Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hi all,

To begin with,  I just wanna say my sympathy to our fellow in Japan due to the earthquake and Tsunami hits yesterday. Our prayer here from Indonesia and other caring countries always be for you. And to our Japanese blogger friends, I just hope you're ok there.

So, the reason of my post today is to admit how ignorance I was to my local fashion bloggers. Ever since I started to blog, I barely browse on the locals. I, fortunately, have many abroad blogger friends, but very few Indonesian friends. :( This is ugly, coz they're soooooo many fashion geniuses on my country! And to make up with that, here's my standing applause for them Indonesian fashion ingenuity:

Michelle Koesnadi from glistersandblisters. She knows just how to work the high-end brands! She has amazing amazing outfit photos, which she took by herself! Her shoes and accessories collection are totally to die for. She's a talented photographer too.

Diana Rikasari from hot chocolate and mint. She's the no.1 it girl in the local blogging world. She's  featured on every local magazines and sites, and became the 'someone' in Indonesian street fashion. And most importantly, she started from blogging! She has tons of very unique and one of a kind outfits, which she photographed on her colorful bedroom. Her creativity in design and fashion is surely no doubted.

Bethanny Putri Supriadi from afternoon tea and living room. She's the creative director of de.cada.dia, a brand of her own.  Her style is simply fabulous with amazing shoes collection. I love her, coz she loves coffee brown as much as I do. :)

Fhenny from Little Miss Fhenny. Another fashionista in Jakarta who's also a fashion writer. Her style is ecletic, and always know how to combine outfits from head to toe.

Diana Caitilin from call me Dyiiin!. This pretty fashionista is currently studying fashion in Malaysia. Her fashion attempts is always creative, girly, and unique at the same time. She has several fashion quotes of which I def couldn't agree more!

Evita Nuh from The creme de la crop. Ok about this girl, I envy her so much! Coz she found her signature style at a very super young age!! She's just 12 yo Indonesian girl who already became a style icon! Her featured list is suuuuuper long. She's an amzing writer and have an incredibly taste of fashion. I wonder what she'll be in next few years.

Sabila Anata from Pastel Girl. Another stylish young girl who able to put up unwearable piece of clothing into a chic looks. Her pose is undeniably cute and funny (in a good way of course). :)

Carissa Vicky from la petit poucet. Now this girl has amazing photos. And yup, she's another great self-photos-taker. Like her blog name, she has a petite body with a girly and chic style of fashion. I really enjoying her photographs on her blog so much.

Karina Pricilla from fabooshbaboosh. This fashionista has shoes collection that'll makes you shoe-gasm! Her clean photographs just captured perfectly of her every amazing pieces of clothing.

And that's just a very few of wonderful fashion bloggers here in my country. You guys should def click on their links and have a cup of inspiration from each one of them. And as for you girls, whom the name is listed on this post (if you ever read this), just don't mind me.  I'm just nobody who admire your blog and your love in fashion so much. :)

Oh, and the dress was my mom's. A legacy part 2. ;)

 Until next post, toodle-doodles!!


  1. Love your mum's style!!! :D I really like your glasses!!! they're so coollllllll!!!! :D:D:D

    Stop by my blog sometime!! :D

  2. oh dear,
    thank you for your comment on my blog :D nice to hear from you.
    && omg you look sooo cute with that dress *__* i love the third picture :)

    you asked me about what i want to study.. I am not sure whether this is a good translaton: communication of society and economic... :P kinda something like that xD its mainly about strategy of advertising.

    I am really shocked about what happened/happens in japan. its just so terrible what the people have to go through.
    let us pray for japan.


  3. Hey this is such a beautiful post!! I checked every blogger and I'm now following most of them. But I think that there has been a mistake at the links. When I clicked the 'Little Miss Fhenny' link, it showed me the 'afternoon tea and living room' blog. Maybe you just made a mistake.

    Anyway, I already told you how much I adore your outfit! This dress is so so so pretty and I loooove the way you styled it. It looks even more beautiful with the belt and this gorgeous hat! :D You're amazing!

  4. You look so good, everything is perfect :o

  5. I luvv the legacy 2 dress. I have a weakness for polka. We should definitely talk about psychology and culture. Il email you or you can email me. Sometimes it takes me awhile to respond with school and I share the computer.:)many hugs .:)


  6. hey thanks for the comment on my blog dear. im following you back!
    and what a cute vintage bag you got!! <3

  7. you cutie! love the dress and the purse! little less crazy about the hat, but it suits you well n_n xox

  8. 1)how cute photos!!!I Love the dress..congrats to your mom xixi!Mom's closet can be very interesting and stylish...especially the old one!
    2)these are some cool blogs..thanks for the notice!
    3)This thing that happened in Japan is just tragic...so tragic that the meaning of this word is not enough.I hope that Japan will recover as soon as possible after this awful event...

    much love xxx <3


  9. Hey! When you get a chance, please reach out to discuss advertising opportunities. jwalsh@pepperjam.com

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

  10. be sure to check out these blogs!
    i love your outfit!
    from the polka dots to the chunky heels!it is sheer perfection!
    also loving the geeky horn rimmed glasses!
    p.s.-what happened in japan is truly sad,my heart and prayers go out to them!


  11. Cute bag :)


  12. I am praying for those in Japan, too. <3
    Love your dress! Please check out/follow my blog-yours is adorable.


  13. Absolutely adore these pictures..that dress is so perfect and those shoes soo amazing!! You are a total cutie folllowed for sure!

  14. super uber cool wedges , love it !!!!

  15. cute polka dress! and nice feature about your fellow bloggers! :)

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    you can watch the rules on my blog!


  17. great post!
    your outfit is totally adorable head to toe!! :)
    do visit my blog again some time <3


  18. I so want both your legacy dresses! They're gorgeous and love the way you styled them both.
    Also, I just started following you! :)

  19. I love the bag! Where is it from? I want one!




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