Friday, January 7, 2011

Your love is bigger than a rain cloud, it covered up my whole skies

brandless straw bowler hat- brandless black n white blouse- (another) brandless polka jeans skirt- Dorothy Perkins faux snake skin sling bag- (again) brandles ivory socks- Charles and Keith ribbon short heels

Hoo-hah! I'm feeling happy!! :)

Er, actually I'm feelin romantic lately.. :p And that also goes with my outfits. I just bought the heels last week, and can't think of anything perfect to pair it with my white preppy folks blouse. The hat is my fave coz it suits my style very much. So it goes with almost everything in my closet. The polka jeans skirt also my fave coz it makes my hips wider. Oh, speaking of my body, I gained 1,5 kg lately!! Oh no!! You see my cheeks chubbier??!! My friend once told me that if I gained weight, I look like The Pooh!! Yes the super chubby orange bear!! :(

Huff! I have to stop eating chips and chocolate at night. No, at most of the time.

Oh right, I was gonna write about anything else..

So my little romance feeling makes me singing love songs. Both sad and happy ones. Like today, I was doing karaoke from my iTunes.. :p and realize amazing words on the lyrics..

My fave lines of lyrics of the day is:

"Your love is biger than a rain cloud. It covered up my hole skies" - Jason Mraz ft Hope (Love Love Love)

"There will be no next time. You don't get another chance. (coz) Life is no Nintendo game. - Eminem ft Rihanna (Love The Way You Lie)

Well, the first one is just sweet metaphor to describe LOVE. Hmm, those who's in love would even have more flowerly heart. But those in broken heart, will spit on it as a romance bull. :) And the second one, I think it has bigger meaning.. Something not expected from a bad boy rapper like him.. :p It's kinda reminds me that we have to appreciate all of the things we're currently having, doing, and making. Time is running ahead and never look back. So, totally agree on him. Unlike Nintendo game, we can push the restart button and start all over again, well, we're not in real life! This reminds me to use my spare time for useful doing, and be grateful to God for what I've got until today. Including my closet. I gotta tidy them up someday soon.. :p

So, one of my new year resolution is: I will not regret.  :) The others.. think I'm just gonna keep it to myself.. :p

blurry snapshot as I accidentally switch the remote, but turned out pretty cool right? :p

Until next post, toodle-doodles..!


  1. Your style is so pretty!
    Fantastic blog!
    I hope you pass to mine and follow me =)

  2. adorable outfit ! and you're right, never look back! life is too short to be asking ourselves 'what if?' ! xoxo

  3. cute cute outfit! :D
    I love your blouse ^_^

  4. aww, this really is such a sweet outfit!! i love everything, esp your skirt and shoes and hat! gorgeous as always girl, and you're always so sweet with your comments. YOU def are a fashion inspiration! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  5. you are adorable!! and your outfit is super chic! very resort wear. :)



  6. So adorable! And that is a great new years resolution! :)

  7. adore this so much. loving the hat and top and skirt. i dont like open toed heels but hey the rest is perfect.


  8. wow lovely outfit! that hat is adroable :)

    The Flower Girl



  9. i love this outfit! it's very innocent and parisian-like :)


  10. Hi Liz! :) love your style, so adorable. the ring and bag look beautiful with each other, this whole outfit is so cute! thanks for visiting us & commenting.

    - Iris & Daniel

  11. this is soooooooo cute!!! i absolutely looooove this!! you look adorable and so stylish!!! :)

    -Mandi G

  12. Very cute outfit! Really like it, xxx

  13. Lovely.
    Anyway, if you haven't already, do check out my giveaway!

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  15. You received the Stylish Blogger Award ! Come claim your price ! xo


  16. This is such a cute look! Love the skirt!



  17. Wow! Such a great personal style - I am very much into feminine shapes and classy blouses at the moment! Great photos also - have you any advice on how to take the best photos by yourself? I can't seem to get it right!

    I'm now following :)

    Bex xx

    http://sucker-for-fashion.blogspot.com/ (hope you can follow back)

  18. Omg, I adore you outfit! I'm a new follower. xx

  19. You so cute! I love your outfit!

  20. this is such a sweet look - the straw bowler hat especially brings it all together!

    thanks for stopping by!

    xo denj

  21. hey!! a while back you left the sweetest comment on my blog and i don't think i ever got back to you and it bothers me that i didn't thank you, so, i'm thanking you now :) thanks!! ps. you have the sweetest outfit photos. i just started following you :)


  22. i'm happy that you're happy! looking gorgeous and stylish as always. loving the brick wall behind you!

    sincerely, M


  23. Hello pretty girl~

    thanks for you lovely comment - for real?
    I was really happy about it : D
    Thanks for liking my blog ♥

    Maybe you didn't see but I already follow you *O*
    You looks so nice and the clothes are really nice and suits on you so.

  24. Love the outfit!!!
    Where did you get the hat????


  25. Oh and btw, this could be a silly question but I can't figure out how to make the photos come out the same size as yours. Do you change the setting or something? :P


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