shoes BERRYBENKA - Way To Go Transparent socks UNIQLO - Just Dye It Crop Top DOLLS KILL ]


To redeem the outfit posts I didn't (supposed to) post couple weeks ago, here I'll post three outfits I styled for a fun styling project with ZOCKO.COM!

So I've been, sort of, challenged to style two to three of my personal styles wearing stuffs from berrybenka.com and belowcepek.com. And as Barney says, "Challenge accepted!". There you go, click-clikity-click to have the items I was wearing! ;)

[ Denim top (worn as dress) BELOWCEPEK.COM - Purple plaid shirt MORNING BLUES - Ombre tights TOPSHOP - Clear Oxford BERRYBENKA ]

Until next post, toddles-doodles!