Sunday, February 20, 2011

On The Right Track

Mom's oversized cardi-navy top-tie dyed short-grey ethnic stocking-Zara Indian suede boots

Hi all lovelies,
I've got a good news to share: I got hired! :D Well, it's  good news coz I get to work in THEFACESHOP Indonesia and doing what I love most (other than fashion and styling) designing. But, of all the excitement, I'm actually still doing my master's. And that means the biggest problem is right now I have to preparing and writing my thesis, since it's the last semester to get the degree. :( When I took the job, I just keep on praying that I'm (still) on the right track. Coz, to be honest I'm scared that I couldn't do all the juggling things between working and studying. But then I guess, this opportunity is worth a try. I won't gave up easily *remembering my last new year's resolution: never regret* ;)
Well, since my class isn't started yet. Things going pretty fine this time. I had to give up my language course though.. :( I postpone it for another month.

Even so I have an extra excitement on working in this company, coz I get to designing O.P.I promo campaign as well since that two brand are under the same company. What I know from previous in-house designer, I can get access to O.P.I promo event and get to meet lots of fashionistas and know several people from fashion magz. Yay! I really guess I'm on the right track! ;D

Wish me luck ya'll! I do hope everything still turns well even after my class started on next month. *pray for that* x)

#Outfit Story#
I was on a casual date with my boyfriend, and wearing here were mom's oversized cardi, navy top which you've seen a lot :p, tie-dyed short, couple of rosaries, patterned tights, and suede Indian boots from Zara. The tights is my new fave coz it has unique and rare to be seen ethnic pattern. :) Too bad I shredded it a bit when I pulled one string out. :'(

Until next post, toodle-doodles!!


  1. Liz I'm so happy for you, I totally think that you could pull off your MAster's and your new amazing job, Im so jelous :D in a good way obviously.
    Hope to talk to you very soon.
    P.S. Those boots are fab , love this casual look.

  2. congrats! i'm glad that you got hired :3 and of course i wish you good luck, too! hope everything will go fine.

    ShuShu ♥

  3. oh congrats on getting hired!!!....ohh and i just love your outfit. I really like your boots. they are so adorable.

  4. Congratulations on getting hired. What an amazing oppurtunity. What college do you go to? Are the writing courses good? Im right now looking into colleges myself. Inspired by this post :)
    ps love your outfit esp, the tights and shorts

  5. Very cute! Loving the shorts and tights! Congrats on your new job! :D

  6. congrats on the job! i love your bag! let me know if you want to follow each other :)


  7. Aren't you just adorable?
    Love the post. And congrats on getting hired!


  8. je sais que tu dois avoir beaucoup de demande mais j'aime ton style donc je demande!

    i know that you have so many message but i like your style so you want that we follow each other??


  9. Congrats! I am sure you'll do great both in your masters and your job!
    This is such a great look! Love the shorts and the oversized cardigan.

  10. You look amazing! I love your shots!



  11. congrats and good luck :)

    i just love this outfit - its perfect!


  12. Congrats on getting hired!! Your style is undeniably cute:) Do you want to exchange links? I've added yours anyway..
    btw where did you buy the oversized cardigan? I'm currently into oversized stuff haha


  13. ohhh my god your so gorgeous! i adore your style :)

  14. congrats on the job! Loving all the textures and colors today!

  15. I love your style and I'm in love with your blog! those patterned leggings are lovely :)

  16. congrats...sounds like fun! love the tie-dye shorts!


  17. aaaa i love ur tie-dyed shorts!! where did u get em? uhh i wanna have it! hihi perhaps they're for sale? :p

  18. these are ammmazing shorts i want some like it! i love all of your outfits and your blog
    im now following
    check out mine!


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