Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blooming Waist in Neon World

Thrifted denim shirt - thrifted diy denim short - thrifted androgyny shoes - Forever 21 Neon Cropped top - Forever 21 basic socks - Daisy Garland - BL!NG Drapery Neon necklace


Feelin' a bit funky by the hot weather. Sleeveless and shorts are the perfect pair for it, I think.

So, I finally managed my time to go to a thrift market again after so many time cancelling the thrift adventure. Cut to the chase, I wore my most faved new thrift pieces on this post. :) The high waist short, as you know, was a trousers. Did a bit DIY for it. The shoes, I think it was a man shoes because the toes part kinda wider.  Yet maybe it's a women shoes after all because the size is so small, since my feet size is 5-1/2 and they fits perfectly both before and after I wear socks. It's so crazy comfortable, except for the squeaky sounds it makes when I walk on ceramics floor. :p

And recently I got a new sponsor, BL!NG. It's a fashion accessory store with thousand of colors and types, with also a very affordable prices! For this outfit post, I choose to pair up a dropping neon necklace with my neon cropped top. It kinda added the funky feeling to the neon palette I wore that day. The best thing about statement necklaces is, you can have one whole different outfit (look) on them. It's actually a piece of clothing. I really love the abstract neon drapery on my chest, contrasting with my big pink heart neon cropped top. ;) You guys def should check out their site and stores, fyi, they're gonna open a new store at Plaza Indonesia this week!! And I heard an interesting promo is coming up with the new store opening! ;)

Drapery Neon necklace comes in two neon hues: lightning yellow and shocking pink

My friend told me just now (coz she just saw me about to post this outfit on my lunch time), that this outfit is so grungy, yet she told me futher (and I quite agree) that I still keep on the girly-ness with the garland as a belt around my waist. ;D Well, at first I just wanted to wear this daisies garland before the spring ends, yet my outfits recently just didn't go well with it. So I wear them as belt instead.

Last few week, I model and contribute the DIY Infinity Shawl tutorials with BL!NG and the rest of their team. Definitely a fun video and photo shoot! Then last week I saw my pictures on a table in one of BL!NG store. I thank you guys for the opportunity to contribute and to share my inspiration! :) Also you guys who continuously reading this blog, means world to me! *hugggg*

So until next post, toodles-doodles!


  1. aaa love ur cropped top! cute belt btw! :D


  2. love ur outfit in here!! especially ur daisy garland!! <3 so cuteee :)
    i saw ur video about how to wear our shawl at Metrox blog and wow i'm right that you ! <3 <3


  3. You are so cute. I love the cropped top on you!

  4. you look so darling ♥


  5. So cute! Love the crop top and how you wore the garland as a belt! X


  6. ah yes, the weather is definitely getting hotter! lovin the neonnn!!!! reminds me of some bright neon flash party or something hehe~~~ or something from the 70s or 80s lol! the belt is also a really interesting piece, i've never seen a belt like that before!

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  7. Cute belt!!

    xx maggie

  8. You look like such an adorable flower child with your daisies :)
    xo Jac

  9. So adorable looks <3


  10. I love the top and the belt! >.< you look so cute dear :D

    btw, I have a giveaway on my blog (Win 5 accessories to five lucky winners). Please check it out! Thanks >.<


  11. first time i saw you blog , i really adore your blog! mind to visit and follow my blog ? xx


  12. waaaaw that neon necklace is too gorgeous <3

  13. aaa lovee that necklace!!! cute outfit! :D


  14. I love your top! This is a cute outfit post and congrats on the new sponsor. Can't wait to see more looks from you. =)

    Melanie of Aetherlily

  15. love your cropped tee and the necklace!!
    i am going crazy looking at the pictures. hahaa

  16. I love your neon crop top, the colour contrast is amazing - love that heart!
    would you like to follow each other?

  17. You look so pretty!!!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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