Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Fashion 101 -1#

black suede cardi-forever21 brown skinny belt-dr. rings' cameo ring-the little things she needs black ring-mitchybelle pattern dress-mitchybelle vintage bag-topshop heart stocking-black suede heels

 I've been meaning to create such post about my fashion tips and tricks for a looong time ago. So, here it is, my first fashion tips. :)

Some of you girls are lucky enough to have someone to take your outfit photos. But some other girls, like myself, need to take the photos by themself. So here I will share you my way of doing one. Well, the idea is came from Fashionaddict, when she asked me how to do a self photo shoot. Basically, there are only three things you need to prepare, and that are:

1. A camera. (duh!) It's better to have an SLR camera coz it provides super fine picture quality. But if you don't, pocket camera with high resolution will do just fine. But if you happen to have neither, then I suggest you to save more money for an SLR. :) I am myself a Nikon user. I'm using D50 and been carrying it around with me for more than two years. Some people prefer Canon, coz they said the color are more contrast. Well, the reason I'm choosing NIKON, is because for me it's more user friendly than Canon. Canon has too much buttons, I think. :p And for the contrast differentiate, thank God we have Photoshop! So since I'm not into the twisted technical thingy on the photography, guess my Nikon is the best I've got. :)

2. A tripod. It's A MUST on taking a self photo-outfit! It reduces the possibility of breaking off your camera (coz it might fall when you set it up in un-decent places like the edge of a rack or shelves). With a tripod it's now possible to take an outdoor shoot.

3. A wireless remote. For the first while, I took my outfit photos without a remote. I was just using the self timer button on the camera. And it's VERY VERY VERY VERY tiring to jumping, or more often running, from the camera to the spot that I have to pose. The picture only captured two things: my sweat and a messy hair. So, here's the hints if you want to buy one: ML-L3 for Nikon, and RC-1/RC-6/Opteka RC-4 for Canon.

Now, this is practically what I do every time I did my outfit shoot:
1. Set the location where you gonna have the view as the background. Usually, I did a small research first of when does the place gets crowded with people. Coz here in my country, people stares!!! Ugh, hate that! Unlike in other country that I've been visited to or just heard of, when people stare and we stare back, they spontaneously know that we mind being stared. Here, if we just stared back, they will not stop staring and keep watching what we do. I have one time, scolded a man who's stared at me while doing my self photoshoot. I shooed the guys just like shooing the dog. I know I looked ridiculous, but I think it's rude to stares at people. ;)

2. Place the camera on your tripod and set at a range between 3-4 steps (it's completely up to you) from where you gonna pose. To have a clear head to toe photos, I usually set my tripod at certain heights, around my knees or just below my hips if the space isn't wide enough.

Set your own range
3. Do a test-shot to have the angle and the right portion of your body in the photo. You could mark the place where you stand with anything around the place, such leaves, small stone, or just anything. So when you come back to take the pose, you're still standing in the right place as you seen on the test-shot result on your camera.

That's it! You're now ready to publish your photos into your blog with maybe a lil' bit editing. The greatest thing is, it's nice to be the photographer, the stylist, and the model at the same time! ;))
Hope this lil' tips could be useful for some of you who haven't got anyone to take your gorgeous outfit photos!

ps: I got bored with my hair and decided to cut my bangs asymmetrically couple days ago. What do you guys think? :)

Until next post, toodle-doodles!!


  1. cute outfit ^_^. Love your tights! Nice tips on taking photos, i think i might need to buy a remote one day :)

  2. Lovely pics once again! Love the outfit, and thanks for the mention and tips :)
    Keep your eyes peeled, will be uploading some pics soon :)

    Bex xx

  3. aaarwh <33 you look soo pretty !!! && i love this outfit. *____*

    thu <3

  4. I love the outfit ! Nice tips, especially the one on the remote. I never really thought about that lol... I like the asymmetrical bangs :) xo

  5. Very very pretty! Especially your tights.


  6. Thankz for the advice..

    I.m looking to by a camera for blogging purposes so this post helped me know exactly what I need...

    Thankz Again ♥

  7. I love it! You really beautiful girl!

  8. First of all, ADORABLE look! I love the detailing on your tights, very girly :)

    Second, thanks for the tips on taking photos. I'm doing the same thing, except I don't use a DSLR and I don't have a remote :(


  9. Oh really beautiful photos : D
    And a nice blog ~

    The clothes suit on you really ;D
    Like your taste for clothes and style :3

  10. Nice tutorial. :) I want to have a SLR camera so MUCH :> I'm loving the outfit. Love the dress and the tights. :) And nice style with the belt. ;)

  11. woaah, you and your outfits are so cute! *~* *~* *~*

    ShuShu ♥

  12. That dress is super pretty! x


  13. I mentioned you back in my most recent post :) xxx

  14. Dear Liz,
    I love your tights + Bag. Its so lovely.
    I would like to do a little interview of you at my blog. Would that be okay with you?
    If it is can you mail me at: lazymanxcat@gmail.com ?
    It'll just be 5 short questions please. :)

    oodles of love.


  15. I am in love with those tights! The hearts around the top are too cute. Love your dress, too :)

  16. i LOVE this tutorial! i haven't tried this yet, but I bet it would be great for when I do video blog posts :). and as always, you're so chic Liz! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  17. i love this look!! and your tights are adorable <3 xx

  18. I really love this outfit, it's so cute :)
    Thanks for following me!


  19. love this!!

    Your newest follower :) xo


  20. nice style ! :D and i love your face:)

  21. You are absolutely gorgeous! :D
    And haha yeah I hate it when people start staring at you when you're trying to take a self portairt. It's so annoying!
    Anyways, Love you blog.
    love cassie.
    Guess Giveaway

  22. so in love with this outfit !!
    the layering is really pretty :)
    and i do the same tripod set up as well with my camera :)

  23. Thanks for the advice. I never even thought about the remote..thanks I love your bangs..

    xoxo newest follower


  24. You have been awarded! Check out my blog to claim your award :)


  25. Wow I really love the outfit,
    and the post about how to make a pictures is very interesting as well!
    I'm still searching for the perfect camera haha,
    really need one with a remote!

  26. this outfit is gorgeous, the tights just make it. adorable x

  27. I hear you on the staring. Over here people stare as well. It's a bit unnerving. :P

    Thank you for the tutorial. I don't have a photog (not anymore) but sometimes I think a tripod's better than a reluctant one. :P

  28. just found ur blog form indonesian fashion bloggers facebook, ur blog's great!:) love it so im ur newest follower:D

    gorgeous outfit here especially the hearts on ur tights:)

    Journal J

  29. awwww i just love your outfit. so cute especially the tights with hearts on them. You have such great fashion sense.

    I'm a newbie at blogging. Please check my blog, if you like. ^_^

  30. gorgeus tights!! love them! love you'r style.following you i'll be greatefull if u follow me back please!! xoxo

  31. hahaha you're super funny and definitely on the right track of taking self portraits! i struggle with this too!


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