Friday, October 3, 2014

E.T. (Extra Temptation)

Ola people!

My oh my. I've gone missing for too long.

I really miss blogging and writing something.

So... this thought has been squandering in my head. People thought me, or just some other girls (or should I just say it anyway, bloggers) who'd wear unusual or rather weird clothes, are those who have deep thirst for attention, that we're 'trying' to get people to notice.

Well, actually, speaking on behalf of myself, it is just because it's rather tedious to wear something similar everyday. And the fact that I like love to play dress up, making it even more fun when I peruse my closet and pair things up every time I go out. But in the other page, I'm so much the person who walk the backdoor, work behind desk, and tilt my head down (most of the time) when I'm walking. A juxtaposition that is. And several other bloggers I know have similar personality like I do, even though some, are just more to the 'performer' kinda soul. You know, those who really enjoy always out front in the spotlight.

Anyway, I don't have a problem with people think of me as weird. I assume this based on their look, their facial expressions, and the way they slightly laugh when they've walked passed me. Some comments might also be loud enough for me to hear. Few are funny enough for me to laugh along the way, but few others might left my ears a little bit hot.

So why if I get easily drawn to what most people think as weird? So what if I like something different?The society tends to raise them eyebrows and ask WHY, while some rude ones laugh or mock at it. I have no idea why people here in my country can't just look away like other people in different countries. But either way, I've been learning my own way not to care, and we all should too. (anyway, I used to be so so insecure of myself when people stared at me)

I saw great sticker the other day, saying, 'Go ahead, under estimate me'. I suppose that's not only referring to some skills or abilities.

It's my temptation, I guess, all the unusual things.

[ UGLY. eyelien dress-pants - NASGORJU alien watch - GREEDYSASSY alien resin ring -  UNBRANDED leather backpack (bought it on street market in China) - UNBRANDED yin yang scarf (tied on my bag, oh and bought it in Bangkok street market) - UNIQLO mesh 'way to go' socks - BERRYBENKA transparent shoes ]

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