Thursday, October 21, 2010

Two Floral Mood At A Time


Today, I just got my shipping hosiery order. I'm a bit disappointed though. Coz without good lighting toward my feet, the stocking will just go black and the roses will appear in soft shade. Having this on my hand, I cannot wait any more longer, and just try on some outfits that (seemingly) works best with the stocking. I'm a big fan of floral pattern and I think they are and will still in vogue as long as people still live on this earth (what a corny way to deliver the thought...).

So I have this two different mood played in two different outfit. On the second outfit, I'm proudly present you my first sewing result. The fabric was from my gramma's closet, and it's older than my age! She's the best sewing teacher ever, cos she sew for her entire life! Well, I'm just wondering, which one do you think works best all in all? ;)

Gaudi purple top, Handmade pearl necklace, Forever 21 white rose accessory, Ruby shoes, Dorothy Perkins crossbody bag, DIY skirt, Brandless peach belt, and Brandless rose stocking.

Skirt: my first DIY project

Ruby ballet shoes, Dorothy Perkins knot crossbody bag

Until next post, toodle-doodles! <3

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nicknames and Culture

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I just realized that I have soooo many nicknames! Since my day in school, people called my differently, and that is particularly because my Ma and Pop decided to give me a looooooooooooooong name when I was born. Ok, wanna know my real name? Here it is.. Elisabeth Paramita Poetri Koentjoro. 4 words with more than 5 letters each! And here are my nicknames that I can remember of how people around me been calling me since school days:

<from my schoolmates>
- puth
- powed (read: poet)
- pow

<from my teachers>
- elis
- paramita
- putri (in English it means Princess)

<in working place>
- liz
- lisbeth
- lizzy
- beth

I have funny experience too with those different nicknames. One time, I was an Intern in one Japanese Advertising Agency in Jakarta, and as I was expected, I have some new nicknames (because I always introduce my self with one first name (elisabeth) and one last name (paramita)). If I'm not mistaken this embarassing moment happened in second day:

My boss: Lisbeth.... Please email a meeting invitation to the team. You can use my computer.
Me: (seating in my desk behind her) ..............
My boss: Lisbeth....
Me: .............. (giggling quietly while reading friend's comment on Facebook)


My boss: LISBETH!!!!
Me: (oops, that's me!!!) Aa, yes??? (panic....)

There is also another, well, I might see it as a disadvantage, of having such a long name. And that is when it comes to filling the application papers or exam papers that requires me to write my full name as it's stated in my birth certificate. The disadvantage is, when other students or people already begin to filling their answers or another step after filling the name box, I'm still busy completing and writing my name! LOL. But that's never a big deal for me anyway.. Oya, not to mention, my brother and sister ALSO has such long name.

This is quite funny I suppose, because here in my country, we have this different cultures of naming the children. Here's some hints:
1. Different idea from common rule of 1 first name, 1 middle name, and 1 last name
Here, some parents give heir children with ONLY first name! Yes, they don't have any last name nor family name. Some, creative enough to give theirs 2 first names, 1 middle name, and 1 family name (that's me!)

2. The longer the better
Some parents also believe (in certain culture), that the longer the words or letters they given for their child's name, the more successful the child will be in the future.

Well, above all, I'm grateful with all I am, and thanks to my Ma and Pop (for the long name), I have some experience which I can share with you in this post ;)

Until next post, toodle-doodles!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashion Confessions

Tanks to my dear lovely new stylish friend, frees (@ freesiablog), I get to write my first tag-post. This is soooo exciting! xD So, here we go............

1. I have a chronic time-scheduling habit. I organize every activity in my everyday life, and that's include the time to dress up. Mostly, I spent more than an hour to decide my outfits everytime I go out. Therefore, I (used to) do a montage on the NIGHT BEFORE the event. Since that night is specifically timed for that montage, I have no reason becoming late (which I hate the most) on tomorrow's event. And what I reffer as 'event' is mostly e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e I go out! That's pretty silly I guess.. :p And what's even more silly is: I (almost) NEVER wear what's being decided on the night before (on the montage), and always ends up with new pairs of outfits! LOL. Well, that I confess, is my past.. :) Now, I just spare 2 hours before my 'event': half an hour for shower, another half an hour for make up, and an hour for the montage. (Still......) ;p

2. Although it may seems to you (from my chronic habit in no.1 confessions), that I'm a type of perfectionist and tidy person, believe me, I'M NOT! :p This is my self-embarrassing confession: I usually tidy my clothes after three or four montages (1 montage = 1 day). Please don't judge me over this.. :p

Pile of clean clothes in the corner of the room
Another big mess in other corner of my room

3. I'm a HUGE fans of accessories. You can see it from the photos below.. :) I've been accidentally collecting them since high school. My current favorite accessories collection is statement rings. As I'm writing this post, I just bought a new big bow ring. It's on shipping, so I can't show it off to you ;p My rings, mostly I bought them online, coz it's cheaper. But some other, definitely Forever 21 who sell the best accessories (yet so much affordable) on earth! ;)

Half of my necklaces (some still in my parents' house)
I love wood bangles!

Did I mentioned how I loooove purple? ;D

4. In terms of color in fashion, I looove GOLD. Here in Indonesia, gold accessories has a certain stereotype of ‘The Accessories of New-Rich Village Lady’. Weird, huh? Having a gold bracelets or rings tends to be  tacky here. White gold is more popular here for the middle to upper-class people. Well, since I’m not a big fan of trend, and I usually go against the stream, I wear the tacky gold anyway. ;) I used  to be teased alot in high school coz I’m wearing many gold bracelets and  outfits with bright gold thread. But now, it’s quite the opposite amongst the Indonesian fashionistas. Since the vintage style strikes the fashion world, I see more gold in girls’ hand and neck or clothes.  Guess it’s good to stay on my own fashion principle and found out later  that they becoming majority trend. Or not. :) Oh, and yes, I love other color derivatives from gold, particularly dark brown, chocolate brown,  cream, yellow, and orange. Although I don’t avoid other colors, you would always see (at least) one of those earth color in my outfits..

I lost those giant gold heart-shape ring.. :'(
 5.Besides accessories, I also have nail-colors collection. I used to change my nail color to match my outfits. Usually, I changed them every two days. :p There was one time, one of my girl friends called me ‘Miss Matching’ because she always expected a new nail arts or  nail color which matched with my clothes. I also pretty good at making a nail arts. Not by sticker but I like to draw patterns on them (lines, dots, and animal prints). I used to see references from Teen Vogue Magazine, and then just draw them up with color improvisation. My roomates also always asked me to draw her nails every weekend. Now, since I don’t have much time to draw on my nails, I just color them with one or two color every weekend. I’m sorry I can’t show you my creations :( Even my nails are colorless right now.. But you can still see my nail-color bottles ;p . And, my fave is from The Face Shop (they’re pretty cheap and doesn’t make your nails turn yellow after wiping it of).

6. I have a very petite body, and that means I have to  buy the first arrived collection in stores. Because what I know is, almost every fashion stores here in Jakarta, like Zara, Forever 21, Miss Selfridge,  Topshop, Dorothy Perkins (my fave), and so on are usually only stock 2  pieces of size 6 on every store (that means 2 pieces on every mall9).  Sometimes, I’m fortunate enough to see the fresh collection and can buy the clothe in my size. But most of the time, they dontt stock enough size 6 for the outfit I’m already in love with in the first sight. :( Being desperate enough, I grab the medium size (8 or 10) and try it on. If after fitting I’m still falling in love with it looks, I never hesitate to pay that loose clothe :p That mostly what happens to me. The worse also happens to me: it’s more sucks when I finally get the size 6 for the clothe I fell for, but sadly don’t have the money to buy it. :p

7. I guess it’s not fair if I don’t mention about my fashion budget. Well, I confess that I’m (stupidly) NEVER set a budget for my shopping spree. I’m a horrible money spender. How much I have in my wallet, it always ends up empty. I have this guilty feeling if I don’t buy something (anything) every time I go to the mall. :( I know this has to change soon. Actually, right now I’m doing a method I make myself to avoid the empty wallet: I only get to buy 1 outfit every two or three weeks (I usually buy at  least 1 clothe every week), and every weekend I only put money to eat and to buy a movie  ticket in my wallet. Also, I’ve been avoiding my fave stores for weeks!  ;p But, if I fail (which I obviously and clearly still failed as right now speaking, or writing), I blame it on the technology of online fashion shop!! They’re on my cell, my email, my facebook.. Arrrgh! Anyone should help me please.... by giving me money perhaps... :p :p

Wow, I didn’t realize it went quite long. I planned to be precise and short.. :p Finally, to pass the legacy I will tag these fabulous fellow stylista to post their 7 confessions:


Until next post, toodle-doodles!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For You I Will

I did something stupid today. I supposed to have a language course in a mall near my apartment this morning. It turned out, my class was canceled without me being noticed earlier. I walked to the parking area a bit upset, and then just started my car to drive home. There was this parking-man (I don't know what they called) waving his hand to help me get out of my parking spot (it was pretty narrow space between cars). The exit parking gate was in the right of the building, so i have to drive pass the back of the mall. Not so long after, i see this man was staring at with confused face and eyes over my face and my car's police number repeatedly. I drive slowly and take a glance on his weird and familiar face. Uh-oh,  it was the same man who helped me out of my parking spot! Oh my Goodness, instead of taking right turn to pay the parking, i was foolishly circling the mall twice! After drove pass him, I saw him laughing thru my rear mirror. That was pretty embarrassing. Thank God that weren't many people he can share his laugh with. :p

Well, remembering that stupid story kinda make me forget that I'm actually sick right now. My throat hurts like hell since morning, and it gets worse by now... I'm eating my porridge while I'm writing this post. It's been sometime since my last post, so I pull my self up to write this. Hmm, hope everything will be alright tomorrow. And oh, mind my 'monkey-pose', ya! I have no idea why I took that pose :p :p

Until next post, toodle-doodles!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Memory Recall, that's what they said


"Mischa Barton's Look-A-Like Top"

"It's Time To Work"

"An Evening Out/Part 1"

"An Evening Out/Part 2"

"Shoulder Moulder"

"Shoulder and Printed/Part 1"
"Shoulder and Printed/Part 2"

"Let's Brainstorming.../Part 1"

"Let's Brainstorming.../Part 2"

"Vintage Mood/Part 1"

"Vintage Mood/Part 2"

"Vintage Mood/Part 3"

Since I am on a mission to remake my long gone blog into a more fashion-dedicated one, here i guess i have to rewind the story. Well, not the story as in literally speaking, but the photos in my old blog. The photos are taken since last year before i cut my hair short last Christmas. Instead of making it in separate posts, i guess it's easier for others to check out my photos. ..... Ok you got me, it's easier for me to make it a round up so that shouldn't have to writes gibberish in one day.. :p The title came up right away, as i remembered those words from my lecturer yesterday. He said it's a theory i should use for my thesis. Hmmh, writing the word *thesis*, makes my stomach feels funny... :p

So, until next post, toodles-doodles!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Jakarta's weather goes pretty wild lately.. It rains all day, and for some time when it's not, the big gray cloud doesn't move a bit to let the sun hit people's skin... Well, the good side is, my skin seems whiter now.. :p But, to be honest, it kinda affects my day in some bad ways. I don't know why, but I have had the worst days of my life since Monday. I always woke up in a pretty bad mood and always ended up my days with some bad luck. Like yesterday, I was on my way to attend my evening class at 6.30 pm. I was quite a half way there to my campus, when suddenly they text me a message that the class is off for today's subject, and that is exactly at 5.00 pm!! Arrrgh....! It was like I'm hearing a kettle peeping from my head! The result, that day i had to take a looooooong traffic line, which then took me an hour to arrived back to my apartment.... Guess, this week God's been running a test for me. Test for my anger. Thoughtful to that,, then I decided to scrap the bad luck and walk it off. Overseeing it in the best way: I have more time to write and finishing my blog design. :) yaay!

I hope no more bad luck for now on ;)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Start Over

This is the year i finally (sigh..) graduate from college. The four years was fun, and (mostly) hard, but thank God I made it to the end. That end also means I have more spare time to remake my long gone blog. So here it goes, I've decided to do a start over in writing my personal blog, and gonna make it into a more like a 'runway' in showing who I am in terms of fashion and my everyday hustle-and-bustle as a fresh graduate. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!