Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For You I Will

I did something stupid today. I supposed to have a language course in a mall near my apartment this morning. It turned out, my class was canceled without me being noticed earlier. I walked to the parking area a bit upset, and then just started my car to drive home. There was this parking-man (I don't know what they called) waving his hand to help me get out of my parking spot (it was pretty narrow space between cars). The exit parking gate was in the right of the building, so i have to drive pass the back of the mall. Not so long after, i see this man was staring at with confused face and eyes over my face and my car's police number repeatedly. I drive slowly and take a glance on his weird and familiar face. Uh-oh,  it was the same man who helped me out of my parking spot! Oh my Goodness, instead of taking right turn to pay the parking, i was foolishly circling the mall twice! After drove pass him, I saw him laughing thru my rear mirror. That was pretty embarrassing. Thank God that weren't many people he can share his laugh with. :p

Well, remembering that stupid story kinda make me forget that I'm actually sick right now. My throat hurts like hell since morning, and it gets worse by now... I'm eating my porridge while I'm writing this post. It's been sometime since my last post, so I pull my self up to write this. Hmm, hope everything will be alright tomorrow. And oh, mind my 'monkey-pose', ya! I have no idea why I took that pose :p :p

Until next post, toodle-doodles!


  1. Ohhhh *___*
    You're short is very very very beautifl!!!
    Fantastic blog!
    I hope you pass to mine and follow me!
    Thanks =)

  2. Hey thanks for following, you look fantastic.
    by the way I've tagged you in my new post.. can't wait to hear your confessions!

  3. Gah! I LOVE those shorts! You look fabulous!



  4. you're really pretty +_+ and i love the colour of your shorts!

  5. hello there!
    thanks for following my blog :)


  6. tanks lovelies!! xxXXX..

    @frees: oh thanks sweetheart! that's a first for me.. yaay! xD

    love ya'll,

  7. adorable and pretty, very nicely puttogether!

  8. Ooooooooooooo the shorts are marvelous!! I think I need to make me a pair.

    xx Love & Aloha
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  9. oohh you have the best colour combinations!! these colours are so perfect together!


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