Monday, October 10, 2016

Sleeping with Plants


I want to share you something besides fashion, here in this post.

Currently I'm really in to green and healthy living. I started at the very easy thing of my life that I should change. Like, eating more steam veggies (hey I only eat veggies and eggs now since early this year!), using DIY natural face mask (will share you the recipe on next posts), and also, living near greenies.

My mom used to tell me that having plants inside our bedroom is bad for our health. I always want to decor my bed room with more greens, other than just small cactus on my table near my bed. So I went on an online research about plants and bedroom.

So my mom was wrong! Haha. There ARE some plants that's actually good to be placed in your bedroom as it is actually breath Oxygen at night (unlike most plants that breath Carbon Dioxide at night).

The plants that produce Oxygen at night are mostly desert plants, such as:


Snake plant (mother-in-law tongue)

Gerbera Daisy

Aloe Vera plant

Peace Lily

and few types of Orchids.

Me, I choose (and bought myself) a Peace Lily. The plant seller called it 'Sepatu film'. At first I thought, hey why they called them that?? Turns out, the species of this plant is named Spathiphyllum . And there you go... sepatu filem. LOL.

The best thing is, these plants are also working as air purifier! So as it works as your room detox, it also can soothe and calming your stress level, visually. You know, green as the predominant color in nature has its own calming effect to our eyes and mind.

And another great thing is, most of this desert plants, are actually needs to be watered once a week, and very low sun exposure (indirect sunlight). I usually take them out of my room every Saturday morning (until afternoon) and water them down. Only once a week. But, I do spray them a sprinkle of water on the leaves every 2 days. Just enough to keep them a bit moist.

So if you're like me, in need of more greens inside the room, and less time to water the plants daily, then these plants are the best to keep you company sleeping at night. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!