Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cropped Sister

Ahoy there!

Guess I'm crawling back down from the 'lousy blogger' status, since I posted more frequent now. ;p 

So God is so good to me- as He always been since I first breathing. There're just  too many great things came in my life recently. I've got a new promotion at work, new friends- lots of them, new wonderful partner in love, new sponsors for the blog, new magazine features, and just when I thought that's enough, I got the chance to be involved in to a Christian music-video production where I was asked to be their stylist. It was a wonderful experience with them and just cannot wait to share the mv with you guys once it's released!

Moving on to my outfit, as what's this personal style blog about, latterly I just so crazily, stupidly in love with cropped top- and just about anything cropped for my top! ;D You guys would probably realized that already from my previous posts that I've been wearing lots of them. And to tell you the truth, I've been piling quite a lot more on my closet. So as I dropped into this one new local label, leonyevelyn, I fell in love quite instantly with their cropped corduroy floral blazer! Well to say that cropped blazer kinda hard to pulled off to most outfits, I'm not necessarily agree. I think it goes well with maxi dresses, and perhaps like my outfit, 'cropped-on-cropped' might be another options. For more subsided look, unlike me, you could hid your belly-button by wearing high-waisted skirt or pants or short and still showing just a little bit of skin around your upper tummy with that cropped-on-cropped ensemble. Maybe I could show you some DIY looks with this cropped blazer/top on another outfit post, you know… just another ideas to pull of cropped outfit. ;)

[ LEONYEVELYN CLOTHING cropped corduroy floral blazer - TOPSHOP black cropped top - H&M burgundy belt - LODELIS WEBSTORE pastel pink polkadots jeans - Dr Martens pink hincky boots - SWATCH transparent watch - KEEN-ETHIC temporary tattoo - BL!NG silver necklace ]

I've been wearing this cropped corduroy floral blazer quite a lot. I mean, the fact that my fave fabric on my fave type of outfit, just literally a giant love for me. It kinda rounded up my style pretty much: corduroy for the ultimate retro vibes, florals for my hippy entities, and most importantly, black for my grunge compulsion. My admiration goes to the designer, Evelyn, behind the label for making that piece definitely with love. For you who love girly-fitted dresses, tops, and outers with unique twist on it, just click over their site HERE and buy some looks!

Oh also, this is the first ever feature post on my blog! ;D Meet this unique-styled girl, whom I met through blogging, Iness of aiiness.com. We kinda made a sudden appointment for an outfit shoot together, and without any arrangement before, we both wearing florals and cropped top! How crazy is that coincidence?! Lol. Go to her blog right away to check out what she wore. And trillion thanks to my yakuza-looking dude / colleague, William Permana, who spared his Sunday time with me and Iness. Ps: Check out his fashion snap-shots on his tumblr, hampirvampir.

Aaand, last but not least, I (or we) got featured home page on Chictopia yesterday for this outfit under Cropped Tops section! ;D Oh, so happy! Thanks to leonyevelyn for this sponsored outfit-post!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pie in The Sky


[ ZARA ACCESSORIES Black wide brim hat - ASOS.COM Aztec print cropped top - ZARA Feather ombre skirt - Unbranded coins bag (similar here) - JC Tardy boots via VillainsSF ]

See? I kept my promise to post (quite) soon enough, right? ;p

So how's you mid week guys? Mine's pretty vibrant, thank God! Anyway, I re-wear this outfit, which is what I wore on Wakai Mad (fashion) Show many weeks ago. Back then I didn't have the chance to take few decent shots for an outfit post, so here I was. Better late than never huh? Oh, and you will notice something's missing from my outfit if you read (and see the photos) till the very end. I also got featured on this outfit back at the event by Jakarta Style Journal. Yay for that!

So yep, that's what I wear on the mad show. It was entirely MAD, with capitals, to be exact. I'm so proud to be a part of the crazy ass team with their gazillion creative ideas. Cheers for WAKAi.

Photo courtesy of Jakarta Style Journal

Fellow blogger, Michelle Kristiani, and Feli

Another yay-ing moment-to-share on this post, I got featured on Girlfriend Indonesia for their Bloglovin' section on May 2013 edition. So thankful, honored, and excited! Thanks to the amazing GF team for taking my pics. See and read me there with another inspiring articles for your summer holiday guys!

Zillion thanks for reading my personal style blog. And more post to come, sooner than you think. ;)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sweet Mother of Pony!

[Everland Theme Park goggle eyeglasses - Platform store ITC ManggaDua Sweet Pony sweater - unbranded golden bow hairpin - NEWLOOK metallic sling bag - SUITEBLANCO rainbow leopard leggings - JUICE STRING lace boots]

It's been a while. Again. And this time my outift post kinda inspired by my fave Japanese Manga-turns-to-movie, Lovely Complex. You guys should definitely watch the movie as there are just sooooo many cute and adorable outfits and stuffs! I really love that particular movie coz they really- i mean really really, pay attention to the smallest details. The color scheme, outfits, hairdos, and just every little thing really brings you into the manga world where everything's silly and cute at the same time. Not to mention, how they brought the characters into life, is just ah-dorable. Since I had the DVD, I've watched it like countless time. Yep, you read it right. Had. I lost it when I moved in to my new apartment. Bummer. :'(

I actually snatched this cute Sweet Pony sweater out of my sister's shopping bag one day. It's too big for her anyway. :p I traded this cutie for my denim outer she's been after for a long time. That's the best wonderful part of having the same gender sibling, right? (Love you lil sis!)

I'm just currently so into colorful stuffs right now (while I guess everyone kinda goes monochromatic huh?), and to paired the Sweet Pony sweater with the movie-inspired theme, I wore a colorful leopard leggings that one special mister gave me a while ago. To top it off and to make it more like the inspiring girl on the movie, I put on the pink ladybug glasses I get from a theme park few vacations ago, and gold bow hairpiece worn as pin.

Well, have a great great weekend everyone. More post coming really soon I promise.

Until next post, toodles-doodles!