Sunday, October 18, 2015

Majority Minority

[ thrifted flare pants - KOMONO watch - unbranded top - YRU white platform ]

Consider this as if you want to know me, coz to me, you're my virtual friends, not just readers or followers. And as you've known me, I blog to share thoughts, dreams and stories, not just commercial product advises. 

Everytime I go to another country, people often come to me and ask where do I from. They see my pale yellow skin and small rounded eyes but not sure if I'm Chinese. They see the tall nose but combined with this face, they dont have a clue what I am. Well i am a mixture of a lotta races actually. First, bloodline-wise im a chinese, indonesian, dutch mix. If i was a dog, i'll be the mongrel. My grams was half dutch married to a half chinese. They spoke the language so I know a lotta dutch folk songs from them. My dad, dint get the dutch nor chinese, he got only the native part so he looks like a Filipino i might say. And my mom, is Sumatran half chinese, so she has dark skin with small eyes. Guess that makes me quarter of everything. 

Culture-wise, i was born n early-raised in a small humble city called Sleman. Then my school time start in another small city whose people speak rude Sundanese. I was raised eating Palembang food and sweet Javanese food, so I love to eat sweet spicy food. You know, if in Western some like to dip right on to the jam jar, well my dad loves to drop the sweet soy sauce right on his finger and lick it. I know, ew. 

Then i move my ass to Jakarta, where a lot of diff culture goes together. And here i am, looking ambiguously indo-chinese. Though sometimes, i still wait for people to ask me, are you Hawaiian? :p lol (well I'm kinda obsess with hawaii)

Coz if you google Hawaiian, it says it is an island where everyone is a minority. So the majority is minority. I just love the sounds of that. :)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!


  1. No wonder you're beautiful. Sometimes the mix of everything isn't that bad. Me too born with cultural and religion mix. People often guess i'm Manadonese but never Betawinese or Sundanese. Even though i'm more Betawinese than Manadonese :)
    thanks for sharing kak!

    Pretty Messed Up

  2. your culture mixtures are perfect somehow to me :')
    btw you look so beautiful dear <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/


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