Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Roses and Thorns

DIY headband - Promod beige cropped cardi - unbranded rose dress - june+julia heels
Hi all lovelies. Here I am once again enjoying a short break between my days and nights sitting in front of my laptop. I just fell in love with the shoes I just bought from June of june+julia. They just so similar with Miu-Miu Mary Jane heels. Hope you love em too! ;) The headband was another DIY project that I did a month a go. I'm so in love with such floral headband that Kathleen Carla of Inspirafashion used from Casper and Pearls. Since I never did an international on-line shopping because it usually cost me sooo much shipping money, so I was thinking I just have to make one. :)

And since I just have to go back to my thesis writing, soo..

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Shocking Break

Pull&Bear dress - Dorothy Perkins pink belt - June+Julia  red Jasmin Wedges

Hi gorgoeus people!

Kei, I was just suppose to stay at home and write my thesis, just like what I did for the last couples of day. But today my head feels like it want to explode! :( So, I decided to take a little break just giggling around with my lil sis while I play with her hair. I always experimenting new hair style I've just learned from the internet with her. She will always say 'No', but she let me anyway! Thanks sis! :D

Then, after I did her hairstyle, I suddenly feel like going for a quick photo shoot. Since the day is soo bright and beautiful, and her hair was also nice. :p As always, I was successfully persude her to acompany me. She's the most helping person behind my photo shoot if I'm in mom's house, because I can set focus on her first. :))

She has this picnic idea, so I found this gorgeous wild grass field not far behind mom's house. And there we go. The photos result really really shocked me. I just looove the photos so so much. Hope you are too! ;D

Introducing my lil chubby sis, Priskila.

Aaand, there goes the short and shocking break. Now back to my thesis writing again. Wish me luck everyone! ;D

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!