Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Making Friend With Diamonds

Few weeks ago I had a privilege of visiting Orori Indonesia, a diamond and Jewelry 

in Jakarta, which I might say, the only one thus far who keeps up with the

current digital movement by selling diamonds online in Indonesia. In matter of fact, they

are actually the first jewelry shop who goes online in Indonesia. They offer FREE shipping

with insured package, and I think the best thing about them is that you can design your

own jewelry based on your budget preferences in their DMO (Design My Own) category.

Simply click the links to find out more. Or you can tell your friend who want to propose to

his gf to check them online (coz few are quite affordable for a diamond ring).

I've never been to such company before, but what I saw there was pretty cool as they have

their own diamond and jewelries designers. Yes, I saw few people designing the shape,

cutting, and the looks of the wedding rings! It's said that they have the newest technology

to create unique pieces with 3D printing.

Well actually, all that diamonds and stuff were never really my best friend (you know, they

say that diamonds are girl's best friend). Although I'm quite a big sucker for gold color

jewelries since I was a kid. Lol. My mom used to tease me that I look like Bu Haji (as they

usually have stacks of gold bangles and necklaces on their body).

Also if you're not familiar with diamonds like me, you can read and learn from their site as

they have complete articles and guides about diamond and jewelries. They have huge

database of articles that you can learn from and get jewelries' inspirations and advices.

Anywho, so I tried some while there and these are my best picks!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!