Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mullet When Daylight Fades

Hi lovelies!

Today I've got few things to share with ya'll. :) First thing to share is my just-arrived dress I bought few weeks ago in a new favorite online shop, THE SCARLET ROOM, from Singapore. I love it since the very first sight, and when it finally arrived, the detail is just amazing. I really love how the mullet is just different from any other mullet dresses because it has a straight cut upfront and an obvious separation between the mini skirt and the mullet. The most amazing thing about mullet trend is, when you walk in that dress/skirt, the mullet is kinda flowing stylish-ly, and creates a runway walk kind of feel. Well, at least that's what I felt when I walked in that mullet dress. ;p

I paired it up simply with my new lace-up boots from Juice-String, which is also my new baby love (read: favourite). It's so freakin' comfortable and cute at the same time. Not to mention the ivory laces that wraps the entire shoes, I just love how it scream out the girly-ness! ;)

Then, move on to the second lovely thing that I'd love to share with you guys. So I was invited to be a guest-post on this amazing retro style blog named 60sModFoxbelongs to the lovely Michelle Elizabeth. She's a super sweet person with an amazing photography talent! She asked me to do a guest-post on her blog, and I was just super honoured and excited. Esp when she gave me a Peter-Pan Collar theme for the post. I came up with DIY style of double collars effect idea, which ya'll could read up HERE. :) So, holla at her blog right away!

Last but not least, I'm so happy to have received my first illustration drawn by one of my amazingly talented reader slash blogger friend, Angelica Hennata of Luciole Vivace. She draw several of my style from my blogposts, and you guys should check her drawing out, HERE. ;) This is one of my fave, out of 6 drawings she made me! Awhhh, thank you so much girly!! *smooch*

Oh! Aaaand, I'm on Twitter now!! :D Follow me pretty please, @VoguishDoodles. Hope to see you guys there! ;)

That's that for today. Hope you like it and would tell me what you think on the comment box below this post! ;)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Barefoot Butterfly

Floral Butterfly top from El'belle Shop - Soft Yellow skirt from Zara - Salmon leather belt 

It's called Spring baby! The most beautiful season of the year. No matter how many seasons your country has, Spring fashion intrudes us everywhere!

What I love most about Spring (even though my country doesn't has such season) is the floral patterns of course. I always die for floral patterns since forever. Recently, I just got succeeded to persuade my Ma' to change our entire second floor's wallpaper into a soft vintage floral theme. She agreed, and there you see a corner of my house. :) The drawer I sat on is no longer on that corner as my Ma decided to make a new rack and made that corner as a small TV area. So now, that corner practically not available for me to take another outfit photos. :( But I'm glad I did with the drawer still on that beautiful corner. And thanks to my boyfriend who's taking all my photos since the last 4 to 5 blog-posts. He's getting great I think. Now, my faithful blogging friends, the wireless remote and the tripod, are kinda untouched. :p But I'm so grateful for him.

And happy Easter everyone! Our God not only has died for as, but He lives for us as well. Our Redeemer lives! :) I just can't stop my self to take a shot at the beautiful flare on my stair wall that evening. It was around sunset hour and the skies was so yellow.

Also, I couldn't thank you enough for each and every support to this blog. Smooches!!

PS: I made quite a lot blogger friends lately, I'm so happy!! Even more joyful to me, I can involved and take parts on their blogging project. I'll definitely show you guys soon once I got an 'ok go' from them! ;)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Waiting For The Perfect Leather

Riveted Leather Colar from Chicwish - Mustard Leather Sleeves from Dorkas Boutique - Big Buckle Belt from Dorothy Perkins - Mary-Jane leather Platform from june+julia - DIY Black Skirt - Black Rosary as bracelet - Gold Vintage watch - Cartier - Revlon Lip Shade

Hi and hellow!

I cannot believe, what a lousy blogger I am! One post per month?! I should get fired from blogging right now... *sigh*

Hmm, in spite my awful posting record, I'm so happy that I won an amazing Chictopia Reward from Chicwish  few weeks ago. And exactly last week a mail-man delivered it to my door. As I have expected before, the Riveted Leather Colar looks great, and right away I just had the idea of how I was gonna style it. Then on last weekend, I asked my boyfriend to drive me some place nice to take photos of my outfit that day, with the colar of course.

I bought the mustard top with leathery sleeves a month a go from a new friend of mine, Edi, who happen to be a stylist and the owner of Dorkas Boutique, but I never actually wore the top. Yet, good things sure do come to those who wait. :) My leathery sleeves top just met its perfect match: the leather colar. I brought my outfit that day onto the leathery theme as I added the big buckle leather belt and also my mary-jane leather heels. Oh, and as for the skirt, I actually tailored them myself. I found this 2 metres leftover-fabric on my stash and I thought I just gonna sew it into a little black skirt. It kinda has rumpled detail on the top of the skirt, but thanks to the belt, you could not see it. :p

Oh, one more happy thing. Two weeks ago, my company held a fashion show for two of its brands, and for that I had a chance to meet local bloggers for the first time! I have many blogger friends from across my country (which I looove to have more), but never actually be friend with local bloggers. :( I know, it's a shame on me. So I met with this two sweet and stylish girls, Mitha Komala of mithakomala and Mei Ying of girlwithplasticcamera. :) They are a lot younger than me, and they are super sweet in person! I'm really looking forward to meet them again, and perhaps meets other amazing local bloggers someday. :) Here's one photo of how fab and stylish they were at the event!


So, hope you guys have a wonderful and blessed week! ;) And thank you so much for the abundant support to this little blog. You guys rocks and I will give back your love. :) I'll doodling my style again soon!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!