Friday, July 12, 2013

Galactic Cat Fight


How you guys been doing? Oh and for those who's fasting, may ya'll be blessed with His strength until the end of month. Really can't wait to celebrate with you guys. :)

Cut to the chase, I've been enjoying boyish look lately. I just pull up sneakers or Converse with almost everything to everywhere. And this was my office look couples days ago. But you guys know me that I can never loose my girly-ness on my every outfit. Think nothing's cuter than black on black in minis. I pulled together the easy two-pieces outfit with an ombre tights gifted from a friend, and my new fave angry-cat printed canvas bag. You guys notice the cat's tail hanging over my shoulder?

[ PLATFORM SHOP ITC Mangga Dua cat hat & galactic skirt - THE BALLET CATS angry cat canvas bag - H&M Pink Floyd mini dress (tucked as tees) - GREEDY SASSY recin rings - TOPSHOP ombre tights - NEW LOOK 'Bang' canvas sneakers ]

Aaaand, gotta share this with you. Last month I got the wonderful opportunity to be a stylist for a gospel band's music video. Their production was really huge I can say. It was such a great chance for me to meet many professionals on the scene. It was also my first time experience to ever styled more than 20 people all at once. Their concept was so much fun: it's retro! And the place we shoot the video was the cutest ever. Here, go play their video!

PS: If you haven't know this yet, I'm on Instagram now! ;D

I thank the world to you guys for reading, and until next post, toodles-doodles!


  1. Oh my Lord I'm in love with your ombre
    tights c; Very nice outfit! Xx

  2. Love your post title! ♥ It's like your outfit is living it's own story xD
    Congrats on getting the chance to work as a stylist ;)

    Have a great weekend,

  3. Awesome skirt and tights! Congrats on the styling opportunity.


  4. what an outer space-galaxy-ish look you got there & i looove it! btww keren video nya ;) baju2nya jg kecee, congrats yaa liz!


  5. Wheeee, the angry cat bag is awesome ^_^ May I say, your thights looks fantastic, magnificent colors *_*

  6. your skirt is too cute >< and your leggings are similar with gaby's hehe

  7. aa pink floyd ! <3
    plus great combination ! roknyaa lucuu ><

  8. You look lovely as always Lis! ♥ what's your instagram id? I want to follow you. :)


  9. A really fun galactic style! You rock as always!


  10. I just can't stop myself from getting more and more inspired by you!
    you're literally my fav blogger!!<333


  11. The ombre thights make me drool...



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