Monday, April 13, 2015

Body Bully

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Hi lovely readers,

So I've been meaning to write a little about body bully since long time. Guess now is the time.

I'm a (soon) 27 yo girl born and live skinny my entire life. Never in my life I do food diet, and for that I feel luckier than any other girls around me. Although all I see in my eyes, all them girls are so lucky to have boobs, hip curve, and butt.

Since I was in junior high, there are two things I heard the most from people around me: "Oh God you're so skinny (making weird frown face between slightly jealous and pity, and measuring my narrow waist which just the span of their hand)", and  "Oh you're skinny! Like this! (rise up their little finger in front of my face)". Little that they know, it makes me more and more insecure of my body each time I hear that from them. I remember I always laugh when they say that kind of 'joke' statements. I refer it as joke coz at the same time they (I mean all of them) say it, they laugh.

In other hand, people are usually more sensitive to big size girls. I never hear them say to my big size friend, 'Oh God you're so fat'. Even if there're some blunt speaking people saying that to their friend, they usually make it less, well less blunt.

I know that lotsa girls would've want to have skinny body, less fat, but more on the female parts like boobs hips and butt. And we've been consumed by the perfect imagery of that 'dream body' in almost every-where. The blunt 'body labelling' in our society, makes us even more blunt to say our mind about our body and our neighbour's (friends or just random strangers) body. Makes body bullying less, obvious. Some friends comforted me that they who always mentioning how skinny I am, is the most jealous to my body. Well, I would never make peace with myself by justifying that reason.

All I'm saying is, telling people skinny is (sometimes) just as hurt as telling people fat. As long as I live, not so many people acknowledge that- their defend is that all people would like to be skinny. But tried to judge that with your honest heart, if someone say it out loud and making gesture about your bodyfigure. Try to feel both shoes. Even in Megan Trainor's famous All About That Base, she addresses one called 'skinny bitch'. Well, not every skinny girl is acting like a bitch. But that generalisation itself is actually a bully to skinny girls. That's what I thought.

Now after more than 26 years living my life, I'm fully accepting my body figure. Even though sometimes I admit that I do feel a bit insecure- like when I'm wearing bodycon dress/skirt. But most of the time, I don't care what people think, or say. As long as I feel good about my self.

But to my friends and to society, please be more sensitive about body bullying. You don't know how your short words can bring someone's down and effect their life. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!