Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back When Disco Ruled The Night

Yellow top from Only I - Two tones leggings from Only I, Ankle books from Adorable Projects Indonesia - Faux Fur bag from Pull&Bear

Olá pessoas lindas!! (read: Hello gorgeous people!)

How's your mid week so far? Mine's just awesome! Although I started the week with several of what I called, 'unfortunate events'. Yes, plural. On Monday my car key was nowhere to be found and therefore I was late for work. At office I just cannot focus to my work, as I have tons of photos to be edited and spell checking to be done by that afternoon. But, with the hope that tomorrow God will make everything better, the next days turned out to be better indeed. :) 

Just last night after I ate my dinner and rested my body on the bed, I watched this best movie for the second time about chasing your dream job. Perhaps you've heard of it, a movie titled 'Morning Glory' with Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford, and Diane Keaton. Well, the point of that movie is that there's always be a 'prize' between doing your best, never stop hoping, believing yourself, and never give up. :) You guys should watch it if you have spare time. I guess it's good for your spirit of working and chasing your dream. Yet, footnote to be noted, for me grateful and humility are the next things you should work on after. ;)

Kei, now for the outfit photos, I wore those pieces for my company's video shoot, for one of their new footwear brand. I was  one of the models for the video, and I did the styling for other models as well. :) You can see on the photo below that I used different shoes with different background, and hair. :p Both the top and the funky leggings are from local brand called Only I. When I first saw them on the hanging rack, I instantly thought of my all time fave disco-dance movie on the 70s: Flashdance, which I thought very peculiar with its neon colors tights, boots, and also funky oversized neon top. 

It's such a rare occasion that I wore such total eclectic outfit, but I just fell for the colorful details on the tights and on the chest. I think they're kinda girly in somehow, someway. ;p You know, I've always been a quirky-girly girl, and I think those details kinda meets both of my quirkiness and my girly-ness. :) What do you think?

Oh, last but not least, last month I've been helping a sweet new friend, Lue, to design her blog layout and header. She's pretty new in blog sphere, and her blog is about beauty and make up tutorial. She's totally talented in creating beautiful eye make up! Click her here! Aaaand, I'm so so so so grateful for each of the amazing support for my blog, particularly on my previous post!! I was featured as Cover Model of The Week on the amazing fashion site you guys already familiar with, Mode Republic. Also, as the Fashion Click Looks of The Day on TeenVogue! So incredibly happy for that, and my heart just overwhelmed when I read each of your comment. *smooches*

And, Happy belated birthday for my lovely blogger friend, Monica Cerino of freesiablog! Wish you have a sky-rocketing life and blog! ;)

So, until next post, toodles-doodles!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rusty Wall and Bow Tie

Ola lovelies!

Today is Valentine's Day already!! So Happy Val Day ya'll!!! *virtual hugs and smooches* :D

Well, today I'm not very busy so I'm posting from my office. Last week I found out that my company does allow us, the employees, to wear any types of outfit including shorts. When I knew that, I think I heard an angel singing, "Haaaaalelluya!".  Lol. So the next day, as you bet, I wore a short. And the next day, and the day after. :p And I wore this outfit on today's post on last Friday. I didn't bring my camera to my office, so I was planning to take photos at it on weekend and share it on this blog day after. And since me and my boyfriend were headed to my parents house last weekend, so I think it'd be great to hunt some new places for my outfit photo. I've been looking for a rusty wall as my background the whole time, until... I finally found one near the spot I used to take photos! The weather spoiled the paint naturally, coz the last time I came, it's a perfect green wall (which was kinda boring). Guess good things really do come for those who wait, right? :) 

Anywho, I wrote a DIY tutorial for my company's blog (METROX), if you guys have extra time, click the image below to see it!

So, how's your Valentine's treatment from your loved ones? My bf is not the romantic type (ps: he didn't even say 'happy Valentine's Day sweetheart' to me!). But I don't really sweat that. I know him for almost five years, and he being romantic is such a rare occasion. :p

Back to my so-far-faved rusty wall and the outfit photos. If you haven't notice before, I didn't hold a timer remote as I usually do on this outfit photos. It's because my bf took all the photographs! Yay! He finally agree and willing to learn to take my outfit photos. And he did well. :D *greening* (That's why I forgive him for not being romantic today :p).

So, hope you like it! ;)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Embracing the Seasons Chage

These days are just getting hotter and hotter, aren't they? It's' nice to have the warm wheater again, even though there's not much difference between each seasons here in my country- coz I think we have only one season: sizzling! :p

I wore this outfit when I went out last weekend. The Sun hit quite severely on the skin, so instead of going out with sweater like I mostly did last few days, I pulled up a pleated short-skirt with a lil cute dress with a heart shape accent on the bust. I kinda missed the short summer skirts and the adorable feeling its brought (oh, here I am, drama queen!) ;p And yes, there’s more than meets the eye on my outfit. It’s my all time fave 2 in 1: short at the back, skirt at the front. It’s cozy and breezy. I skipped wearing rings and necklaces, so I wore my handmade garlands as belt and added soft plum color socks- which was also really breezy.

Anyway, since my current job requires me to write for social medias, esp for my company's blog and site, I found this extremely useful site that I wanted to share with you guys. Since we are all running a blog, either for ourselves or for others like me, the knowledge of Content Marketing is really- I should repeat once more- really useful!! I read it from IFB and now it's become my obligation to share it on. You know, just in case you missed the article. We're all certainly wants for our blog to expand and reach more visitors also followers, aren't we? IFB also has an article of ways to make it to a higher level of blogging, such as link back our fellow bloggers and also innovate some one-of-a-kind post series. Realy a spoonful food for thought!

I'm still considered as a 'kid' in blogging. Lots of works to do really. Sometime, I thought since most of us makes blogging as a part time side job, we- well, actually I am, sometimes has this lack of consistency and commitment for our blog to expand. Read the link I shared to you, and you'll know what I meant. It's such an eyes opening and sure do makes me even more eager to expand my blog! ;) I've set out some goals for this blog and it'll involving you, my precious readers, with also involving some habits change. But after all, I think we all should embracing the changes in the most tres chic way like changing our closet for the new season, right?

Kei, to round up today's post, I found this lovely blog, Galore, Beneath The Stars of Kendall from Callifornia. Hers is my blogger-crush so far today. You guys should click the link and gets inspired by her style!

cloth Inc. heart cutted dress - june+julia red wedges - woodland faerie garlands worn as belt - stradivarius soft plum socks

Again and all, thanks for each comments for this lil blog of mine. You guys really are the best.

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!