Friday, November 28, 2014

Hippier Than Ever- Fashion Profile Video by Gadutism

Hey again you...

I promised myself to publish this last night, but I had to broke it due to some company invitation event thing I had to attend at French embassy here on my city.

First off, I'm dyingly in love with my little project here in this post, where about a week ago on a nice bright Sunday morning I met this lovely fellas, Angga Gadut and his friend slash assistant, Adrian, who actually a super extra major BIG time talented video/cinematographer! You guys can check out his works here > GADUTISM.COM

Well, life as you (might) know as a blogger, first up you made friends online, then when you have the chance (and fate ;p), you meet up and do some fashion collab- or just simply a meet up.

That's what happened last week. We've been arranging time and place to make (my) personal-style video profile since last month, and thank God it was a lovely bright-sky day. We actually shoot this video at 8-ish in the morning. If you wonder, the place was actually an empty land on Serpong area. And the soil really ruin my Tardy boots, so we decided not to shoot the feet. And it was hot as hell to tell you the complete truth.

But all in all, we were so very excited that day.

Then until few days ago, Gadut finnaly published my video on YouTube. I'M FREAKIN FALLING IN LOVE, and seriously can't stop replaying! lol. Well, all credit to him and his friend of course.

Well to close up this post, you can play the video below. And lemme know what you guys think down on that little comment box!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Minority Minded

LOOK I'M NOT A FLUKE thin choker - O'MIGHTY crop top - MUIZZU SHOP pants - POLETTE sunnies - BERRYBENKA shoes - street market bag & watch ]

Now now,

I’ve been writing my thoughts on this blog since 2010. Unlike other so-called fashion bloggers- though as you guys who’ve been reading past posts knew that I don’t see myself as fashion blogger and prefer personal-style blogger, or just blogger instead, coz since the very beginning I treat this blog sort of like a diary. The reason? Well let’s just say I have so many things going on this big head of mine. And for the last 26 years, I found out that not so much people would listen to one thing called explanation. Or let’s just say I barely meet someone who like to listen as much as they like to tell/speak. Me, on the other hand, like to explicate things on my head. And I always expect an argument- that is in a good way of course.

Until I met, my blog. ;p Well I sort of like believe that someone somehow somewhere, reading every word, thought, and story I shared on this blog, while i just keep the argument on my head. Or if they don’t exist, well anyway at least i’ve let and say it out.

See? Just for an intro took me so many words already!

Anyway, I wonder if music plays a big part of your life as it does to me. I really can’t go a day without any song/music on my ears. True life story. Guess it started out with my dad and granddad who has huge love for Jazz and Keroncong musics, and also audio stuffs. None of them play any instruments, but ever since I was very little I remember dad played so many songs on his tape, and every time I was home from school, I directly put dad’s laser disk and played Morris Albert’s Feelings. I was just 4 years old. Ma' said I really love to sing Inka Christie ft Amy Search song, Cinta Kita, every-damn-day when I was 3 yo... Lol. Some of you might think it’s lame, the song, but I still love it till now.

Hey that pointed out why I always have a thing for sad and tragic love songs! Been this way since little me. :D

On my junior and high school days, well, you know, everybody loved pop musics. Been switching crushes between each member of Westlife and Nsync. Tho I still listen to Jazz and Blues, coz of my Dad. To name a few, I played these music on my Walkman: Eagles, Earth Wind and Fire, BeeGees, MLTR, Simply Red, Siti Nurhaliza, Sheila on 7, Shaden, Dewa19, Padi,  Backstreet Boys, 98Degrees, and the list goes on you don’t wanna know.

Yes, my genre is quite random. Since my brother learned bass and electric guitar, I heard a lot of metal blues, and rock music. Till I randomly went with Dad and my brother to see John Myung solo concert here. That very night, I fell in love with Metal music. I was starting to listen to Slipknot, Avenged Seven Fold (by the way I went to their concert here, it was A-owesome!), Dream Theatre of course, Bullet For My Valentine, but my fave is A7X and Slipknot.

Ok to make it even weirder, my musical soul, I learned Classical piano for 4 years. Didn’t turned out well, I can only read, but can’t really play outside the book. During that learning time I listened to lot of Classical music, even till now sometimes I played Tchaikovsky on YouTube. This early year I bought an Uke, but also never can really swing it. :( 

Relapsing the time scene to present, and to cut to the chase, guess I’ve found my true soul in music, my love for Folks music. I don’t know where the hell I get to it if you read my A to Z list of fave music since i was little, but… yeah...

Putting a rank is unnecessary, so here are the list, in random, of my fave person, band, group, duo, gang, or just musics that I really really love which you HAVE TO, once more, HAAAAAAVE TO! search on YouTube/Soundscloud/anywhere you like:

  • Devendra Banhart (first timer I suggest you go for Baby, LISTEN HERE )
  • George Ezra (well most of you might know him, try Cassy O, HERE )
  • Miniature Tigers (try Like or Like Like, but I insist you to listen to this PLAYLIST HERE )
  • Broadcast2000 (try go for my happy working song Gonna Build a Mountain, here’s the PLAYLIST )
  • Young The Giant (I fell in love the first time through this song Crystallised, PLAY HERE )
  • Alice Pheobe Lou (just found out about here last week, and I’m dying-ly in love with her music. Her hauntingly beautiful voice and her free spirit just inspire me so much. Try Berlin Blues HERE )
  • Elephant Kind (just stumbled on YouTube and fall in love hard, try my fave Oh Well HERE  Alert: if it’s a love at first song after you play, they gon launching their EP next week, info on their YouTube channel as well ;)
  • Walk Off The Earth (my most fave YouTube artist, try playing their Red Hands HERE )
  • Stars and Rabbit (found them out on Reverberation and an instant fan since last year then finally watched their gigs twice last month, still crave for more! try my fave Man Upon The Hill or Rabbit Run HERE )
  • Dekat (ok I’m not under influence here trust me. It’s mr boyfie’s group and he’s the rapper. They just released an EP last month, info on their channel. Go listen to my fave Kembali Bekerja HERE )
  • Kodaline (try One Day HERE )
  • Hozier (try Take Me To Church, Someone New, and Cherry Wine HERE )

Ok. that's about it for now. Hope you don’t mind for the long reading. Coz I hate to simplify my explication. ;p

Until next post, tootles-doodles!