Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY (Doodle It Yourself): Ombre Denim Short

Hi lovelies!

For an early warning, this is gonna be a looong post to scroll. :p

So welcome to my first ever DIY fashion tips!! :D I'm glad to share this amazing tricks to make yourself an ombre clothing trend! And since pictures say more that a thousand words, so I'll just get started telling your the recipe thru it.. Here you go.

And voila...

Kei, now there are also several tips I'd like to share with you..
1. DO NOT forget to put on you masker before started. Combining the two liquid will creates such strong smell. Also I would suggest to do the whole process outdoor, not indoor. (I didn't know, and I did it in my room. Turned out, my room had this strong chlorine odor for two days! Yukk!)

2. When you first mix the bleach and vinegar, make it a 1:4 proportion between vinegar and whitening bleach. You should pour the bleach more than the vinegar. TOO MUCH vinegar will give you burnt color (it will turns the color to ugly yellow!)

3.. It's IMPORTANT to do a test shot. Make a first cut on the edge of your jeans, and slice it small so you have many for the test shot. Until you have the right ration for your liquid mix on the bucket, then you could just dip your jeans into the bucket.

4. To make a soft color transition ombre (on the top of your jeans), tilt your jeans a bit so the liquid seeps your jeans bit by bit. Don't just dip it horizontally coz that will give you clear straight line between two colors.

5. After you finish, rinse the whole jeans and dry it. When it dries out, cut it short the way you like it. Then just razor the edge for the ripped look.

6. To complete your natural shredded jeans, now is the time to wash the jeans (with detergent). Coz rubbing the ripped jeans will bring out the shredded threads.

So that is it. You're good to try it. I didn't use any gloves when I did this, but I wouldn't suggest you to wet your hands with the mixed liquid.  :)

Aaaand, I had a birthday 2 days ago! :D [oh no I'm getting old.....] I had a surprise cupcake from Monica of freesiablog. Come, have a bite! (virtually) ;))
Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Words of the week: Suede, Maxi, and Ripped

Unbranded scarf wore as headband - Blue zebra top - Blue suede short - Platform knitted -ripped maxi cardi - Gaudi purple belt - Dorothy Perkins sling bag - Blue suede flat shoes

Hi ya'll beautiful people!!

So, again, I'm posting during my office hour.. Phff.. Right now I'm just downloading images from the HQ (head quarters), and today the internet connection in my office is just so dang lousy! But the good thing is I can squish in a lil' time to do a blog post. This was yesterday outfit. I have this current crush on suede things, and thus I wore a blue suede short along with my blue suede flat shoes. I just bought the maxi knitted cardi last week and I thought it would be a perfect pair with the short. I'm ultimately love the ripped detail of it. Aaand It turned out pretty nice, yet a lil bit boyish thou. But hey, you know me. I'm a friggin girly girl, so I add up a classic red floral scarf wore as a headband to make it 'me'. :)

K, right now I just don't have anything more to say about this outfit story. But I'd like to tell you what's on my mind:
1. voguishdoodles feature
2. voguishdoodles giveaway
Those are the things that I haven't done in my blog, but I'm planning to make it real soon. ;) So to closing up, I wish you a sincere beautiful and amazing week.

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

When It Started to Drizzle

Hi there lovely readers!

I'm actually posting during my office hour. So here's  just me in an unexpected weather with fortunately-prepared umbrella. :)

I wish you guys a sincere beautiful days and weekend this week!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Floppy and Flare Against Sunset

Blue wide brim floppy hat - Unbranded light blue top - Hardware aquamarine belt - Zara wide legged jeans - June+Julia heels - Accessories available in MY SHOP

Hi ya there! :)

Yesterday's weather is just soo great. I had a fun sunset shoot with my lil sis near my mom's house. I'm just so happy when it comes to holiday cause I get to see my dogs (there are 6 of them), and the most interesting part is I get to have cool background for my outfit shoot. :D So, I just bought this big floppy hat weeks ago and never get the chance to wear them. My sister saw it and told me it would be nice to put up with my all blue outfit that day. Well, I couldn't agree more. The hat matched perfectly for the summer feeling on that amazing sunset. I'm actually still on my mom's house until Sunday, so guess I'm not gonna say more, I have to walk my dogs. :))

Oh ya, I wanna say BIG ENORMOUS thanks to each amazing supports for my blog! You guys not only made my day, but your lovely comment and supports are just means a lot to me! Thanks again and you guys are next on my blog homework list today after I walk my dogs. ;D

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!