Monday, January 31, 2011


RayBan dorky glasses- Forever21 necklace- vintage faux-fur collar- cropped flower top- Inventory semi-maxi polka dress- wooden bangles- dark brown leather belt- navy lace-up shoes

Yuhuuuuuu..... !!! I'm back!


Huff, after two stressful weeks doing my essays for finals, this day is finally arrived!! Wogh! I'm so happy with this freedom~ LOL! But, guess I have lots of blog homeworks..  (So sorry for my lovely friends Monica and Lo to keep you guys waiting)

Soooooo, wearing here is my first freedom outfit.. :p *coz the next full month is fully dedicated to my blog, since I'm not going on a vacation this early year* I don't know where the inspiration came from, but seeing how windy today was, I just put on my classic faux-fur collar below my necklace. Guess I'm not ready to stored those winter collections on my closet just yet. ;)

Oh ya, about the three different backgrounds... Er, actually they're in the same circle around my car. The first one was the view on the back of my car, the second one was the right side of it, and the third one was on its left. :p I did this because the wind kept ruining my photos.. :( So I kinda moving around to the place where (at that time) was less windy.

Hmm, right now I gotta eat something and doing the homeworks.. And enjoy the freedom of course.. One full month! Yay!!! :D

 Until next post, toodle-doodles!!


  1. Wow, I love this look. That collar is fab x

  2. i love this look. it's quirky, it's fun!

    The Spoof.

  3. Hi! I wanted to ask whether I'll talk about your blog on one of the sites in my country?
    You look amazing - as always!

  4. Hi! I create post about you on one russian site. Look! this is for you! http://fashiony.ru/page.php?id_n=37452

  5. Aww. You look just adorable in this outfit! I'm totally loving the skirt!


    If you want we can exchange follower!


  7. Your blog is incredible :D I follow you, please check out mine! ;)
    XOX Blanca

  8. hi! i'm Jill, a fashion blogger from Philippines :) i will be featuring you on my blog, its about wearing maxi skirt. :) hope you don't mind if I get a photo of you wearing maxi skirt. :) will credit you and link it back to your blog :) i will also give you he blog post link once its up :) thanks a lot dear!



Tanks for all of your lovely comments, dolls. You have brighten my day! I will def show some love by visiting each one of you. Tanks again love! :)