Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No Excuses...

Random brand long sleeve top and harem jeans- Converse Shoes, Zara Retro Sack Bag- Cartier gold watch- Random bunny ears headband

Dear my blog,

I'm so sorry for abandoning you for the last couples of weeks.. :(


God!! I've never posted single thing within a month! :(

Here, here, I am guilty as charged... So, I try to make it up by started to posting again... I would never want this blog ended up like the first one, frozen...

Huff, I didn't realize before that we are in the end of the year already! Next week I'm going to have a graduation ceremony... Think it's legit to have a new name card now.. :p Here in my country, we have to put on our national dress to such educational ceremony, esp for graduation. It's called Kebaya. Sort of like a see through outer clothes full with laces and brocades, with either separated or attached long torso on the inside. The skirt made from Batik, and they're supposedly reach your ankle. I designed the Kebaya myself for my grad ceremony. Hmm, I'm hoping the sewing turns out well. And if it's good, I will share you some pics.. ;p

Well, I hope nobody's forgetting me.. ;)

Until next post, toodle-doodles!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Super Dork

Bwahh! It has been waaaaaay too loooooong since my last post!! :( A very lots of things happened these past couple of weeks... A good thing tho'... :) And that is.... *drumroll...* I opened a new online shop!! yay! LOL...... At first, I have this sudden wild idea to reselling the accessories that I've been purchasing for the past couple of months from a friend.. She was actually welcome me to resell her products. And then after that, I decided to sell only statement rings using my Blackberry group. It turned out beyond my imagination. 11 out of 15 rings were sold out within less than an hour! Oooh, soo thankful only to God on that! xD

6 days after the first collection was all sold out, I began to restock the collection with some new items. It turns out waay wilder than before. Only just half an hour, 3/4 items on the second collection were sold out. (Halleluyaaaa.........) The next day I was thinking to open an online shop in Facebook account (here's link to my shop) to expand the market range, because there are only approx. 30 members in my Blackberry group.. So, to cut out my excuse, I have no time left for blog while juggling all the campus assignments, my language course, and the selling activity..

And finnaly *sigh..* today is a special day for me! All activity was canceled today. No language course and no class! Yay!! So happy to be at home more that 8 hours :p  So I took this chance to write this blog... Oh, I'm sooo missing my blog! ;p

Ok, about the outfit. Those was last night outfit. I had an evening till night class yesterday. I decided to put on something different and mostly against my usual style. I think see through shirt with bow tie makes the nerd looks become chic.. I guess... Hope ya'll like it.. ;)

Until next post, toodle-doodles!
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