Sunday, February 20, 2011

On The Right Track

Mom's oversized cardi-navy top-tie dyed short-grey ethnic stocking-Zara Indian suede boots

Hi all lovelies,
I've got a good news to share: I got hired! :D Well, it's  good news coz I get to work in THEFACESHOP Indonesia and doing what I love most (other than fashion and styling) designing. But, of all the excitement, I'm actually still doing my master's. And that means the biggest problem is right now I have to preparing and writing my thesis, since it's the last semester to get the degree. :( When I took the job, I just keep on praying that I'm (still) on the right track. Coz, to be honest I'm scared that I couldn't do all the juggling things between working and studying. But then I guess, this opportunity is worth a try. I won't gave up easily *remembering my last new year's resolution: never regret* ;)
Well, since my class isn't started yet. Things going pretty fine this time. I had to give up my language course though.. :( I postpone it for another month.

Even so I have an extra excitement on working in this company, coz I get to designing O.P.I promo campaign as well since that two brand are under the same company. What I know from previous in-house designer, I can get access to O.P.I promo event and get to meet lots of fashionistas and know several people from fashion magz. Yay! I really guess I'm on the right track! ;D

Wish me luck ya'll! I do hope everything still turns well even after my class started on next month. *pray for that* x)

#Outfit Story#
I was on a casual date with my boyfriend, and wearing here were mom's oversized cardi, navy top which you've seen a lot :p, tie-dyed short, couple of rosaries, patterned tights, and suede Indian boots from Zara. The tights is my new fave coz it has unique and rare to be seen ethnic pattern. :) Too bad I shredded it a bit when I pulled one string out. :'(

Until next post, toodle-doodles!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day: Pink, huh?

hearts printed black top-owl gold necklace-Dorothy Perkins black belt-Pull&Bear black skirt-tiny heart cut stockings-Key's black suede pumps

Happy Val's Day all!!!

Love really (was) in the air yesterday. Even tho it came on Monday, I'm sure you guys didn't 'hate' it no more. At least for that one day. ;) For those who has paired, I wonder what's your partner gave to you yesterday? I'm my self got a new monkey (doll) from my bf. I didn't get the flowers nor chocolates coz he's never really the romantic type.. But I'm still so happy.

Since last week I noticed that (almost) all public places has decorated their doors, wall, etc with pink or love shape ornaments. It's cute. But yesterday, I was planning to wear black 'attire' on my Val's date. I was succeeded to persuade my bf to wear black as well.. As we go to the dinner place, I saw most of the girls wear something girly in light cute or pastel colors, but there we were made quite an entrance with black outfit.

So, I don't mean to pry, but how was your Val's Day going? Please share with mee.......!!! :))

Until next post, toodle-doodles!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Knocked Down, But Never Knocked Out

dr. Rings' gold necklace- long sleeves polka top- tawni leather betl- velvet maxi skirt- Retail Therapy open toe suede clogs

Hi all,

I've been thru a very upsetting days last week.. Few things didn't went well the way I've planned. I was also unfortunatelly met people who are really a total jerk. And even when I was going to release all my stressing days with shopping, I met with this quite a b*tch salesperson! Hrrrgh! Plus, I received  my first critics and judgment toward my fashion attempt. Well, on that case, I admit I was down for a while, a bit sad maybe, yes. But then I'm so grateful that I know what's to improve. :) While on that 'other messed up things', my ears will just going red if I remember them. :(

Then now, I just remember what's my pastor been said of how we can be knocked down often in life, but with faith we can never be knocked out. There are so many upsetting things happens every day at the time we're least expected. But for 22 years I've lived, I learned and keep remembering that bothering a single upsetting thing to ruin my entire day, or even my entire decision over something is just stupid and regretfull. I'm (actually still) learning to listen and just walk away. Listen (advices, critics, etc) to improve, and walk away to show that I'll never leave the 'game', even though I just being knocked down. :)

I know each of us might deal with such, or even bigger, upsetting things in life. I think it's wise to just face it and fight back by not giving up. :)) Oh I just remember great quotes from a scene of my fave old movie, Kit Kittridge:An American Girl :

" Don't let it beat you, Kit. You know, when I was about 14...my dad traded some old farm equipment for a used Model t. One time I was cranking it, to start it...and the crank broke in half. Car kind of groaned, and it just died right in our front yard. I wanted to junk the darn thing when my dad walked in...and said, "Don't let it beat you, son." Don't let it beat you. Drove it for five more years after that."
Hope this post can cheer you up somehow if you have an upsetting day, just like it does to me when writing this. :)

Oh, almost forgot. About my outfit, I was wearing velvet maxi skirt with my bat-wing long sleeves polka top. I just get the open-toe clogs last week. Fyi I've been ordering the clogs for three full months!! :( I ordered and pay them full on 3rd November 2010, and they finnaly arrived at my house on 18th Jan 2011. Thank God it looks nice on my feet so I'm not dissapointed much.What do you guys think? :)

Until next post, toodle-doodles!