Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Too Big To Be True

Hi dolls!

It's been a busy week for sure... (pause)

But anyhow, I have this idea to share with you all. It's about how to make your own oversized collection.

Just last weekend, I've bought this basic tees from Zara. It supposed to be body-fit tees with long sleeve and tight halter neck. But, I know I'll look very friggin' thin if I wear that tees without any outer. So instead of buying Small size, I bought the Large size! Yes. And it turned out just like on the photos above.. :)) Not bad, eh?

What I've been trying to share is, you could always make your own 'oversized (top) collection' out of the available collection out there on the store. I think you guys would probably know that. But, in case you haven't, here are few things *I think* you supposed to consider in buying over size clothes (tops):
  •  The type of fabric: Don't ever buy an over size clothes with thick and stiff cotton fabric. Thick fabric makes you look like you're borrowing someone else's clothes. Thus, choose more elastic and rather thin fabric. For thick clothes, make sure it's heavy. That way it will loose on your body perfectly.
  • The shoulder line: It's better to choose clothes without pads line. That way, no one can tell you're actually wearing over size. But as most clothes has sewing lines on the pads, make sure it falls down perfectly on your lower shoulder (ie. you can see it on my previous post outfit). :)
  • The size: Pick the size twice (or more) of your actual size. If you use size S, then go for an L or even XL (if it's still looks decent on you), ect.
  • How to: To have chic looks with your over size clothes, just roll the sleeves (short or long) up until it feels tight enough (mostly around elbows). For short sleeves, just roll it a bit so that it looks tighter. Don't overdo it, or else you'll look like a thug. :p
 I hope this will inspire you, for the next shopping spree.. :D

ps: I'll catch up on visiting those who have commented tomorrow. Promise. :)

Until next post, toodle-doodles!


  1. Ahh your shoes are amazing! I enjoyed your tips too :) I love my oversized clothing - comfortable and you know no one's gonna look exactly the same as ya!



  2. great tips, Liz! I'll keep that in mind next time I purchase turtleneck tops :) I love your outfit. You look polished but comfortable at the same time.


  3. Glad to see your post!
    I love those pants. Are they from Zara too?

  4. heii<3 nice to hear from you :)
    aaargh your tips are great *-*
    && this outfit looks really awesome on you ! <3


  5. Love your suggestions. I like my shirts oversize sinceit looks nice with highwaisted shorts, skirts what not. Ive had the problem with it loooking like someone elses shirt. Many Thanks for the tips:)


  6. Love, love, love your high-waisted pants, they fit you just perfectly. That pink necklace is the perfect accessory for this look, too :)

  7. great post!!
    love your outfit :)
    mind to follow each other?


  8. wow the shoes are amazing! I love the tips

  9. lovely outfit!


  10. You look so chic! I love this!



  11. you have a great style! love it.

  12. this is so cute. and the pants fit u so well. i love how u have accesorized it with the pink necklace.

  13. I like your style, world and blog!
    I follow you with pleasure ;-)



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