Monday, December 9, 2013

Home Is Where The Heart Is

[ TOPSHOP leather jacket - ZARA stripes shirt & studded black skirt - CONVERSE original black sneakers - GREEDY SASSY recin rings - NEW LOOK cross earrings ]

Before you go on read, please play these as a back sound as you read:

Fuh... It's really good to be back home.

Ok, so my while life I've been dreaming to live away from my hometown, like million miles away and having my own kinda life and job there. Well I've been living that, sort of, for the last couple weeks. And I miss home (read: Indonesia) really baaaaaaaaaaaad! Guess all them saying was true after all, nothing beats the feeling to be at home.

But I'm beyond grateful tho, be able to feel that longing to get back home, and the opportunity itself of course. :)) Yeah, God is reaaaaal good, all the time.

I've been posting few pictures on my instagram as a diary, I could say, on that business trip which was the first for me. I'll post some more BTS pics on this blog soon. I hope you would drop by again to read.

In mean time, since I'm posting during my office hours, I gotta go and wrap today's post up now.

I love you all guys so so much.

Thanks for keep reading fellas!

Hug and kiss kiss.

Until next post, toddles-doodles!