Monday, January 31, 2011


RayBan dorky glasses- Forever21 necklace- vintage faux-fur collar- cropped flower top- Inventory semi-maxi polka dress- wooden bangles- dark brown leather belt- navy lace-up shoes

Yuhuuuuuu..... !!! I'm back!


Huff, after two stressful weeks doing my essays for finals, this day is finally arrived!! Wogh! I'm so happy with this freedom~ LOL! But, guess I have lots of blog homeworks..  (So sorry for my lovely friends Monica and Lo to keep you guys waiting)

Soooooo, wearing here is my first freedom outfit.. :p *coz the next full month is fully dedicated to my blog, since I'm not going on a vacation this early year* I don't know where the inspiration came from, but seeing how windy today was, I just put on my classic faux-fur collar below my necklace. Guess I'm not ready to stored those winter collections on my closet just yet. ;)

Oh ya, about the three different backgrounds... Er, actually they're in the same circle around my car. The first one was the view on the back of my car, the second one was the right side of it, and the third one was on its left. :p I did this because the wind kept ruining my photos.. :( So I kinda moving around to the place where (at that time) was less windy.

Hmm, right now I gotta eat something and doing the homeworks.. And enjoy the freedom of course.. One full month! Yay!!! :D

 Until next post, toodle-doodles!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Fashion 101 -1#

black suede cardi-forever21 brown skinny belt-dr. rings' cameo ring-the little things she needs black ring-mitchybelle pattern dress-mitchybelle vintage bag-topshop heart stocking-black suede heels

 I've been meaning to create such post about my fashion tips and tricks for a looong time ago. So, here it is, my first fashion tips. :)

Some of you girls are lucky enough to have someone to take your outfit photos. But some other girls, like myself, need to take the photos by themself. So here I will share you my way of doing one. Well, the idea is came from Fashionaddict, when she asked me how to do a self photo shoot. Basically, there are only three things you need to prepare, and that are:

1. A camera. (duh!) It's better to have an SLR camera coz it provides super fine picture quality. But if you don't, pocket camera with high resolution will do just fine. But if you happen to have neither, then I suggest you to save more money for an SLR. :) I am myself a Nikon user. I'm using D50 and been carrying it around with me for more than two years. Some people prefer Canon, coz they said the color are more contrast. Well, the reason I'm choosing NIKON, is because for me it's more user friendly than Canon. Canon has too much buttons, I think. :p And for the contrast differentiate, thank God we have Photoshop! So since I'm not into the twisted technical thingy on the photography, guess my Nikon is the best I've got. :)

2. A tripod. It's A MUST on taking a self photo-outfit! It reduces the possibility of breaking off your camera (coz it might fall when you set it up in un-decent places like the edge of a rack or shelves). With a tripod it's now possible to take an outdoor shoot.

3. A wireless remote. For the first while, I took my outfit photos without a remote. I was just using the self timer button on the camera. And it's VERY VERY VERY VERY tiring to jumping, or more often running, from the camera to the spot that I have to pose. The picture only captured two things: my sweat and a messy hair. So, here's the hints if you want to buy one: ML-L3 for Nikon, and RC-1/RC-6/Opteka RC-4 for Canon.

Now, this is practically what I do every time I did my outfit shoot:
1. Set the location where you gonna have the view as the background. Usually, I did a small research first of when does the place gets crowded with people. Coz here in my country, people stares!!! Ugh, hate that! Unlike in other country that I've been visited to or just heard of, when people stare and we stare back, they spontaneously know that we mind being stared. Here, if we just stared back, they will not stop staring and keep watching what we do. I have one time, scolded a man who's stared at me while doing my self photoshoot. I shooed the guys just like shooing the dog. I know I looked ridiculous, but I think it's rude to stares at people. ;)

2. Place the camera on your tripod and set at a range between 3-4 steps (it's completely up to you) from where you gonna pose. To have a clear head to toe photos, I usually set my tripod at certain heights, around my knees or just below my hips if the space isn't wide enough.

Set your own range
3. Do a test-shot to have the angle and the right portion of your body in the photo. You could mark the place where you stand with anything around the place, such leaves, small stone, or just anything. So when you come back to take the pose, you're still standing in the right place as you seen on the test-shot result on your camera.

That's it! You're now ready to publish your photos into your blog with maybe a lil' bit editing. The greatest thing is, it's nice to be the photographer, the stylist, and the model at the same time! ;))
Hope this lil' tips could be useful for some of you who haven't got anyone to take your gorgeous outfit photos!

ps: I got bored with my hair and decided to cut my bangs asymmetrically couple days ago. What do you guys think? :)

Until next post, toodle-doodles!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Your love is bigger than a rain cloud, it covered up my whole skies

brandless straw bowler hat- brandless black n white blouse- (another) brandless polka jeans skirt- Dorothy Perkins faux snake skin sling bag- (again) brandles ivory socks- Charles and Keith ribbon short heels

Hoo-hah! I'm feeling happy!! :)

Er, actually I'm feelin romantic lately.. :p And that also goes with my outfits. I just bought the heels last week, and can't think of anything perfect to pair it with my white preppy folks blouse. The hat is my fave coz it suits my style very much. So it goes with almost everything in my closet. The polka jeans skirt also my fave coz it makes my hips wider. Oh, speaking of my body, I gained 1,5 kg lately!! Oh no!! You see my cheeks chubbier??!! My friend once told me that if I gained weight, I look like The Pooh!! Yes the super chubby orange bear!! :(

Huff! I have to stop eating chips and chocolate at night. No, at most of the time.

Oh right, I was gonna write about anything else..

So my little romance feeling makes me singing love songs. Both sad and happy ones. Like today, I was doing karaoke from my iTunes.. :p and realize amazing words on the lyrics..

My fave lines of lyrics of the day is:

"Your love is biger than a rain cloud. It covered up my hole skies" - Jason Mraz ft Hope (Love Love Love)

"There will be no next time. You don't get another chance. (coz) Life is no Nintendo game. - Eminem ft Rihanna (Love The Way You Lie)

Well, the first one is just sweet metaphor to describe LOVE. Hmm, those who's in love would even have more flowerly heart. But those in broken heart, will spit on it as a romance bull. :) And the second one, I think it has bigger meaning.. Something not expected from a bad boy rapper like him.. :p It's kinda reminds me that we have to appreciate all of the things we're currently having, doing, and making. Time is running ahead and never look back. So, totally agree on him. Unlike Nintendo game, we can push the restart button and start all over again, well, we're not in real life! This reminds me to use my spare time for useful doing, and be grateful to God for what I've got until today. Including my closet. I gotta tidy them up someday soon.. :p

So, one of my new year resolution is: I will not regret.  :) The others.. think I'm just gonna keep it to myself.. :p

blurry snapshot as I accidentally switch the remote, but turned out pretty cool right? :p

Until next post, toodle-doodles..!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Spring Always in My Head

Random brand netted wool outer-DIY floral head piece-Pull and Bear satchel-Pull and Bear plaid pants-Randon brand leopard pointy flats


So on today morning service in my Church, I got this beautiful encouragement from a Bible verse. It says: "Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord." (Rome 12:11). When I heard the verse, I was just, WOW! God really know what I need! Coz these days, I do realize my spirit a bit fading. Esp on holidays in my parents house. I went completely lazy as I watched CSI, Bones, Big Bang Theories, Criminal Minds, and other intriguing TV serials all day long on my mom's couch. I really needed a mood-booster. A spirit lighter. :)

This earth-stone color outfit was my instant attempt when my little sister asked me to grab some dinner. It was a quick grab so you can see I missed most of the accessories that could make this outfit better. :( Not so long while driving to the eating place, my Dad called and asked me to picked him up at the golf course. So I took my time taking some shots while waiting for him near the parking lot.

I found this great un-maintained stone wall which was matching with my outfit color. The plaid pants is so light and comfortable, and I think they're great to temporally replacing jeans for a while. And the headband was my new 'toy' as I've been collecting various prints since last months. The netted wool outer not only looks like a sweater but it does feel like one, cos it so warm on those. Very much comfortable for a windy day like I had.

But anyhow, my head piece kinda draws up the hope for the spring days in months ahead, am I right? Well, even here we don't have winter nor spring, but I do hope the weather turns hot and sunny again. I'm not a big fan of gloomy cloudy rainy days like now. Maybe same as your current super cold snowy days. So, let's us hoping the sky bright again so that we can take a gorgeous outfit photos! ;)

Oh, now I just couldn't hold my 'YAAYYYYY!!!', coz my gorgz friends, Monica, just mentioned me as the sweetest blogger friend on her 2010 Shoutouts. :D It really nice to meet a truly amazing friend like her thru fashion blog. And I plan to seek some more.. ;)

 So... Until next post, toodle-doodles!!