Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fairytale of Picnic Land

Handmade Floral garland by Woodland Faerie - Forever21 Soft pink hanging beads necklace - Forever21 Lace and tulle top - Unbranded Camel ribbon belt - Dorothy Perkins Light pink laces clutch - Forever 21 Giant purple rose - Yuan Ombre light purple maxi dress - OPI nail lacquer 'Do you lilac it?' and 'Gargantuan green grape'

Ola beautiful people!!

I got a haircut last weekend, whereafter I had a nice family time back in my hometown. It's been a while since my last visit to my parents house, and I kinda missed my dogs and places I usually took my self outfit photos. So there I was, having a little picnic and a sisters bonding time in one fine afternoon. I just made the garlands for my new upcoming collection in Woodland Faerie around noon and decided to wear one. Ps: you can now order this baby by sending me an email. :)

Speaking about my hair. What do you think, guys? I have this huge crush over Zooey Deschanel on New Girl series, and that includes her outfit and her hair. So I decided to have a full blunt bangs, which I think kinda creates a retro looks on me, while next week I'm planning to re-curl my hair up. I case ya'll doesn't know, my natural hair is pretty thick and straight. I've been permanently curling my hair every year since high school.

Then back again to the picnic land that afternoon with my sister. We were self-amusing our self by watching an old (we're guessing) and super long earthworm crossing the road from one side to the other. Too bad we forgot to snap a picture of the earthworm with our camera. :( But, I did took some shots of my sister and her outfit in our little picnic land. Oh, and I just love her glasses. in fact, I bought it from Bershka just before I went to my parents house, but since I was in hurry I didn't try it on properly. My face is just too big for them! Argh! What a shame. So, I gave it to her instead. :)

Berska sun shade - Rip Curl backpack bag - Unbranded cropped top - Unbranded denim short

To close this week's post, I'd love to share you couple of inspiration. So I've made this illustration  for Mei's blog of Girl with Plastic Camera out of her photo, whereas I had the opportunity to took part in her blog project. So happy that she love my hand-drawn illustration. Yay!

The second inspiration came from this MEGA AH-MAZING band called Walk Off The Earth (WOTE and the Beard Guy)! I love the originality of their ideas and how they interpret their creativity in a simplest way that people usually never think of. Go watch and subs right away fellas!

At the very very last, I would want to say something to all the underdogs wherever you are (and that including myself). Upon my days I witnesses that there are more and more people who are and who will underestimating you. Trying to run to other people, even the parents, is just as worthless and disappointing as saying 'I can' to those people who underestimating you. Yet you know what? Run to God is another way around. I had a pretty rough days to start the week, and people, whoever they are, are just big disappointment. So if I can say a bit advise as your friend, when things get bad, try to shut your mouth, share is to no one, and pray inside your heart. I bet no matter how short your prayer is, He listens. Then before you know it, things will get better eventually. :) After praying, thing I loves to do after is blogging. And here I am, smiling and cheered up to receive your meaningful support to this blog. I'm also happy to tell you that I've been featured as Stylist of the Week by StyleSays. If you're a self-claimed stylist, like me, you will love this fashion site. Plus it's a great great way to promote ourself! So click the link without a doubt guys! ;)

"You gain power by pretending to be weak. By contrast, you make people feel strong. You save people by letting them save you. So stay the underdog."- Chuck Palahniuk

Until next post, toodles-dodles!


  1. you look like you've stepped out of a fairytale.. like a little princess :) I love the combination of that top and the little bow belt. oh, and both of you, girls, look adorable :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. love your purple skirt! so pretty <3


  3. The header that you made for mei is sooooooo amazing ♥
    aaaa wish i could make it :(
    btw your sister looks like lisa from lisaandherworld or is it her?

    aaaa i love your headband ♥


  4. love ur outfit! looks like u really had fun with ur sister hehe. love ur illustration btw<3


  5. I absoloutely love love love your outfit :) Its romantic and I am a huge fan of romance :P

  6. You both girls looks great!
    Love the blouse, it's very
    romantic ^___^
    Also love the backpack, the
    patterns are cute!


  7. Loveee this bohemian-girly look! And you're so talented, love your illustrations! =) X


  8. you two look lovely<3 i love the pastel colors and the floral headband!

  9. great style both of you!


  10. aww! cicii you look so prettyyyyyyyyy! *winkwink* and barefooted like Cinderella !
    and your sister too! kyaaaaa >.<
    and thank you for taking part of my blog project.

  11. What a sweet outfit, love the wreath :)
    xo Jac

  12. omg, love zooeey! and your hair look totally zooey :D really love it <3
    love ur outfit here, such a great collection :D

  13. such a lovely outfit!;) lovely blog, I'm following now:D

  14. your outfit is so dreammyyy.. i love it so much!
    and i love your draw.. very talented! i love draw to, but all i can do is just copy from some manga.. hhhhahaaahh copycat huh? hahaha

  15. GORGEOUS blog! Love your pictures!!! Would you like to follow each other?


  16. love your outfit, you look beautiful :)
    i'm your new follower :)


  17. Love your blog! You are so beautiful and cute! :)

  18. hiii! you have a nice blog, i love it! is really cool, i follow you since now, visit my blog and follow me too if you want ;)


  19. OOOOOHHHH MY GOOOSSSSHHH!! Ok I think that conveys the level of excitement I am feeling at your video!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This song is on a mobile phone advert here in the UK and ever since I first heard it I just keep playing it over and over and over and over in my head! They only play about two lines of the song on the ad but its just soo crazy catchy! I'm so glad that you have help me find the whole song!!! xxx

    Cherry Lane

  20. floral wreath and pink clutch are so perfect!

  21. I love these outfits!!!


  22. I'm becoming slightly obsessed with flower headbands, I love this one!


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