Monday, June 22, 2015

You Is Smart, You Is Kind, You Is Important

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Hi good souls!

How things happening for you? Hope it's all always in His favor. :)

So me and the boyfie decided to take a stroll somewhere free one afternoon, I was planning to do an outfit post so I asked him to snap me some pics (as always). Then when we're about to start shooting, this baby was approaching (with his human of course) and we spent sometime playing with her. After few minutes there she goes, she sat next to me. So everybody, meet Bailey. :)

Speaking of dogs, I bet you guys already know and see a lot of posting on social media about the Yulin Festival. Gah, it makes me sick. If I can tell you right here, I was in a state of hating human when I was in junior high. So many heartless people makes me sick of other human. I can tell you on and on about this, but just like I stop that negative mind, I'd stop it right here. There's no good in hating, instead, there is always a 'change' if we, well SPEAK.

Ps: when I was a kid it was my dream becoming a president so I can kill people who torture animals. My campaign was animal rights.  (>,<)v haha

Again about the festival. I understand every culture, both savage or not, both important or not to the society, should be there so be passed down from generation to another. But I never get why human, in this 2015 year (that's a whole lotta numbers!), still being savage and not civilized like it was 2000 years ago! I could and would never justify any cruel cultural conducts to any living things. I belive there's always more civilized ways to kill. After more than 2000 years human living in this planet I believe our brains should evolve best than 2000 years ago, right?

I never get why people can be so heartless.

After joined PETA (online) in 2010, I stop myself eating four legged animals. Just because I do not agree of how they're killed to be in my plate. Just almost half year ago, I stop eating chicken as well- I saw a video on youtube about livestock farming, it's heartbreaking. All of which makes me think, I'm one of them (who cruelly killed those poor animals) if I keep on ordering them on the menu.

I am now a full pescetarian, meaning I only eat seafood (but that only fish, shrimp, squid and certain clams). I know that I will stop eating them as well in the future.

So for you who've compromising yourself to eat them animals, just let me tell you this, that stressed-killed animals would NEVER do any good to your body. No, it's not me spelling curse at you meat eaters, but I'm just saying, you can google it as well if you want, that scientifically the meat you eat will harm your body. If you ever disregard the (cruel) process, it's actually the one that will harm you in future. Cancers, tumours, cysts, people wonders where they come from. It's actually came from your doing. You are what you eat. If you eat fears and cruelty, imagine those awful things been planted to your body years after years as you eat them.

I know the food are delicious, but I think you should advance your heart before your stomach. :)

Afterall, plant eaters live longer do you know that?  ;)

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Until next post, toodles-doodles!