Monday, October 10, 2016

Sleeping with Plants


I want to share you something besides fashion, here in this post.

Currently I'm really in to green and healthy living. I started at the very easy thing of my life that I should change. Like, eating more steam veggies (hey I only eat veggies and eggs now since early this year!), using DIY natural face mask (will share you the recipe on next posts), and also, living near greenies.

My mom used to tell me that having plants inside our bedroom is bad for our health. I always want to decor my bed room with more greens, other than just small cactus on my table near my bed. So I went on an online research about plants and bedroom.

So my mom was wrong! Haha. There ARE some plants that's actually good to be placed in your bedroom as it is actually breath Oxygen at night (unlike most plants that breath Carbon Dioxide at night).

The plants that produce Oxygen at night are mostly desert plants, such as:


Snake plant (mother-in-law tongue)

Gerbera Daisy

Aloe Vera plant

Peace Lily

and few types of Orchids.

Me, I choose (and bought myself) a Peace Lily. The plant seller called it 'Sepatu film'. At first I thought, hey why they called them that?? Turns out, the species of this plant is named Spathiphyllum . And there you go... sepatu filem. LOL.

The best thing is, these plants are also working as air purifier! So as it works as your room detox, it also can soothe and calming your stress level, visually. You know, green as the predominant color in nature has its own calming effect to our eyes and mind.

And another great thing is, most of this desert plants, are actually needs to be watered once a week, and very low sun exposure (indirect sunlight). I usually take them out of my room every Saturday morning (until afternoon) and water them down. Only once a week. But, I do spray them a sprinkle of water on the leaves every 2 days. Just enough to keep them a bit moist.

So if you're like me, in need of more greens inside the room, and less time to water the plants daily, then these plants are the best to keep you company sleeping at night. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It Floats (Daydream Poem)



It floats
Not yet sinking, but I have feelings this went off lost
A psychic I think I am
Closing my eyes to foresee beyond the lamp
Even though all this so called vision, is just a mad man-made delusion, trying to get through the next second of their life.
I, an example,
I see you
I see us
Ends right there at the limit of our time.

It floats
Not yet sinking, but I have feelings I want you most
A logic I think I am
Sitting between the facts and the heart to blame
The heart, who over thinks feeling, the heart who never wanted to be losing, killing every random big things that head can see
I, an instant,
I see you
I see us
Holding hands right there at the end of our life.

- Liz, july 16 -

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Making Friend With Diamonds

Few weeks ago I had a privilege of visiting Orori Indonesia, a diamond and Jewelry 

in Jakarta, which I might say, the only one thus far who keeps up with the

current digital movement by selling diamonds online in Indonesia. In matter of fact, they

are actually the first jewelry shop who goes online in Indonesia. They offer FREE shipping

with insured package, and I think the best thing about them is that you can design your

own jewelry based on your budget preferences in their DMO (Design My Own) category.

Simply click the links to find out more. Or you can tell your friend who want to propose to

his gf to check them online (coz few are quite affordable for a diamond ring).

I've never been to such company before, but what I saw there was pretty cool as they have

their own diamond and jewelries designers. Yes, I saw few people designing the shape,

cutting, and the looks of the wedding rings! It's said that they have the newest technology

to create unique pieces with 3D printing.

Well actually, all that diamonds and stuff were never really my best friend (you know, they

say that diamonds are girl's best friend). Although I'm quite a big sucker for gold color

jewelries since I was a kid. Lol. My mom used to tease me that I look like Bu Haji (as they

usually have stacks of gold bangles and necklaces on their body).

Also if you're not familiar with diamonds like me, you can read and learn from their site as

they have complete articles and guides about diamond and jewelries. They have huge

database of articles that you can learn from and get jewelries' inspirations and advices.

Anywho, so I tried some while there and these are my best picks!

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Majority Minority

[ thrifted flare pants - KOMONO watch - unbranded top - YRU white platform ]

Consider this as if you want to know me, coz to me, you're my virtual friends, not just readers or followers. And as you've known me, I blog to share thoughts, dreams and stories, not just commercial product advises. 

Everytime I go to another country, people often come to me and ask where do I from. They see my pale yellow skin and small rounded eyes but not sure if I'm Chinese. They see the tall nose but combined with this face, they dont have a clue what I am. Well i am a mixture of a lotta races actually. First, bloodline-wise im a chinese, indonesian, dutch mix. If i was a dog, i'll be the mongrel. My grams was half dutch married to a half chinese. They spoke the language so I know a lotta dutch folk songs from them. My dad, dint get the dutch nor chinese, he got only the native part so he looks like a Filipino i might say. And my mom, is Sumatran half chinese, so she has dark skin with small eyes. Guess that makes me quarter of everything. 

Culture-wise, i was born n early-raised in a small humble city called Sleman. Then my school time start in another small city whose people speak rude Sundanese. I was raised eating Palembang food and sweet Javanese food, so I love to eat sweet spicy food. You know, if in Western some like to dip right on to the jam jar, well my dad loves to drop the sweet soy sauce right on his finger and lick it. I know, ew. 

Then i move my ass to Jakarta, where a lot of diff culture goes together. And here i am, looking ambiguously indo-chinese. Though sometimes, i still wait for people to ask me, are you Hawaiian? :p lol (well I'm kinda obsess with hawaii)

Coz if you google Hawaiian, it says it is an island where everyone is a minority. So the majority is minority. I just love the sounds of that. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Crop Land

[ LOOK I'M NOT A FLUKE Detachable Hair Wrap - ZARA sheer shoulder top -  TOPSHOP flare denim - YRU platform ]

My Hair Wrap is available on the webstore www.heylinf.com . :)

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Vibes

[ swimsuit by WolvenThreads ]

[ yoga/swim suit by WolvenThreads ]

[ Bikis by DressLink ]

Ola hermosas!

Happy that Summer is here. Well I live in place where everyday every year is practically hot sizzling day, but the weather sure is nice around here these months too!

Ok, the greatest thing on being on blog sphere, is that you can find inspiration as well as good (and cheap) products recommendation, plus the real life experience of using the products. That inspiration to inspiring is the only reason I blog since the first place.

So on this post, I'd tell you few bikini set I love- that I wore on previous short beach getaway couples of weeks ago.

First one is from DressLink.com. They have quite a lot of bikini choices with super crazy affordable price! Head out to this link HERE to check out their swimwear collection. And don't worry, shipping to Indonesia start at only US$4 within only 2 weeks to be at your door!

Then the geodessic prints suits are actually my favo yoga set. They're lovechild of my indigenous girl slash designer, Kiran Jade, for her amazing brand WolvenThread. Great news, they offer only US$10 shipping fee to Indonesia!! I tell you it's all worth it! She designs all those amazing pieces by herself, and as fellow mother of hippie lovechild, you def should check their lovely web & collection (especially you boho souls out there!)

Speaking of which, I'll be releasing my new babies on my web tomorrow >> HEYLINF.COM << I've been handmaking the babies all holiday. Hope you'll love em.

Post more soon!

Until then, toodles-doodles!

Monday, June 22, 2015

You Is Smart, You Is Kind, You Is Important

[ LOOK I'M NOT A FLUKE Chandrani Green Top - Forever21 bell bottom pants - YRU White platform ]

Hi good souls!

How things happening for you? Hope it's all always in His favor. :)

So me and the boyfie decided to take a stroll somewhere free one afternoon, I was planning to do an outfit post so I asked him to snap me some pics (as always). Then when we're about to start shooting, this baby was approaching (with his human of course) and we spent sometime playing with her. After few minutes there she goes, she sat next to me. So everybody, meet Bailey. :)

Speaking of dogs, I bet you guys already know and see a lot of posting on social media about the Yulin Festival. Gah, it makes me sick. If I can tell you right here, I was in a state of hating human when I was in junior high. So many heartless people makes me sick of other human. I can tell you on and on about this, but just like I stop that negative mind, I'd stop it right here. There's no good in hating, instead, there is always a 'change' if we, well SPEAK.

Ps: when I was a kid it was my dream becoming a president so I can kill people who torture animals. My campaign was animal rights.  (>,<)v haha

Again about the festival. I understand every culture, both savage or not, both important or not to the society, should be there so be passed down from generation to another. But I never get why human, in this 2015 year (that's a whole lotta numbers!), still being savage and not civilized like it was 2000 years ago! I could and would never justify any cruel cultural conducts to any living things. I belive there's always more civilized ways to kill. After more than 2000 years human living in this planet I believe our brains should evolve best than 2000 years ago, right?

I never get why people can be so heartless.

After joined PETA (online) in 2010, I stop myself eating four legged animals. Just because I do not agree of how they're killed to be in my plate. Just almost half year ago, I stop eating chicken as well- I saw a video on youtube about livestock farming, it's heartbreaking. All of which makes me think, I'm one of them (who cruelly killed those poor animals) if I keep on ordering them on the menu.

I am now a full pescetarian, meaning I only eat seafood (but that only fish, shrimp, squid and certain clams). I know that I will stop eating them as well in the future.

So for you who've compromising yourself to eat them animals, just let me tell you this, that stressed-killed animals would NEVER do any good to your body. No, it's not me spelling curse at you meat eaters, but I'm just saying, you can google it as well if you want, that scientifically the meat you eat will harm your body. If you ever disregard the (cruel) process, it's actually the one that will harm you in future. Cancers, tumours, cysts, people wonders where they come from. It's actually came from your doing. You are what you eat. If you eat fears and cruelty, imagine those awful things been planted to your body years after years as you eat them.

I know the food are delicious, but I think you should advance your heart before your stomach. :)

Afterall, plant eaters live longer do you know that?  ;)

Oh and I gotta tell you this! My wishlist from DressLink for this Summer (Alert: shipping cost only US$4 to Indonesia !!!!!) Click up!


Until next post, toodles-doodles!