Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Beyond The Bounds

[ H&M wide brim black hat - BRETZEL dark navy assymetrical dress - TOPSHOP black cut-out boots ]

Ola there!

One interesting point it life is to look just beyond the borders. To oversee what meets the eye. I know you might think that this post is kinda boring to read already, but I think I'm just gonna go with it anyway. Well, some of you my faithful readers know me well enough that I do sometimes talk about deep (I guess) nothing fashion-related stuff on my blog- rather than just my outfit details, of where I bought it and so on. So I do hope you keep reading on... :)

So I talked with one of my dear friend about life, dreams, and stuffs when you're at 20 something age. And cut it to the chase, I realised that not everyone has the opportunity to do what they really want to do in life. Well, some of them don't actually know what they really want, while the rest of them just look away from what they really want. We do compromise a lot. 

As for me, I'm really, really grateful that the Lord gives me this stubbornness to do things the way I like (most of the time). Not all good of course, this stubborness. But we're talking about positive things, dreams, and hopes here. Once I have strong opinion and thought about (any)things, I don't defeat my own supposition and compromise to other's strong opinion easily. I do listen and take them under consideration, but the only person who can change my mind is me per se.

Again, we're talking about positive things here, not all that prejudices and narrow-minded logical beliefs. I can go all day all night talking about myself, so I just cut it right there before you change your internet url. :p

Most of the time, it's the parents or our closest ones that pushes us away from standing in our (impossible) ground. With the reason of they 'know best' or that the have walked such path before, they make us compromise and change direction. Well, I'm not saying that children should go rebel to their parents, or friends to ignore their besties, rather I say that we all have different paths to go to, and most importantly we have different God-given talents and heart to follow through. The only person who should believe in your dream is you. If others are, it's a bonus. Don't expect that a lot.

The point is, when you know you're right, don't compromise. Stand on your ground.

Sky is never the limit, your head is.

You can do a lot if you belief you can do a lot.

Anyway I fell in love quite deeply with this dress from BRETZEL. I might say that I (finally) found one brand that meets my quirkiness and my odd fashion veins. Well, this dress' design speak for itself. Here's my wish list on their new collection > perfect little (peculiar) white dress. If you happen to need unique yet wearable dress for casual parties or such, I tell you honestly that their new arrivals is a buy-worthy. See it for yourself if you think I'm overselling them. :D

PS: I promise next post will be a lot easier to read. ;) xo

Until next post, toodles-doodles!


  1. Love your blog, your style is soo cool and i love your hair ! Following youon GFC ! I really love your shoes :)


  2. well totally agree what you said here darlaa :*
    anyway, you look so cutee-ly grunge heree >.<

  3. the dress looks amazing on you!
    i love your shoes ♥


  4. the dress looks stunning :D
    cool shoes btw! ^^

    cheer, michelle

  5. I love your word when you said
    "The only person who should believe in your dream is you. If others are, it's a bonus. Don't expect that a lot."
    and i agree with you! :D
    btw love your hat :)


  6. Keep writing dear! I love read it <3 And really love this look too ! <33

  7. aww looking good!

    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    greetings from Hong Kong :)


  8. amazing outfit!
    And I´m so in love with dipdye hairs :-)


  9. I'm agree with your post. Just keep writing, I'll read it. Anyway, I love your outfit, it looks like a halloween day-and you become a witch, very cool witch ;)


  10. I love your hat! Your blog is awesome!!!
    Gracie Rose


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