Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Barefoot Butterfly

Floral Butterfly top from El'belle Shop - Soft Yellow skirt from Zara - Salmon leather belt 

It's called Spring baby! The most beautiful season of the year. No matter how many seasons your country has, Spring fashion intrudes us everywhere!

What I love most about Spring (even though my country doesn't has such season) is the floral patterns of course. I always die for floral patterns since forever. Recently, I just got succeeded to persuade my Ma' to change our entire second floor's wallpaper into a soft vintage floral theme. She agreed, and there you see a corner of my house. :) The drawer I sat on is no longer on that corner as my Ma decided to make a new rack and made that corner as a small TV area. So now, that corner practically not available for me to take another outfit photos. :( But I'm glad I did with the drawer still on that beautiful corner. And thanks to my boyfriend who's taking all my photos since the last 4 to 5 blog-posts. He's getting great I think. Now, my faithful blogging friends, the wireless remote and the tripod, are kinda untouched. :p But I'm so grateful for him.

And happy Easter everyone! Our God not only has died for as, but He lives for us as well. Our Redeemer lives! :) I just can't stop my self to take a shot at the beautiful flare on my stair wall that evening. It was around sunset hour and the skies was so yellow.

Also, I couldn't thank you enough for each and every support to this blog. Smooches!!

PS: I made quite a lot blogger friends lately, I'm so happy!! Even more joyful to me, I can involved and take parts on their blogging project. I'll definitely show you guys soon once I got an 'ok go' from them! ;)

Until next post, toodles-doodles!

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  1. arrwww you look beautiful ~ i also love your outfit pretty much *Q*
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  2. beautiful as always, loved the wallpaper behind you!

  3. Love the shirt it's so pretty. :)

  4. wow, how gorgeous are those photos of you! that yellow theme is simply adorable and I really like it. such a cool idea to combine your yellow interior with yellow clothing. absolutely beautiful result :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. OMG this top is SO cute! I love it! It has got a lot of colours <3

  6. Liz ♥ !!!
    i really love ur top. so beautiful >_<

  7. All the colors in the pictures are so summer-y!! Cute!!!! <3

  8. Amazing pictures ! You're so so so pretty ! :)

  9. Very cute! I love your top, the colors are just fantastic

    xx maggie

  10. Oooooh!! That top is so girly and cute :) I love it :) You got gorgeous hair by the way :)

    Kisses! xxx


  11. Lovely outfit dear :) I looove florals too :)


  12. you are totally cute! i like your wallpaper corner & dress. bonus points for good boyfriend photographers. ;)

  13. these pics look so vintage! cute and dolly shirtdress

    pandaphilia style

  14. Lovely outfit! <3

    visit my blog:

  15. cool outfit!!!!


  16. I love your outfit and the photos. Bye, Elisa♥

  17. wow cute cute! this is the first time i've come across an outfit where the barefeet were part of the look! nicey nice ;D

    happy belated easter to you and happy spring! the weather is definitely warming up here where i live and the days have slowly been getting longer and longer!

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  18. Spring is my favorite season of the year too :)
    You look lovely on those cheerful clothes!

  19. You look so romantic!


  20. cute pics : )



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