Thursday, July 18, 2013

Here, Batter Batter

Well here, batter batter batter!

Now this (the outfit) is just how you distract the batter from the game! ;p

You see, I bet you've experienced one of those what I called fashioincidence when you bought more than two- or more, items in one style. Well I recently just did. I just got a sudden inspiration from current sporty fashion trend as you may already seen on many fashion platform that people ditch the heels and wear running or training shoes, Converse or Keds instead, just like its glory days in late 80s to the 90s.

I'm not keen on baseball things, so little did I know, I think the hat and the shirt should not be worn together. I mean, I don't even know if that H stands for any baseball team who happens to be in rival to Jefferson's Wildcats. ;p Hope someone pardon my ignorance to wear em both anyways.

Unbranded Baseball hat - DRESSMEUP STORE Baseball Shirt - ITC Mangga Dua Neon turqoise belt - Thriftted vintage high waisted short - NEW LOOK Fox stripped socks and 'BANG' canvas sneakers - H&M rings - my brother's baseball 

And I rarely do this, sharing my current wishlist, but here I am now. My recent sport inspired wishlist in festive colors to perhaps inspiring your next shopping and outfit pull up:

1. PERSUNMALL Eyeball sweater 2. CARHART unisex beanie 3. PERSUNMALL Palm crop tee
4. NEW LOOK Black-gold skinny strap watch 5. PERSUNMALL Yellow chiffon short
6. PERSUNMALL Rainbow sneakers 

PS: I'm about to start my DIY project again and selling out my style! Wonder what that means? Hope you're willing enough to follow my Twitter: @VoguishDoodles and/or my Instagram: @lizelisabeth. Yes, I'll be selling some stuff thru my Instagram account. :)

Tank you so much for reading out and until next post, toodles-doodles!


  1. i love this outfits on you :) pretty sporty but so chic <3

  2. Such a cute baseball inspired look! <3 Love the striped top ci! xx


  3. all of them looks pretty! I want to wear the hat! <3

  4. super suka sama ini ci! lucu banget! esp the baseball shirt and hat! <3

  5. huge thank you for featuring dressmeup ci hihihi!:') you totally rock this outfit!
    I love how it looks effortlessly chic on you<3


  6. WHA?! The hat is unbranded?!?! Kece banget!
    And the mixing of the hat and the shirt looks cool--just make sure there's not a sports-geek nearby...... haha


  7. Hey,
    sweet pics and a great outfit!!! :)


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    I'm focus on fashion illustrating, so if you interested please take a look and follow me if you like it. Thank you.

  9. loving this varsity inspired look and you actually pull it off!

  10. Awesome look and I like that baseball hat!! :))

    xoxo, Indah


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