Monday, September 3, 2012

Voguish Way to Shop Online: Hunt The Discount Offers

Ola everybawdee..

Welcome to my new Tippy Tips series! It's been a while since my last tips-posts and here I am again sharing my how-to tips for your daily inspiration.

So I guess everyone has been very aware in the joy of shopping online nowadays. Even here in my country (which kinda late in terms of online shopping), lots and lots of bloggers (or just other stylish people) has been embracing not only locals but also international online shops. Cut to the chase, I'm a big sucker for shopping online, and I may have few tips and tricks for you to spend your shopping-money online.

The great thing about shopping online (which I'm sure you're all already aware of) is that you can take your very time to selectively choose the shop and items to buy, within a wide variety of choices. And within that time, you can also comparing similar items on another shops at the same time- to find which shop gives your the best offer for that particular item on your wishlist. 

It's not about hunting SALE ITEMS, but to have the best offer we can get on new outfit for our closet! ;)

The easiest way to tracks best offers is through fashion portals that provide group buying and discount offers collectivelly. So this is one of my favorite steps to shop online:

First, is to signing in to a fashion portal that includes your most favorite online shops. My current fave is to shop through Dskon Fashion Portal, where I can simply click to my favorite online shops that has discount offers within the easy setting list of links that Dskon has set on their site. Second, simply made your purchase/ order through the shops on the link-list. That way the fashion portal can analyze our shop preference and tell our selected online shops to produce more deals and offers for us in the future! That's the main benefit for us shoppers, I think. :)

Enrich your knowledge in fashion and trend before you spend your shopping-money, through blogs from your favorite shops or any other worthy fashion outlets. I always open so many tabs on my Safari window, and you can check out one of my 'must-open tab' for local (Indonesian) trend blog, here. And speaking of which, I just got inspired by this blog article, definitely love that trend! ;)

So now you know my way to 'Get more but Spend less' on online shopping! ;) Hope you'd get inspired by this post. 

Until next post, toodles-doodles!


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