Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pale Daughter


Oh my. You have no idea how great it is to be back on posting!! Whuftt.. :))

Ok now to be completely honest with you, I took this outfit photos like, last month. It's been pouring here in my town since early November, so I always bring along my umbrella literally everywhere I go. Instead, I do have at least 2 umbrella with me- one in my car and one in my bag. You know, you won't look chic if you're like a wet cat right? lol.

Now now, about my outfit.  So last month I saw this cute whimsical dress online and just a snap I fell in love with it right away. Since I've been  obsessed with 80s (not 90s) grunge look, which you guys probably already noticed from my previous posts, I tried to pair the grunge with the sweet look of the dress. Also that time my Asos tatoos tight was just arrived, so those were practically my fave stuffs I bought of the month. ;p

[ HIS DAUGHTER Nude Dress - Unbranded Umbrella - ASOS Tatoo Tights ]

Oh and, recently I got featured on two Home Pages of amazing web magazines. One from France, called Marc et Léon. And the other one is a local web magazine that you all (who lives in the same country as I am) probably very familiar with, GoGirl Magz.com. Yay!! I'm beyond thankful for each one of them, for the opportunity and recognition to this personal style blog.


ps: I found dozens of daily inspirations from those two web magazines, so if you're a daily-inspiration seeker as I am, you probably want to go click and read them out! ;)

                                              Marc et Léon.com  |   GoGirl Magz.com

That's that for today, gotta back to work now. ;p

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Girlband Grunge

Hi and hellow!

It's mundane Monday again. But posting this outfit def boost my spirit up. So currently I've been obsessed over everything grunge and related to the 'rockin' looks. Well actually I love this particular style since more than I can remember, but you know, when something you liked become trends and most shops sell the style, you kinda 're-obsessed' with it- since it's now so easy to culled items for that particular style. You guys agree?

And when I wondered around few online stores, I finally found this perfect statement spike headband from ROMWE. Think it would be great to incorporated some punkish look over my grunge haul. ;) I got this oversized boyfriend denim jacket from a vintage thrift market, and it's def my forever favorite piece hanging on my closet. It's a bit heavy- since it's very much oversized on my body, but it so comfortable to put on in windy days such nowadays. One of my fave grunge haul is this church mosaic printed design dress, which I bought also from ROMWE- just thank God they have free shipping worldwide! ;D I think it added a great interpretation of my own girly-ness in this grunge look. And to complete it all I put on not one, but two of this spike rings from my ultra cool sponsor, BL!NG.
ps: their Rock'a'Rolla collection is super awesome! I'm def drooling over almost every piece on that collection!

So I think this outfit would rocks the night out when I just hanging out with some  boy friends to an indie band gig. I used to dream to be a vocalist of a cool indie band, and this outfit would makes me like one. But what can I say, guess my singing voice would only be great to hear during my shower. ;p

[ ROMWE Multi point spike headband - Thrifted vintage Oversized denim jacket - ROMWE Church mozaic printed dress - FOREVER21 Basic grey socks - JEFFREY CAMPBELL Tardy boots - BL!NG spike rings - REVLON Matte lipstick (Strawberry Suede #005) ]

Hope you guys have a cheering Monday! ;))

Oh and thanks to my lovely bf for taking this photo. He's just getting like a pro, right? ;)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween From Lydia Deetz!

Happy Halloween guys!

To make this holiday merrier (although it's not even a holiday here in my country), I decided to do a costume outfit post inspired by my forever favorite movie from the 80s, Beetlejuice! ;D I loooove this character played by Winona Ryder as one of the main characters, Lydia Deetz. I just love her signature style of a strange Goth girl who feels isolated in the world. She loves writing poetry, photography, and keen on anything supernatural and paranormal. Lydia’s character is shown in the movie with deep black hair, long parted bangs, and brushy ponytail if she’s not wearing her black wide brim floppy hat. She also wears pale face makeup and peach eyeshadow around her eyelids, under her eyebrows and above her cheekbones. That’s practically what I did to pull off this Halloween outfit. ;)

I was actually inspired by Lydia's illustration (see again above) I got on tumblr. So I asked my bf to take a photo of this rather strange look just outside my front door. Since Lydia likes spider, so I wore this unique big spider ring and black machine ring from my lovely sponsor, BL!NG. They just released these two collections on store (Animal Instinct and Rock a'Rolla). You guys should drop by their store sometime! ;)

So, what's your Halloween costume guys? Let me know by sharing your link below at the comment box! ;)

Oh, and don't forget to say it three times! Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!! :D

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lady Rock and Roll

Hi and hellow!

Wow, been a while. Again. I've been juggling a lot of things in my mind, and my hands, recently, and one of them was moving out and moving in to my new apartment. Yay! I'm super excited to decorating my new room- for that I might bring you into a grand tour to my room someday, once it's done. ;p

Apart from being busy bee, I actually have some announcement to make: I've been 'partnering' with my bestie and open up an Online Clothing Store, full of a highly curated and hand-picked selection of fashion clothing! ;D We named it LODELIS. It's actually both of our nick name be put together- Lode + Lis. To tell you the truth, it was really really hard to find a name that represent our personality and style for that online clothing store, but there it goes. :) I hope you don't mind to drop a click HERE, and hit the Like button. :)) I'd be much much appreciate that.

Sooo, I've been admiring the 80's grunge and rockin' style since forever. And as you know it, those particular style is climbing up to the top of the trend list as sooo many brands embracing the looks. Oh, and this is the first appearance to my ever favorite JC shoes. ;) Ordered it for the first time from Villains SF Bangkok, and arrived at my door just a week after I ordered. Def recommended for you who are living in Indonesia and wanted to buy Jeffrey Campbell shoes. :))

[unbranded Mirror Aviator - THRIFTED Black Crop Top - ZARA Beaded Bodycon Skirt - BL!NG Spike Needle Necklace- ASOS Cross All Over Tights - ZARA ACCESSORIES Mini Clutch - JEFFREY CAMPBELL Red Tardy - DOC RINGS 3 Packs Spiked ring]

Oh, and it was really amazing to know some of you guys through your comments about 'your kinda song' on my previous post. And actually, I downloaded several songs mentioned on that comments list and I created new playlist for my working anthem at office! ;p Also from previous post, I received lots of question about my nailart. Thank you so much for the kind compliments, and I would def post the DIY tutorial to make that nailart on your own on my future posts! Just wait and see.. ;D

PS: DIY series for Fall outfit ideas def comin up on next post! ;)

So until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hey I Want to Know You!!

Hi loves!

I'm not feeling very well since yesterday. And today, my office is just so very quite- since 80% of the other employees are doing the election for the new governor in my city. So, in this quite moment I kinda feel like to write something here. :)

Oh wait, this is actually my first non-outfit post you know? I just want to interact with you guys through this post. So lately I've been playing my old songs playlist, and I just snapped at an idea to blog about this. The idea is, I wanna know you-my readers, through song(s)! Well, I've been stalking each one of you, and perhaps I might say I know you slightly through your outfit posts (and vice versa I think). But, sometimes words does describe better than images. ;)

To make it more fun, I'd like to know which song describe you the most. Here's mine: ;D

   > Dream by Priscilla Ahn (if the button doesn't work, CLICK HERE)

I think this song is really me both explicitly and implicitly. Yes, I'm a big fat dreamer. And I think it's very important to dream to the highest. Think that what's make a self motivation for me. ;) 

PS: As you click 'play', enjoy the 'me' song and keep on reading, would ya!

I love me- and I thank God for me. Who do you love?

Speaking about personality and self motivation, arrogance, at one hand, may not necessarily be the nicest of personality traits. But on the other way around, the tendency to be negative about yourself isn't especially attractive either. It’s not out of the ordinary for many people to fall into patterns of negative thinking and to fall into the trap of self-doubt and negative self-worth.

Thinking along these lines is rarely motivating and more often than not is completely unfounded. What is worth considering is that these lines of negative thinking have been self-created and while they may be firmly etched into the psyche, it doesn't necessarily mean that they can’t be re-routed.

Negativity can become integral to our way of thinking and if used to often, becomes a normal response to many situations in day to day life. One such negative thought is that of being unlovable. Of course, in life there will be situations when an individual feels unloved or unlovable. These sentiments will at times be either real or perceived, but what’s important to remember is that they are, for the most part, transient. The problem arises when these feelings are distorted and digested inwardly, amplified beyond reality and transformed into a perceived personality trait.

The key here is to start perhaps by being a little kinder to ourselves, to look at the reasons why we react in the way that we do and to unravel the story behind the negative thinking. Once the patterns of negative thinking have been identified, new strategies can be put in place in an attempt to rewrite those thought patterns, putting a positive spin on them instead.

Very often, if we surrender to those feelings of being unloved and unlovable, we further exacerbate our negative sense of self by feeling unworthy. If we feel marginalized then there’s no hope for a positive sense of our own value. We’re unable to realize that we’re doing the best we can with what’s available to us and yet this realization is about as close to perfection as we can get.

Without a strong sense of worth, putting on one of your favourite evening maxi dresses won’t alleviate that stultifying sensation of being an empty shell, simply going through the motions. Yet having an awareness of our own imperfections allows us to shine in our own authenticity.

If we accept who we are inwardly, yet acknowledge that we may be lacking outwardly, perhaps we can bask in a balance that brings peace without negativity.

Whoa, we should stop right there. Bet you got the point to ponder here, to value yourself more than anyone else in this world. ;) I just remember an amazing quote from a movie I watched few days ago (The Help, which you totally should watch!) " You is kind, your is smart, you is important."

Soooo, back to my purpose of today's post: What Song Describes You, Guys? I want to knowwwww, badly! Please lemme knowww! :))

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Strawberry Toes

Ola, hermosas!

I'm on fire for blogging lately! ;D So a couple of weeks ago, I received this lovely strawberry-red capped toe heels from The Lola House. It's just an instant love on the first sight! I love the unique-sweet round look upfront and the girly silhouette on other sides of the shoes. It suits well with my eclectic-girly look! Oh and I should tell you that the shoes is amazingly hand crafted in finest quality! From the moment I receive the gift (from a very lovely lady of The Lola House) up until I open the box, it was a total perfection! I'm a bit perfectionist myself, and I just admire people who puts attention to details. :)) Make sure you click on their webstore and have one of their totally comfortable and adorable pieces! Here's my other Lola love, CLICK.

Since the color is so bright and happy, I paired the shoes with my DIY lips-knee tights and mix prints between heart prints cut-out bralet with red starry skirt from Lodelis (psttt, this is a new label coming up soon! You gonna love it!!). And you guys know that I always left home without accessories, right? I think it's never came out wrong if we pair tights with wide floppy hat for a slight vintage-inspired look. ;D

I will spill the beans about this DIY tights recipe on the next post, so I hope you guys would drop by again for my new DoodleItYourself (DIY) series! ;)

And this Thank You note from The Lola House goes out from me to you.. :)

[Agasha Mary Jane Shoes from THE LOLA HOUSE - unbranded Wide Floppy Hat - thrifted Boyfriend Shirt - B/W Heart Prints Cut Out Bralet from LODELIS - Red Starry Skirt from LODELIS - DIY Lips tights - Vintage Watch from LODELIS - Grandma's White Rosary]

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Voguish Doodles Was Found by Fleet!

Hi and Hellow!

How's your early week, lovelies? Bet they're pretty busy like mine. ;) And in this sweet hot-windy day of mine, I'd just love to share this with you that Voguish Doodles was Found by Fleet for September's campaign!! *dance and wiggle* I've been contacted to team up with Fleet Collection to take part on their  fashion contest, which includes me and another amazing style bloggers around the globe, competing for your vote- yeah, YOU! ;D

So, if your like me- and I hope you do ;) pretty please do VOTE FOR ME by thumbing my photo on Fleet Collection's FanPage, HERE. I'm definitely hope against hope that I could win this contest, since the three other bloggers are extremely AH-mazing with their own sweet style. Buttt, I know I have you guys! ;)

In advance, I couldn't thank you guys enough for your lovely support- either for this contest or this blog.<3
Aaand, there's a special 15% OFF for my readers to spend at Fleet Collection. Make sure you drop by their web-store and use this coupon to have their sweetest original clothing and handmade jewelry!!

Remember dolls, this coupon only valid throughout this month. So use it right away! ;) 

PS: I'm in love with their 'A Thousand Ships Dress'!! <3 See it yourself, here!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Voguish Way to Shop Online: Hunt The Discount Offers

Ola everybawdee..

Welcome to my new Tippy Tips series! It's been a while since my last tips-posts and here I am again sharing my how-to tips for your daily inspiration.

So I guess everyone has been very aware in the joy of shopping online nowadays. Even here in my country (which kinda late in terms of online shopping), lots and lots of bloggers (or just other stylish people) has been embracing not only locals but also international online shops. Cut to the chase, I'm a big sucker for shopping online, and I may have few tips and tricks for you to spend your shopping-money online.

The great thing about shopping online (which I'm sure you're all already aware of) is that you can take your very time to selectively choose the shop and items to buy, within a wide variety of choices. And within that time, you can also comparing similar items on another shops at the same time- to find which shop gives your the best offer for that particular item on your wishlist. 

It's not about hunting SALE ITEMS, but to have the best offer we can get on new outfit for our closet! ;)

The easiest way to tracks best offers is through fashion portals that provide group buying and discount offers collectivelly. So this is one of my favorite steps to shop online:

First, is to signing in to a fashion portal that includes your most favorite online shops. My current fave is to shop through Dskon Fashion Portal, where I can simply click to my favorite online shops that has discount offers within the easy setting list of links that Dskon has set on their site. Second, simply made your purchase/ order through the shops on the link-list. That way the fashion portal can analyze our shop preference and tell our selected online shops to produce more deals and offers for us in the future! That's the main benefit for us shoppers, I think. :)

Enrich your knowledge in fashion and trend before you spend your shopping-money, through blogs from your favorite shops or any other worthy fashion outlets. I always open so many tabs on my Safari window, and you can check out one of my 'must-open tab' for local (Indonesian) trend blog, here. And speaking of which, I just got inspired by this blog article, definitely love that trend! ;)

So now you know my way to 'Get more but Spend less' on online shopping! ;) Hope you'd get inspired by this post. 

Until next post, toodles-doodles!