Friday, January 20, 2012

Starry Night After Pouring Day

Hi gorgeous people!!

Today I'm posting from my new office. Yes, I'm back on full-timing, and this time, as you previously read, has finally enter the fashion field! Yay! Everyday is an excitement here with other 'Fashion People' (so they called themselves and their colleagues). :) Oh, I haven't mention you about my position. I'm now working as a Fashion Editor at one of the noted fashion retail in my country. So practically, what I do is just like blogging: I write- a lot. Well, just wish me luck you guys! :)

Now now, I love the black knitted sequins sweater from Promod that I wore on this outfit post. It's so warm in windy days such nowadays, and also still breezy when the sun's getting hot coz it's not tightly knitted. Plus, I love it coz it looks like a starry night sky on my body. ;p  To paired with that, I think the skirt change the eclectic look of the sequin sweater into a romantic look- hence, I decided to bring burnt orange flowers instead of bag. :p

It was pouring before I came to the place where I took the photos, and I just loooove to shoot the road after raining. Wet road and slightly fogged trees as a background are my fave!

So I hope you like it!!

Again and always, I couldn't thank you enough for your support to this little blog of mine. I'll make sure to visit each one of you most definitely. 

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Band and The Patched Knees


Woodland Faerie Turband - Pink Floyd Tee - Platform Knees Patched Leggings - Pull&Bear bag - Sequins Flats

Hi all beautiful people!!

How's your mid week? I really envy you guys who still breathing on the cold winter air.. Here in my country, all we have is just hot, super hot, and rainy. Nowadays the rain falls really hard for almost everyday. Seems like Bruno Mars was right, 'everyday it will rain' here.. :) This month actually predicted to have the 4-years-seasonal big flood in several cities near my capital. I just hope it doesn't happen.
Kei, now it's official. I'm going to start my new job on next Monday. It's a challenge I can say, coz my position is new to the company itself. But I'm really excited tho'. So wish me luck, guys! ;)

Last night, I watched Sex and The City 2 for the third times. This time I'm really interested on how life might be on a 30-ish girl (or women I should say). Well, thank God I'm still far from that number. :p But, I've once read a novel of such story about life and love at the age of 20 something, which is quite suits my current age. I am myself actually don't believe in young-marriage (below 27 yo). It's a good thing God give me mr.boyfriend who has the same age as I am. :p Even so, seeing many of my high school and college friends now already being married, and even some of them already have a child, it somehow gets me thinking about marriage itself. Moreover, some of us here in Asia will most likely to hear the parents asking us to be married as soon as possible, esp before a girl turn 25. Parents use to suggest that under 25 a girl is in the best (they mean pretty face and good skins) and productive (strong and fertile to bare child) state, and therefore it's best to be married at that age. So I've heard from my friends that their old-school parents even thinks that after 25 you'll get ugly and no man will marry you. Some more 'logical' parents giving us reasons to be married soon because of the fertility and the sake of the children. It then gets me thinking, should I be married soon before I turn old? Hm, I guess the novel was somehow right about money and marriage as the two things that circling around the head of 20 something girl.

But to think again further, the major thing at the age of 20 something is not really about those two, it's all about 'decision'. A decision, which often left on a short time for us to decide. A decision whether we should married or should we wait. A decision to take one job or another for our future. A decision whether we should quit dreaming or go for it. All in all is that we have one side to lose.

Now now, I'm getting so boring, don't I? Soo, back again for the outfit details. I wore my own handmade turbands, which is a new fall-winter color. Today's outfit was inspired by my boyfriend band-tees collection. I got the crazy comfortable patched leggings on last shopping spree and thought would be great to pair it with one of his tees. But apparently he doesn't have a tees long enough to cover my hips. So I bought the Pink Floyd tees on the store where he usually shop for the tees. Then, I couldn't get all boyish tho. You know me. There's always some girly things I should wear. ;) So I put on my sequins flats to complete the easy and comfortable look.

Thanks for all the comments and support left on this blog. Each makes me more passionate about blogging.#smooches

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cat Eyed Grandma with Christmas Plaid

Hi all Beautiful People!

Huff, this post supposed to be written and posted weeks ago. I'm pretty busy here and there since I was applying myself to several companies after the vacation on early Dec. So, this post was put on pending for quite sometime. I regret it tho. Coz my blog, again, become inactive. :(

This outfit has been posted weeks ago on Chictopia, but never in my blog. Silly. But of all my busy-ness and excuses, I think I have some good news to announce: that I'm about to (finnaly..) enter the fashion realm. Thanks to my Wonderful God for that!! I've been inteviewed in three different fashion retail companies, and I think I'm gonna choose and say 'i do' to one them this week. Yes, 'I-do' coz just like marriage I'm going to commit myself wholy to this next company I will working for. :) Guess I can build up a career in this field of my passion, that is fashion.

Oh, I almost forgot! HAPPY INCREDIBLE NEW YEAR, ya'll!!! :D This year's resolution is that I can save up some money for larger adult purposes.. Such I wanna have my own small house or apartment of my own, things like that.Or just you know, just in case I'm going to marry the next five years.. :p

And, last but not least, here's some photos of my last vacation that I promised to share to you on last post. ;)

Me and some new friends were riding those big scary coaster. It was a heart pumping!!

Got this quick snapshot of cute doll face girl with amazingly cute outfit head to toe!

But, after all.. It was still my country that captures my heart the most. This are Bali, a week before Korea Trip on last November. Here I presents you the unrated version, which means each of 'em were not edited. :) Thus, so sorry for the lack of images quality.

He was the reason I came to Bali. I was succeeded to stand at the front gate, I enjoy his music (and face) very much that night.

For this trip, I traveled alone. I stayed at my Aunt house and rent a car to go here and there.
It was my first time to ever travel by myself, yet it really wasn't so bad being alone in such heavenly beach.

The Sun was too hot so the workerman needed to improvise a bit. :)

It was only me and him who enjoing the sea. :)

Made the tee for the concert. :p

Hope the pics inspire you much for your next vacation with your loved ones, or like me, by yourself. ;) I recommend you my beautiful country, as there are zillion of more beautiful beaches here which I'm myself  haven't been explored yet. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!