Monday, June 22, 2015

You Is Smart, You Is Kind, You Is Important

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Hi good souls!

How things happening for you? Hope it's all always in His favor. :)

So me and the boyfie decided to take a stroll somewhere free one afternoon, I was planning to do an outfit post so I asked him to snap me some pics (as always). Then when we're about to start shooting, this baby was approaching (with his human of course) and we spent sometime playing with her. After few minutes there she goes, she sat next to me. So everybody, meet Bailey. :)

Speaking of dogs, I bet you guys already know and see a lot of posting on social media about the Yulin Festival. Gah, it makes me sick. If I can tell you right here, I was in a state of hating human when I was in junior high. So many heartless people makes me sick of other human. I can tell you on and on about this, but just like I stop that negative mind, I'd stop it right here. There's no good in hating, instead, there is always a 'change' if we, well SPEAK.

Ps: when I was a kid it was my dream becoming a president so I can kill people who torture animals. My campaign was animal rights.  (>,<)v haha

Again about the festival. I understand every culture, both savage or not, both important or not to the society, should be there so be passed down from generation to another. But I never get why human, in this 2015 year (that's a whole lotta numbers!), still being savage and not civilized like it was 2000 years ago! I could and would never justify any cruel cultural conducts to any living things. I belive there's always more civilized ways to kill. After more than 2000 years human living in this planet I believe our brains should evolve best than 2000 years ago, right?

I never get why people can be so heartless.

After joined PETA (online) in 2010, I stop myself eating four legged animals. Just because I do not agree of how they're killed to be in my plate. Just almost half year ago, I stop eating chicken as well- I saw a video on youtube about livestock farming, it's heartbreaking. All of which makes me think, I'm one of them (who cruelly killed those poor animals) if I keep on ordering them on the menu.

I am now a full pescetarian, meaning I only eat seafood (but that only fish, shrimp, squid and certain clams). I know that I will stop eating them as well in the future.

So for you who've compromising yourself to eat them animals, just let me tell you this, that stressed-killed animals would NEVER do any good to your body. No, it's not me spelling curse at you meat eaters, but I'm just saying, you can google it as well if you want, that scientifically the meat you eat will harm your body. If you ever disregard the (cruel) process, it's actually the one that will harm you in future. Cancers, tumours, cysts, people wonders where they come from. It's actually came from your doing. You are what you eat. If you eat fears and cruelty, imagine those awful things been planted to your body years after years as you eat them.

I know the food are delicious, but I think you should advance your heart before your stomach. :)

Afterall, plant eaters live longer do you know that?  ;)

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Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Body Bully

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Hi lovely readers,

So I've been meaning to write a little about body bully since long time. Guess now is the time.

I'm a (soon) 27 yo girl born and live skinny my entire life. Never in my life I do food diet, and for that I feel luckier than any other girls around me. Although all I see in my eyes, all them girls are so lucky to have boobs, hip curve, and butt.

Since I was in junior high, there are two things I heard the most from people around me: "Oh God you're so skinny (making weird frown face between slightly jealous and pity, and measuring my narrow waist which just the span of their hand)", and  "Oh you're skinny! Like this! (rise up their little finger in front of my face)". Little that they know, it makes me more and more insecure of my body each time I hear that from them. I remember I always laugh when they say that kind of 'joke' statements. I refer it as joke coz at the same time they (I mean all of them) say it, they laugh.

In other hand, people are usually more sensitive to big size girls. I never hear them say to my big size friend, 'Oh God you're so fat'. Even if there're some blunt speaking people saying that to their friend, they usually make it less, well less blunt.

I know that lotsa girls would've want to have skinny body, less fat, but more on the female parts like boobs hips and butt. And we've been consumed by the perfect imagery of that 'dream body' in almost every-where. The blunt 'body labelling' in our society, makes us even more blunt to say our mind about our body and our neighbour's (friends or just random strangers) body. Makes body bullying less, obvious. Some friends comforted me that they who always mentioning how skinny I am, is the most jealous to my body. Well, I would never make peace with myself by justifying that reason.

All I'm saying is, telling people skinny is (sometimes) just as hurt as telling people fat. As long as I live, not so many people acknowledge that- their defend is that all people would like to be skinny. But tried to judge that with your honest heart, if someone say it out loud and making gesture about your bodyfigure. Try to feel both shoes. Even in Megan Trainor's famous All About That Base, she addresses one called 'skinny bitch'. Well, not every skinny girl is acting like a bitch. But that generalisation itself is actually a bully to skinny girls. That's what I thought.

Now after more than 26 years living my life, I'm fully accepting my body figure. Even though sometimes I admit that I do feel a bit insecure- like when I'm wearing bodycon dress/skirt. But most of the time, I don't care what people think, or say. As long as I feel good about my self.

But to my friends and to society, please be more sensitive about body bullying. You don't know how your short words can bring someone's down and effect their life. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Post Modernist Gypsy

[NEW LOOK grey top - THRIFTED vintage ombre overall skirt - THRIFTED vintage gold sling - H&M ankle boots and gold bangles - FOREVER21 thin gold necklaces ]

If gypsies' chariot is turned into mini SUV, huts into concrete walls, and long baggy drappery maxi skirt is replaced by denim, guess this is how modern gypsy would wear on her venture conquering new city.

In her passage, she'll encounter unpleasant people who despise, look down, and talk bad behind her back. Along with the triple faces pricks she'll meet in almost everywhere. 'Beware', she said into her heart.

Bringing her one and only weapon to rule her world: a smile. One wide smile is always lethal for bad-day and ugly-hearted people.

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sometimes, You Just Lost


Sometimes I just wanna be you.

Can I for a day?

[ TOPSHOP denim moto jacket & black boots - LOOK I'M NOT A FLUKE sun choker - FOREVER21 bell bottom pants - BOYFIE'S tshirt ]

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

War of Mind

So people say there are two life crisis everyone will face in their life. Guess I’m about to entering the first one. This year soon, I’m turning 27. Call me a drama queen or whatever you want, but honestly these time, few things that wasn’t really in my thought, are now actually (kinda) burning in my head. You know, things about love, life, money, works, all in all, about future (read: settling down life period).

I’ve been talking to several close friends about this, my constant thinking about overdue life goals and love journey- you know, marriage and stuff. Few of them are actually older than me, not yet settle down, and they’re facing the same mind-war, so I call it. 

I know, 27 is kinda early to have this war. I didn’t say I’m in one already, but I’m entering the phase I guess. Since I was in Junior high, I must say marriage to me is so very very very very very utterly a big thing. A bit scared of it actually. So I never think about marriage until I will reach, I don’t know, 29 or 30 maybe. Marriage, kids, having my own family, were never in my head all these time. Until now. Well, tell you the truth now I’m still scared of the idea of marriage itself and am not ready for the next 3 to 4 years. 

Seeing (almost) all my high school friends already with their 2 yo children, it kinda makes me a bit envy. Envying that grand idea of ‘settling down’. They seem so happy with their settled life by having and raising their own family, while me, still having fun doing things I wanna do, use all my money for whatever I want to. No boundaries. But wait, it seems quite perfect if I wrote it that way huh?

Job or work-wise, you don’t wanna know. Coz I could write the whole magazine if I put it here. This actually the biggest pie if I ever draw a chart to explain this mind-war concept of mine into a presentation. (sorry can’t really tell you all)

So this is my current war of mind. Tugging and pulling between continuing having the time of my life with all my ego, and the ‘its time to settle down’ deadline approaching.

Knowing that I’m not alone, that most of my girl friends are actually having this life phase, I was recommended to watch a movie titled Lola Versus. All I know, you, most of my readers are actually way younger than me, and my advice, do what I did when I was you age: always seize the day and don’t think for more than two seconds about your settling down period. Coz there will be time, as about I am right now, that you will think about that most of the time. Then welcome to the war.

Oh back again to the movie. So I watched it and you guys should really watch it too. It has no conclusion just like my writing right here. Why? Well because I’m still living my life. If I write the concluded ending now, then I must be so old or dead by now (a ghost blogger, gee scary!). 

All I know now, I won’t let my thoughts about future ruins my now, my presents. Yes, I will think about my future, but I will not sweat over it.

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tokyo Little Trip

Hey friends!

So I know it's a little too late, but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! *whispering* and Merry Xmus too. :p

How's the new days so far? Hope it's as great as mine! Well, nothing really achieved just yet, and no plans really checked-on yet from my list. But I just feel beyond blessed already. Don't know why but I pray it goes on, and it happens to you all too. Really. :)

Like I've shared before on my Instagram account, this post will be about my lil Japan trip, of how, what, and where I went. To open with, if you expect some shrine visits, or just any scenery photos in Japan, well you better google another blog to read blokes. This one, it's all about shopping places and cheap food to eat while there. ;) Coz, all I do was shop, and eat. A lot.

So first day,
1. I stayed at Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro. The hotel was very small, but really, really clean and convinient. It's a backpackers hotel actually, so they have kitchen and laundry area which was super convinient (again). We storelled around hotel area and found lots of restaurant, ramen shop, gentelemnt club, and lot of other entertaining spots. It's quite cold and windy, and after wondered around to find warm resto to eat, we ate tempura for only (around) 400 yen (less than $4).

It's our first time ordering with vending machine, but you'll find A LOT of resto with vending machine like this. And it's actually a cue for CHEAP FOOD!! most of them are just around 360-500 yen! Try convert that on your currency and you'll be amazed. Who said Japan is the most expensive places?! Tell you, London is! haha.

Fast forward to my first shopping venture, we went thrifting on Shimokitazawa area. This is my fave, ever. I went totally gaga there coz I'ma big sucker for vintage stinky second hand clothes! Here are few shots I took before I forget about my camera till the money I brought that day is gone.

Then the next day, me and my sister went to Shibuya and Harajuku. I was supposed to meet up with fellow blogger, Veren Lee, and we actually met each other in Harajuku but since it was super super cold with heavy rain, we got seperated and decided to meet up another time.

Oh, and the shopping spot I visited in Shibuya is: Forever 21 (6 effin floors!), American Apparel, Nude Trump (an antique store), local music store, and just every store in the neighbourhood. Found those, and you'll stop by every store. Advise to the wise, set one area for one day venture. Maximum 2 areas. So you can go and experience every corner of the area.

While in Shibuya, try queueing for an amazing cheese cake named Pablo. It's so yummy I (was) gonna die.

Next stop, Harajuku, again. Yes I spent 2 days in Harajuku since the first time there I cannot go anywhere due to the heavy rain. This area, ever since you step out of the train station, all you can do is shop, eat, and shop again. No need to read any review. Just cross the street once you get out of the train station, and begin your shopping spree! Don't forget to take famous Pikura Photobooth there (Where? After crossing the street you'll find McDonnald on your left, and this Pikura spot is one level underground just across McD.) For eassier hint, find first Crepese shop and just go downstairs.

There are just too much to show you actually, but this post is getting so long... So, unfortunatelly gonna cut to this right here. Just drop me an email if you'd like to know more about the street address, stores names, or just anything really.

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!