Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It Floats (Daydream Poem)



It floats
Not yet sinking, but I have feelings this went off lost
A psychic I think I am
Closing my eyes to foresee beyond the lamp
Even though all this so called vision, is just a mad man-made delusion, trying to get through the next second of their life.
I, an example,
I see you
I see us
Ends right there at the limit of our time.

It floats
Not yet sinking, but I have feelings I want you most
A logic I think I am
Sitting between the facts and the heart to blame
The heart, who over thinks feeling, the heart who never wanted to be losing, killing every random big things that head can see
I, an instant,
I see you
I see us
Holding hands right there at the end of our life.

- Liz, july 16 -

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