Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hey I Want to Know You!!

Hi loves!

I'm not feeling very well since yesterday. And today, my office is just so very quite- since 80% of the other employees are doing the election for the new governor in my city. So, in this quite moment I kinda feel like to write something here. :)

Oh wait, this is actually my first non-outfit post you know? I just want to interact with you guys through this post. So lately I've been playing my old songs playlist, and I just snapped at an idea to blog about this. The idea is, I wanna know you-my readers, through song(s)! Well, I've been stalking each one of you, and perhaps I might say I know you slightly through your outfit posts (and vice versa I think). But, sometimes words does describe better than images. ;)

To make it more fun, I'd like to know which song describe you the most. Here's mine: ;D

   > Dream by Priscilla Ahn (if the button doesn't work, CLICK HERE)

I think this song is really me both explicitly and implicitly. Yes, I'm a big fat dreamer. And I think it's very important to dream to the highest. Think that what's make a self motivation for me. ;) 

PS: As you click 'play', enjoy the 'me' song and keep on reading, would ya!

I love me- and I thank God for me. Who do you love?

Speaking about personality and self motivation, arrogance, at one hand, may not necessarily be the nicest of personality traits. But on the other way around, the tendency to be negative about yourself isn't especially attractive either. It’s not out of the ordinary for many people to fall into patterns of negative thinking and to fall into the trap of self-doubt and negative self-worth.

Thinking along these lines is rarely motivating and more often than not is completely unfounded. What is worth considering is that these lines of negative thinking have been self-created and while they may be firmly etched into the psyche, it doesn't necessarily mean that they can’t be re-routed.

Negativity can become integral to our way of thinking and if used to often, becomes a normal response to many situations in day to day life. One such negative thought is that of being unlovable. Of course, in life there will be situations when an individual feels unloved or unlovable. These sentiments will at times be either real or perceived, but what’s important to remember is that they are, for the most part, transient. The problem arises when these feelings are distorted and digested inwardly, amplified beyond reality and transformed into a perceived personality trait.

The key here is to start perhaps by being a little kinder to ourselves, to look at the reasons why we react in the way that we do and to unravel the story behind the negative thinking. Once the patterns of negative thinking have been identified, new strategies can be put in place in an attempt to rewrite those thought patterns, putting a positive spin on them instead.

Very often, if we surrender to those feelings of being unloved and unlovable, we further exacerbate our negative sense of self by feeling unworthy. If we feel marginalized then there’s no hope for a positive sense of our own value. We’re unable to realize that we’re doing the best we can with what’s available to us and yet this realization is about as close to perfection as we can get.

Without a strong sense of worth, putting on one of your favourite evening maxi dresses won’t alleviate that stultifying sensation of being an empty shell, simply going through the motions. Yet having an awareness of our own imperfections allows us to shine in our own authenticity.

If we accept who we are inwardly, yet acknowledge that we may be lacking outwardly, perhaps we can bask in a balance that brings peace without negativity.

Whoa, we should stop right there. Bet you got the point to ponder here, to value yourself more than anyone else in this world. ;) I just remember an amazing quote from a movie I watched few days ago (The Help, which you totally should watch!) " You is kind, your is smart, you is important."

Soooo, back to my purpose of today's post: What Song Describes You, Guys? I want to knowwwww, badly! Please lemme knowww! :))

Until next post, toodles-doodles!!


  1. loooove the nail art so much & get well soon!
    a song tht describes me the most will be... if i ain't got you by alicia keys. well, it doesn't literally defining me, but i've always felt connected with this song <3 and idk why lolll.


    1. Thank youuu! I'm still not feeling well but reading your comments kinda boost my strength! ;) oh and it''s really a great song! I love the 2nd verse the most. And I think i got ur point. You don't live for fame and fortune, right? ;)) nice to know that, Sara! XD

  2. hm...it is very hard to say... but I can tell you which is my favourite song :) that would be At Last by Etta James... :D


    1. Awwh, it's a wonderful song!! You know, i haven't heard of it until just now i'm listening to it on youtube. Looove to know that n Thaks for adding another great sing on my daily playlist! ;)

  3. The song that would describe me is, "Vienna" by Billy Joel. :)

  4. Hmmm, this is actually a really difficult question!

    I think something dreamy but edgy would describe me, but I can't think of any songs like that off the top of my head!


  5. You're so kind and really humble, sis liz :)

    I think I'm a dreamer too, we're all dreamers, right? But what makes us different one another is the difference between our dreams :)

    my favorite song is Fly Love, by Jamie Foxx ;)

    My Random Thoughts

    1. Awhh, thank you Helena!! And I couldn't agree more with you! We're all should never stop dreaming, right? ;))

      Oh I see, you're pretty romantic I assume. ;)

  6. "Did I Ask Your Opinion" by one of my most favourite Indonesian rock-indie band The S.I.G.I.T. The title explains itself, with repetitive lyric that goes like "Did i ask your opinion? You only talk when i want you to do so." And i just wanna sing that sentence to a lot of people that gives me advices i don't really need or ask for. hahaha but pardon me for my blatantness! anyway i'm wondering where did you get your manicure.

    Putri Soe

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    1. Lol! That title say quite a lot about you then! ;D And I'm very much agree with that actually. I think, we should never let people's judgment stops us from being who we are, what we do, and most importantly, what we wear. ;)

      ps: I just think beauty salon is just a waste of time and money. I only go there like once a year! :p So, I did every nail arts, and manicures like you ask, on my own. :)

  7. Seasons of Love from the Musical RENT. Tricky question, btw.

    Love the text. I've had a really shitty day today. Oh well.

    1. Lighten up, Chyrel! ;) And good to know your song!

  8. So cute. Mine would be November Rain. Everybody needs somebody, you're not the only one.



  9. beautiful nails!!!!i'm new follower your beautiful blog!!!kiss!!
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  10. I was passing for moments of difficulty and I he felt me thus, with negative feelings, your words give me breath. Kisses.



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